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 All Forums Forum
 Satsang Cafe - General Discussions on AYP
 Tinnitus, how to know? medical or vibration?
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United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Sep 16 2010 :  09:56:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hello, post is a little long, though I hope you, or someone can help with the "problem" I am asking about. God bless

I developed tinnitus about a year and a month ago. I felt the symptoms coming on over a while but did not realize they were warning signs of Tinnitus, then one night after making music all day I suddenly experienced a fullness in my ears that didn't go away for a while I was told that there was nothing in my ears, a few days later the ringing began. It was caused (I am pretty sure anyway) by me producing/making music on my computer. At the time it was horrible I felt like my life was ruined but it got better-ish and I payed less attention to it, it also got me back on the spiritual path, I developed tinnitus then was dumped by who I thought was the love of my life and then had a dark night of the soul type situation which reminded me of God (after 3 years of forgetting) so in a way I am, thankful for it, in another way I am not. I think it is constant I am not sure if it is attention to it that comes or goes or the sound, it is either wholly or predominantly in the right ear (I have always had issues there). Any way I haven't been bothered by it for a little while but either the attention to it or the sound has grown, I still like making music and it is a bother as I have to worry about volume levels and take brakes etc and even then afterwards it often feels like I have made it worse.

I had a friend do some healing on me, he said that he was told by something or someone that it was caused by adjusting to a higher vibration or something, which to be honest I dismissed and anyway even if it was it doesn't change the fact that for my music making I would like it gone. Then a while back I was linked to posts here about meditation induced Tinnitus. I don't think that it is as the symptoms point to noise induced tinnitus. Another healer friend said that energy precedes matter so perhaps the ringing started as in a few months after it starting I would re-commence spiritual practices-path. I don't know.

A little while after developing it I started looking into all of the remedies etc, I came accross LLLT (low level laser therapy) and magnet therapy and bought myself a Tinnitus LLLT laser and Magnet therapy thing (cheapest as I could find it). There is still little research to whether is works or not, I wish someone would do a proper trial so we can know, but I thought better than nothing. Anyway I used the Laser + magnet field generator thing and was having long distance healing from a friend. Over a few weeks, maybe 3,4,5,6 I don't know whether it improved or starting bothering me less. it got to a point where it was almost inaudible. Then I started getting more and more into spirit etc and came accross the Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden with his remarkable healing tale of the tumor. I stopped using both devices as I decided I believed more firmly in healing and wanted it to be healed by God / spiritually rather than medically. Anyway, that was a while ago and I haven't used either device for a while, it has bothered me less and less over time but now it is bothering me again, or resurged I don't know, or maybe just the mind raising issues for me to have/identify with to keep itself in a job. I have been surrendering to a lot recently and it is so beautiful but this is a bit different, maybe a good test but I surrender into the "silence" and then there's this ringing. One of my healer friends directing me to the works of Dolores Cannon said that it was my higher self pointing out an issue to me to resolve, and that it being mainly on the right side of my body indicates that this is an issue from this life and that you have to analyze what kind of suffering it is and see what past issue it correlates to, well mine correlates to ongoing abuse I suffered from 12+ from my sister= constant ringing, that I don't understand and want to go away= constant abuse I don't understand and want to go away. Any i have acknowledged the link there that I need to appreciate that that abuse has helped me be who I am today (training to be a psych nurse/help people). My friend then told me that the issue (tinnitus) should then resolve itself, she also has now done some more distance healing and I have also payed this guy to do some healing (a few weeks ago), apparently he couldn't help tinnitus sufferers until recently.

Any way that is my long story, well that is the body minds long story and I am just the witness just watching the whole silly thing but I (mind - I or soul - I, I don't know) would still like the Tinnitus gone.

How do you know if Tinnitus is spiritual or medical?

What should I do to help it, I was considering using the devices again, mainly the LLLT laser, or should I keep up with the healers?

Does anyone know any miracle healers/ or woteva they're called?

Any advice around this would be sooo much appreciated, "my" issues in life are dropping like flies, this is pretty much all that remains (well I know Identification with mind is the only real issue and all that remains but I hope you know what I mean).

God bless

Om Shanti



United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Sep 22 2010 :  1:07:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
So in short how do you know if Tinnitus is spiritual or biological?

Can tinnitus/anything be healed by spiritual means?

And does anyone know how I can go about healing it?

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796 Posts

Posted - Sep 22 2010 :  9:26:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Biology is condensed spirit, so there is no real difference.

If "I meditate" deeply, the sounds start too. After a loud disco night, there are also sounds. If I compare both, the one in meditation seems to be more subtle, so thats the only difference: frequency of the same thing.

You can use that sound to go deeper into your nervous system which is the door to infinity. Any method to make the sound go would mean: making you more insensibel to your own inner perceptions. Some alc could do the job temporarily =P *joke*

Ok, to make it more clear and practical:

The sound you hear is really a blessing. You can use it as an object of concentration. The sound will for sure refine to subtler levels and together with it peace will be. Try it out on a weekend morning after waking up before getting up. Listen to the sound with the attitude to remain listening constantly and easily.

The reason why you hear is friction which was caused by overstimulation of the nerves back then. Through practices that decrease the friction of your nervous system, the unbalanced and uncomforting intensity of sound in your ears could go away too.

At least the cheaty mind would stop trying to fight it and acceptance would automatically solve the "problem".
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342 Posts

Posted - Sep 22 2010 :  11:58:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I think that tinnitus is both physical and spiritual. Not sure how or why that is but I'm convinced so. I began to have tinnitus several years back actually during a time when I did little or no spiritual practices. However when I did begin my meditation again, this time with much more focus, the tinnitus increased noticeably. Sort of like a whole tinnitus orchestra in my head, lol. Again I stopped meditating for several months during which time the tinnitus gradually decreased back down to sort of a background level just as it was before when it first began. Then again when I took up my practice again the tinnitus increased again, some days more so than others. I've been through this cycle about three times, each with the tinnitus correlation. I once did a bit of research and found that the Buddhists call this type of tinnitus "dibba sota". Not sure what that exactly translates to but it is significant I think that there has been a history of this. Also the yoga history makes note of the sound of crickets which the tinnitus seems to sound like at times. So the long and short of it for me is that I've learned to live with it and if it occasionally really bugs me I just back off the practices or alternatively just wait for it to die down which it usually does. I know some folks have it so bad it really drives them nuts, I imagine that in that case if it is persistent then it may be more medical. Probably good for anyone who begins to notice tinnitus to have it checked out medically first and then decide if it's really a problem.
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1065 Posts

Posted - Sep 23 2010 :  05:39:20 AM  Show Profile  Visit manigma's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I don't know if its physical or astral.

But I use it as a lullaby in the night and as a wakeup alarm in the morning.

It works both ways.

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United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Sep 25 2010 :  1:50:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
The sound doesn't feel like a blessing and it's more of a distraction in practice rather than an enhancement, though this may change I don't know.

I am pretty sure this is physical tinnitus as it happened through making music etc.

And Manigma, that's a very positive way to look at it, hopefully I will get into that position one day .

If this were spiritual tinnitus I wonder if it would bother me so much, that's if it isn't???

It must get quieter and or almost go away, or I just don't notice it as it only seems to be a serious issue for me every now and then. I would just really like it to go, and to have silence and am wondering wether to attempt to locate some healers, go with the laser therapy route or both. The simple thing would be to do nothing.
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37 Posts

Posted - Sep 25 2010 :  3:26:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

Greetings !

I am happy to share what worked/did not work for me and hope some of it is useful for you.

Let me start by telling you that you are not alone - there are several of us with similar experiences, looking for an answer.

My tinnitus was spontaneous(not sound induced)and started about two years ago. It just started one fine night and stayed.I got the basic medical tests done - including MRI scans to rule out the messy possibilities. Initially it was quite unnerving. The possibility that it could be due to some high level of cosmic tuning, as much comforting as it may sound, did not help much in dealing with the constant sound of crickets :)

Initially I found it hard to accept that there are aliments that modern science has no cure for ! I ran from pillar to post to find a cure. There was no cure. In a way it was a defining moment for me to let go.

I decided to make the noise my friend. It actually helped be to realize that it is just another form of noise that we all are trying to detune our minds from .. It actually helped me to comprehend the realm beyond physical.

About my experiences regarding the noise itself -

o I have realized that the noise is more when I meditate - but I can block myself completely from it (I don't feel it).

o During normal activities, the noise is more during demanding activities (both physical and mental).

o Managing my computer/TV sessions(limiting the duration of sessions, ambient lighting), helped.

o Sugars, Vinegar and processed food invariably make the sound worse.

o Extreme Cold and Heat has similar effect.

o A glass of wine helps tune down the noise - but the level goes up if I go beyond my first drink

o Several Tinnitus suffers have found anti-anxiety medications helpful in tuning down the level of the sound. But the medications can be addictive so I decided to stay away. I did find the herbal supplement St Johns Wort helpful in situations where I knew I could not avoid a physically/mentally intense work situation.

Honestly, I am still not sure how my tinnitus fits with the clairaudience (dibba sota) spin of things .. but I am sure of one thing - accepting this noise as part of my life has helped reduce noise in several fronts of my life.

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes !


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Tam Phap

37 Posts

Posted - Sep 28 2010 :  1:28:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit Tam Phap's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I've had tinnitus for a couple of decades... used to play loud music a lot. Now I make sure that I wear hearing protection now...

In many Advaita teachings (I am particularly thinking of Robert Adams), it is stated that there are no mistakes in the Universe and that whatever happens or is happening to us physically or mentally is there to help us along on our path. As such, and as Rishi says above, I now try to just let go and see it as something to just be accepted. Not always an easy path, but I find it helpful nonetheless...
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215 Posts

Posted - Sep 28 2010 :  7:55:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
hhmmmmmm.......didn't read all the comments....

My prognosis on my situation

1.air imbalance in the ear canal imbalance...
4.lapse of practices
5.yes connecting to a higher frequency

my solution grounding regularly.....exercise

Jono is it the right ear?
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United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Oct 03 2010 :  06:39:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Neesha, I think it is either predominantly, or wholly the right ear, though it is hard to tell, though I do think it is physical/medical Tinnitus.

Everyone else thank you for chipping in and I agree, it is helpful to practice acceptance etc.

It obviously doesn't bother me all the time (as I have had it for over a year now and I have not constantly throughout that year been stressing about it etc), and I am wondering whether it ever goes, or if I just stop paying attention to it or I just accept it???

It's also a good reminder of the real and the unreal as any annoyance or dislike cannot be real, the true self/One self, is not capable of dislike . There are just some issues surrounding it, when the issue comes up/ when the mind attaches itself to it there is a lot of rumination.

And as far as "it is stated that there are no mistakes in the Universe and that whatever happens or is happening to us physically or mentally is there to help us along on our path"
I agree, if this had not of happened to me I would probably still be looking for happiness in a partner/drugs/other worldly Mara things.

There is just one wondering, the body mind would definitely like to be rid of it and there have been trials with LLLT that have shown either massive reduction or complete removal of tinnitus so I don't know whether to pursue that route or not?? If money was not an issue that is what I would do, though if it is spiritual rather than physical/dibba sota, then I could spend thousands trying to mend a non existent physical issue??

Any hew, again, thank you for all of the advice and support everyone.

One Love
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331 Posts

Posted - Oct 03 2010 :  12:05:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I had tinnitus begin when I started AYP and it subsided on its own after a few months.
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United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Oct 05 2010 :  06:01:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
JDH, how long had you had Tinnitus before hand?
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United Kingdom
181 Posts

Posted - Oct 25 2010 :  9:05:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
In regards to annoyance around this it is evident that it comes and goes, though I would still not be opposed to getting it treated if possible. I am considering Ayurvdeda and or acupuncture.

Any thoughts on this from anyone?

Here are some links


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