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 Yamas & Niyamas - Restraints & Observances
 Fasting Part 2...
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284 Posts

Posted - Apr 22 2006 :  10:55:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit Yoda's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I'm glad you like Osho, he's a scream!

He says that his secret was that he was raised by his grandmother for the first 7 years of life and she was passionate about keeping him 100% free of all rules, laws, education, etc. When she was criticized for this, she would say, "In this whole world everybody is civilized, has manners, etiquette, but what is the gain? You are very civilized--what have you got out of it? At the most his parents will be angry at us. So what? Let them be angry. They can't harm us, and by that time the child will be strong enough that they cannot change the course of his life." I love her! (Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic)

While I'm flipping through this book, here's another thing. He said that his grandmother wasn't religious at all. He said that to find a woman in India who wasn't religious at that time was darn near impossible.

Here's what he says: "If you believe in religion, you cannot meditate. Religion is an interference. Meditation needs no God, no heaven, no hell, no fear of punishment, and no allurement of pleasure. Meditation has nothing to do with mind; meditation is beyond it, whereas religion is only mind."

When he shoots his mouth off, he most often does a good job of it!

So I just reread the Warrior Diet and Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat.

One thing I didn't catch in my earlier readings is that Ori is a 25%+/- raw foodist. He suggests that one eats 100% raw throughout the day, and then have a normal, hearty dinner.

Re: juicers, a juicer can make straight up celery juice yummy. I'm not sure it would be as good with the pulp still there as is the case with a blender.

I'm switching over to more of a celery base for my juicing. It feels very purifying and it doesn't really have the sugar punch that carrots do. One carrot per 3-4 celeries is still transcendent.

I'm trying the grape thing and it's very nice too.
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284 Posts

Posted - Apr 27 2006 :  11:42:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit Yoda's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
So I'm being the tomato/celery juicer guy for breakfast and lunch and have a normal dinner. That looks to be like a sustainable habit for the time being.

A good tip I learned from taobums: rinse your mouth out with salt water after any raw meal. They say it helps clean the mouth from any acids for the sake of your teeth.
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2602 Posts

Posted - Apr 27 2006 :  2:11:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for the tip.

Where I am at now is eating:
grapes, V8 (or tomato juice) and nuts (especially almonds)
Monday-Thursday, and 'normal food' for Friday and the weekend.

This seems sustainable for now. I do feel a bit of my motivation slipping though, so "we'll see".

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284 Posts

Posted - Apr 29 2006 :  10:22:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit Yoda's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
So I pitted a basic juicer against a basic blender. The blender is better for fruits, and the juicer is better for veggies. But dollar for dollar, the juicer is the better deal at least in the non-elite price range. You can always throw some pulp back into the drink if you want.

Am reading Dr. Fuhrman's recent diet book. It's the vegetarian response to Atkins and Zone. Mrs. Yoda and I did low carb for awhile, but Mrs. Yoda ran into some potentially serious side effects of the diet and had to stop. Dr. Fuhrman explains that excessive protein intake will strip the body of minerals even if you are taking a truckload of supplements. I think there is a lot of truth in that. He says that all the fiber from eating raw is the right way to induce satiation and is much more healthy long-run than eating lots of protein and fat.
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284 Posts

Posted - May 02 2006 :  11:11:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit Yoda's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

Check in on general discussion and Yoda's personal practice for ongoing misc thoughts on this subject. It has strayed into raw food, "primal diet", blenders, etc. Some of these guys are into raw organ meat... I'd definitely need a blender and lots of other things to get me excited about a raw liver!

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46 Posts

Posted - May 03 2006 :  1:50:44 PM  Show Profile  Visit Nicole's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you for all the great info!
All this talk has motivated me. I started the grape fast yesterday.

I agree with you: "I hadn't realized what a drag it is to be eating all the time. I see in retrospect that it is actually depressing, and that I really wasn't actually hungry anyways. More of a habit thing."
Eating all the time also makes your stomach expand, causing you to eat more and more often. What a vicious cycle! Definitely time to break it :)


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284 Posts

Posted - May 03 2006 :  5:33:39 PM  Show Profile  Visit Yoda's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply


Grapes are the bomb but I had to stop with them and the Tomato Juice as the acid was becoming bothersome for my teeth. If they become a problem, just switch to carrot and celery juice. And beet juice if you dare!

With carrot juice, I have to brush my teeth a lot, but it's doable.

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1 Posts

Posted - May 17 2006 :  08:51:43 AM  Show Profile  Visit nutrovitasub's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Digestive Grape Bitters

The use of herbal bitters has been an integral part of almost every herbal tradition in the world. Extensively used in Europe, herbal bitters help enhance digestion and assimilation by stimulating taste receptors on the tongue. This increases the flow of bile from the liver, which supports both digestion and the body's natural cleansing processes. Bitters are especially beneficial when taken after a heavy meal, or for general support of a healthy liver. Planetary Formulas Digestive Grape Bitters provides the three main classes of bitter herbs: tonic, warming and aromatic bitters.

For Digestive Grape Bitters Products :
Digestive Grape Bitters

For More Information:
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112 Posts

Posted - May 21 2006 :  4:31:40 PM  Show Profile  Visit Babaly's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi there,

Fasting can be great... I have done a lot of it.... but personally I find it can slow down the metabolism and needs to be approached with great respect and knowledge.

Not to be jumped into without a lot of research and guidance.

For me, the best way is to eat very simply for a good few weeks with nutrition that really feeds the body.

The body is in a delicate and fragile balance - so I suggest if someone wants to cleanse... to use a cleanse - a good one is

or if it's for spiritual development.... I believe there are other ways than possibly depriving your beautiful body.

Sorry, if this is not what you want to hear... it's just from a lot of personal experience.

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3615 Posts

Posted - May 21 2006 :  8:26:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit Etherfish's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
on the other hand, it's relatively harmless to fast one (24 hour) day at a time, with only water. Some people do this every week, and it has great cleansing properties, and it's free! i've heard of some people who have a very hard time not eating anything, and feel very tired, etc. but I think that's from lack of experience fasting, and from sudden clearing of toxins.
I don't have any bad effect at all. I can fast for a day, do heavy exercise for a couple hours, and feel nothing but a "lightening" effect.
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351 Posts

Posted - Feb 06 2007 :  12:36:45 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Moderator note: Topic moved for better placement
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