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 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 Meditation and Pranayama Symptoms
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Posted - Dec 04 2011 :  09:09:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
my left testis size is less in compare to right testis size.
Is due to this energy rushing in left side is less in comparison to right side????????
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1 Posts

Posted - Feb 04 2012 :  02:22:44 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
i feel intense tingling sensations on the side of my stomach and on my neck to the point where they are very uncomfortable its not painful its like cold electricity it doesn't hurt but at the same time its too intense for me to handle sometimes the sensation will affect my groin and cause sexual ejaculation which breaks my meditation what can i do about this?
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3615 Posts

Posted - Feb 04 2012 :  08:48:37 AM  Show Profile  Visit Etherfish's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
You should cut back on your practices, see "self pacing" in the lessons and books. Sometimes it is even necessary to stop all practices for a while.
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73 Posts

Posted - Aug 03 2012 :  05:08:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Initially i have problem of piles, constipation digestion related problem which i already explained in my post. I went to doctor also. He told some biological changes in your body no problem at all. He prescribed some digestion related medicine. That i took. But after some time it become normal.

This time middle of My chest is paining. Specially when i am changing my posture.

Now also left side energy movement is less.

Should i again go to doctor or it becomes normal after some time.

Please give some suggestion.
I am Continue with my Yoga practice.
At the time of yoga practice no problem.

Only little pain when i am changing my posture.
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73 Posts

Posted - Aug 03 2012 :  05:11:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
After bathing i am also feeling itching in my body.
After some time it becomes normal.
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4854 Posts

Posted - Aug 03 2012 :  07:34:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Yes, get it checked by a doctor mrityunjay... and hopefully he will rule out any possible health issues. Also be aware of how you sit... I have seen when I slouch while sitting in meditation and move my sitting position I do get chest pain as well, but it is muscular.

Regarding the itching after a bath... change your soap... go to a fragrance free/dye free soap... at times the soap can cause the skin irritation.
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73 Posts

Posted - Aug 18 2012 :  08:34:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Plant has inner reproduction process no outer reproduction process.


Animal has outer reproduction process no inner reproduction process.

Human have have both process.
Outer reproduction process : Progeny
Inner Reproduction process : Kundalini Awakening
I think kundalini awakening same like plant reproduction process.

Am I right?

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73 Posts

Posted - Dec 11 2012 :  05:56:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Still left right imbalance persisting with me.

Some times i got too much sexual thought that i am unable to control. I repeat my meditation mantra. But i again deviate towards these type of thoughts.

Now a days i am practicing only alternate nostrill breathing, kapalbhati kundalini pranayama and meditation. I left mudra bandha practices. Some times in day time during my work my concentration shift towards head region. Some energy rushing in right lob of head but very less energy rushing in left lobe of head. Some times small pain also with rushing.

I am regular with my practices and life style. Some times some little bit deviation.
When this balance will happen? I want freedom from these sexual thinking. I am trying but not getting.
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United Arab Emirates
413 Posts

Posted - Dec 11 2012 :  08:26:01 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Namaste Mirtunjay,

Try Nadi shodan pranayama it'll help in balancing the ida and pingala.

And do this following excercise:

1.Sit in sukhasan ie sit confortably preferably on flour and if possible on mud ie on beach sand like that.
2.keep your left palm facing upward to the sky and keep the upward facing palm on your lap.
3.Now keep the right hand on the floor facing the earth.
4.Now visualise all the imbalance from left side of the body is going to the ground to Mother earth.
5.Now keep your right hand palm on your right lap with palm facing the sky.
6.Left hand palm just raise to the shoulder level and open the palm towards the sky ie to ether(akasha).
7.Now visualize all the imbalance from your right side of the body which also means it'll include pingala nadi visiualize all the imbalnce from right side is going out to the akasha or ether from your left hand.

I hope that helps.

Love N Light
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73 Posts

Posted - Feb 08 2013 :  05:25:29 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
My digestion and piles problem becomes little bit ok. But now i am starts getting cold and cough. In my area winter season is present. So due to that, may be this things come. But when i go to doctor, doctor says, "There is no problem in chest at all". This Cough happen in morning, not in day time. The doctor has provided some medicine for that, and i am taking that medicine.

My left channel and right channel imbalance is still peresisting with me.

When i read literature regarding inner energy imbalances on internet, they says these things happens because of imbalance. I can not talk these yogic symptom with medical doctor. I feels little bit nervous. I don't know, what will they think.

I am going to doctor because in AYP chapter number 69, they have mentioned that if any health problem occur then consult doctor. If it is medical then it will be cured by doctor. But if it's not medical then it will cure with further progress in yogic practice.
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73 Posts

Posted - Feb 26 2013 :  03:30:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I have already told in my previous post that i have left right imbalance. I think, it is increasing more and more.
Why i am telling, because now a days, during my meditation practice i feel more pressure from previous in right skull but very less in left skull.

I am continuing with alternate nostril, spinal breathing, yogasana and walking practices for stabilizing this imbalance.

Should i stop my practices for some days?
Such that things settle down.
Please give some suggestion in this regard.
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31 Posts

Posted - Feb 26 2013 :  10:04:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by mrityunjay_singh_1983

I have already told in my previous post that i have left right imbalance. I think, it is increasing more and more.
Why i am telling, because now a days, during my meditation practice i feel more pressure from previous in right skull but very less in left skull.

I am continuing with alternate nostril, spinal breathing, yogasana and walking practices for stabilizing this imbalance.

Should i stop my practices for some days?
Such that things settle down.
Please give some suggestion in this regard.

I don't think you should be worried and you don't really need to focus on correcting this balance. Through a regular practice that gently responds to your symptoms you will achieve balance over time. It doesn't seem like you've got bad symptoms from what you've posted. Prana doesn't just flow in sushumna, it flows all over our bodies and out the top of the head (as christi pointed out, however I don't buy the whole semen-soma thing), so unless you have a severe reaction to the prana flowing through your body and the ida and pingala, there is no reason to force the energy into the central channel. This is a years long process, just let it do its thing.
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73 Posts

Posted - Sep 23 2013 :  09:12:33 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I had right left imbalance problem,right side more left side less, energy movement. I don't do mudra bandhas, only balancing practices. Due to this imbalance, i had piles, acidity in stomach. Finally, those things come in control.

Now, i feel pressure in right head, when i do work with concentration. During alternate nostril breathing and meditation i feel pressure in right skull. During sleep at night, my sleep get disturbed, i used to awake one time in night. After that my sleep don't come properly. But i don't feel any laziness next day. I works properly.

I think due to some balancing practices, now, more energy is rushing in left side in comparison to previous time. But still i feel more pressure in right side skull. Due to this pressure, my sleep is getting disturb.
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73 Posts

Posted - Dec 27 2013 :  04:56:17 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
From one and half year before, because of asana,pranayama and meditation practices i feels energy movement in my body, more in right side and very lees in left side.

From one year before my body has get some physical problem like piles, digestion problem and now a days i am feeling insomnia. But, after quieting bed i feels refresh. These things i had described in my posts. Some more problems are added here like insomnia.

I am a PhD student. At the time of reading also i feel more pressure in my right skull.

I have consulted doctors physiotherapist, psychiatrist and neurologist. They have told that, these disease has no cure in modern medical system. Your life style should be good. Because of my yoga practices, i already live with good life style. But still problems are present. The Neurologist has told me that you have to do meditation in proper way. He was also long term meditation practitioner.

I have fallowed aypsite regarding kundalini syndrome.
After that, i have taken some precaution regarding this. which is as shown.

I have removed mudra bandha from above my practices list. I do exercise and asana in each alternate day. Now my practice list are alternate nostril Pranayama and Meditation one time every day. Some times i quit my practices also. Some times, i moves on ground, bare footed. Taking more meals frequently, timely manner. I am regular in my lifestyle.

But, still things are not improving.
At the time of pranayama and meditation, i feels more pressure in right skull of my head. Some times pressure increases more.

What should i do?

Should i continue with my practices or i quit for some days?

I am in confused state.
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966 Posts

Posted - Dec 29 2013 :  12:55:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

Here is a thread dealing with left/right imbalances. There are different view points,so I suggest reading the whole thread.

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73 Posts

Posted - Feb 11 2014 :  12:59:35 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

I have kundalini imbalance problem. Energy moves more in right side of my body and brain, less in left side of body and brain. I am doing grounding practices to make things easy. I am regular with my asana, alternate nostril breathing, spinal breathing and meditation practices. No mudra bandha or shat karma practices. In morning i takes water before going to latrine.

Regarding this kundalini imbalance. I have mail to Jana Dixon of regarding my kundalini imbalance. My problem is as shown below.
Since i am doing PhD in mathematics type area. He(Jana Dixon) is telling that when kundalini comes in left side of body and brain then your math ability will be totally stopped. If this will be going to happen, then my PhD will be in trouble. I have given my discussion through 'Jana Dixon by email below.

Please help me in this regard.

My Email to Jono Dixon
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 10:28:33 +0530
Subject: some assistance regarding kundalini imbalance

Respected Sir,

This is mrityunjay PhD student in mathematical aspect of computer science.
I have been doing asana, pranayama with mudra and bandha and mantra meditation since 5-6 years every day in morning only. Now, i am feeling kundalini imbalance problem. I feel asymmetric head pressure, means i feel pressure more in right side of my brain, less in left side. I am also getting digestion and piles problem. I feel connection of right skull and right foot most of the time. But not similar case with left side. When i sleep right nostril down and left nostril up, means less pressure skull up, then i feel some connection of left skull and left foot. But not always and very less this happen.

If i apply mudra bandha with pranayam then it becomes more problematic. So i have left mudra bandha practices. Now, i am only practising asana, alternate nostrill breathing, spinal breathing and mantra meditaiton. Some times i also move on grass, bare footed.
I went to doctor for medical check up, but i have not get any improvement. Doctor says it looks fine, no medical problem. Regarding head pressure, i went to neurologist, i have told about my practices. That doctor was also yoga practitioner. He was telling that continue with your meditation, thing will settle down with time. Medical drugs wont help you in this case.
I have find your site by searching on internet. Please help in this regard. I shall be highly obliged.

Q1 How much time it will take to settle down?

Q2 Is this kundalini imbalance give problem to my mathematical thinking of my PhD?
Thank You


Hi Mrit,
Kundalini usually shows up more in the left side than the right, so with you it might be due to you being a mathematician. Try alternate nostril breathing, toning/humming and more shamanic practices, dance, grounding, drumming and walking barefoot etc...
Only kundalini herself knows how long she will take, but you can ask her yourself, and wait for a silent answer.
Keep up a high antioxidant diet, get lots of nature...light sungazing will help to integrate the energy...if you live near a river or ocean swim in it and spend time on the sand.
Bodywork, stretching on the grass and even sleeping outside are also helpful.


In my experience Math becomes almost impossible during kundalini except with concerted concentration...however my electrical overwhelm was on the LEFT side of the body and brain. Because your overactivity is on the RIGHT side of the body and brain your mathematic ability may be somewhat preserved, especially since math is already how your brain is naturally wired. You can concentrate more if you drink a large glass of water, ground yourself (bare feet on earth or sit outside), drop the muscles at the back of your tongue and do throaty breaths while focusing (stilling the mind). When you focus do not FORCE your mind into one point of concentration, but have confidence that you can use what FEELS like a diffuse-expansive brain to SENSE into the answer without EFFORT. Using the brain during a kundalini awakening is like learning to drive a jet plane, when you have been used to driving a
Volkswagen Beetle

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73 Posts

Posted - Apr 24 2014 :  10:42:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I have left pranayama and meditation practice completely. Because it creates heavy pressure in the right of my skull. I do only asana every day. Now, i feels pain near by spine up to back of third eye. When i become late to take meal then excessive acid in my system. But after taking food i feel comfortable.

Edited by - mrityunjay_singh_1983 on Apr 24 2014 11:02:15 PM
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73 Posts

Posted - Aug 28 2014 :  11:23:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I have stopped pranayama and meditation practices. Because of kundalini syndrome.
As a grounding exercise, I am finding moving on grass bare footed is very beneficial for me.
I am searching for Qi gong exercises. I am new in this tai chi and qi gong area. May you guys guide me.
I have find this Qi gong video for learning.

In AYP it has mentioned tai chi as a grounding practice. I am getting confusion. For grounding practice, Should I go for qi gong or tai chi learning?

When energy grounds then I get some pain in left and right side through out spine. I am also getting itching in scrotum area.

Edited by - mrityunjay_singh_1983 on Aug 29 2014 01:17:55 AM
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73 Posts

Posted - Sep 18 2014 :  11:50:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Regarding pressure in right skull of my head. I have met to various doctors.
First I have gone to physician. He has given me multi vitamin tablet. It has not given any reduction in my right side head pressure.
Second time i have gone to psychiatrist. He has done my counseling then they have given some medicine specifically mineral syrup and some more tablet. I have taken those things but things has not been changed within me.

Third time I went to Neurologist. He has told I am not finding any serious symptom. So, i won't recommend any test. He was knowing about kundalini related problems. He has told it can't be cured by allopathic medication.

I have left my yoga practice. Since, my body and mind is pitta type. I have started to follow diet(sweet pungent and bitter test less spice less onion), herb(Alovera and Amlika), oil(coconut) and lifestyle(no competitive games) according to pitta body and mind type. I have added walking on grass bare footed and exercise every day. Drinking 3-4 liter water every day. But still pressure is persisting in right skull of my head.

After 7 month of these practices, I have met one more physician. He has recommended MRI of Brain and Cervical spine. MRI was normal. It was not showing any thing serious. He has given some medicine. But after taking medicine I have not find any improvement in pressure.

When I try to concentrate it creates more pressure in right skull of my head. But, at the time of playing I don't feel any pressure. I think because of my attention is not on head. That is why, I don't feel pressure in right skull of my head.

I met ayurvedic doctor. He has given some herb Arogya vardhani vati, aswagandha rist and vayu...ras(I don't know exact name of this that is why dots). I have not purchased this.

Some people are telling try to find some homeopathic doctor. It might work in this case.

I am confused regarding doctors. I am not finding any improvement. This pressure is not creating any problem to me I can do my work with enthusiasm.

Since pressure is coming may be it will create some problem in future.

Should I follow ayurvedic doctor or homeopathic doctor? Or I continue with my life style as described above. Should I add again my yogic practice?
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United Kingdom
1653 Posts

Posted - Sep 20 2014 :  05:46:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Mrityunjay

Doing some yoga is always a good idea, but I think you need to do less / take it slower than you have in the past. You have a very active kundalini. You need clear impurities from the system, balance the energies, but not stimulate kundalini too much.

The one hour a day meditation you were doing before seems a lot. Start with a short interval - perhaps 10 minutes every morning and evening and increase very gradually from there. If your discomfort/pressure in the head increases, you will need to adjust down your practice time.
Also a lighter form of pranayama is probably a good idea. I'd say bhastrika is too strong for your situation right now. Alternate nostril breathing is gentler. Or you might want to try spinal breathing pranayama instead. Here is the lesson about it:

A programme of daily meditation, pranayama and a few asanas (not too much of those either) should be plenty for you to do at this stage. After you have gained some stability and you start to feel good/balanced throughout the day, then it will be time to consider more practices.

That is my opinion - hope it helps
All the best
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73 Posts

Posted - Sep 27 2014 :  06:13:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
On some places of my body red spots in circle form is appearing. This is appearing near thumb joint in one hand, both side in groin and both side in arm pit. I have tried Quadriderm and HH Derm both creams. I am taking some ayurved medicine like aswagandha, arogyvardhini and vata chintamani ras. But it is not giving any improvement. Red spot circle is growing bigger.
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Mykal K

265 Posts

Posted - Sep 27 2014 :  10:30:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit Mykal K's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
You need to self pace - slow down as BlueRaincoat suggested.
Try doing minimum practices for awhile. Have you looked at lesson 69?
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73 Posts

Posted - Nov 18 2014 :  04:29:36 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Meditation creates more pressure on my head. So, I do only asana,alternate nostril breathing, moving on grass bare footed, drinking 4-5 liter water in a day.

Skin rashes on both side of groin and thumb are growing bigger. I feel more heat in groin area. I went to dermatologist he has given medicine. But it is not giving any cure.

Please suggest in this regards.

For skin rashes I am also taking neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf orally and bathing with neem(Azadirachta indica) soap. I am also trying to take my diet based on pitta dosha.

Should I use neem oil? or Should I go to ayurvedic specialist?

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342 Posts

Posted - Nov 18 2014 :  1:40:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Oral neem use can be highly toxic, affecting liver and kidneys. You might try amaroli therapy both internal as well as on the affected skin areas.
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73 Posts

Posted - Dec 05 2014 :  10:10:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Some body has replied my email for "kundalini syndrome help" like this.

Dear Sir,

This is mrityunjay PhD CSE IIT Guwahati¬ from INDIA.

From 6-7 years before, I had practiced vegetarian diet, asana, shat karma,pranayama with mudra and bandha, and meditation. As time has passed.¬ I have started to feel some energy movement in my body. This energy movement was more in right side of body in comparison to left side of body. Many other symptom has also happened like muscle pull, sleep disorder,hyper acidity, piles ..etc.¬ Out of these symptoms I want to mention two symptoms which is creating problem to me. These symptoms are as shown below.

1. Due to asymmetric pressure in head I feel separate left, right skull. It create problem during sleep and concentrating.
2. Skin rashes in both side of groin and on right thumb. My body temperature has get increased.

For brain, I have gone to many doctors like neurologist,psychiatrist, physiotherapist, ayurveda, homeopath. I have also gone through brain MRI, nothing has been found. Regarding skin problem, I have gone to dermatologist and physiotherapist. Finally I have not find any cure for both symptoms.

I have searched on INTERNET and I have talked to some yoga practitioners by email. They have told that this is unbalanced awakening of inner energies and it is called kundalini syndrome. You have to do self pacing.

Now I am doing these practices.

1. I have left Meditation, Pranayama, Shat karma and Fasting. But, I do alternate nostril breathing everyday. Some time little bit meditation I do, but not every day.
2. Asana every day
3. Vegetarian diet and massage oil based on Vata Pitta Kapha imbalance. Since, I am living outside of my home. Some how I am trying to maintain my diet.
4. Moving bare footed in grass containing field.

These things I have read from site given below.

I am doing PhD in theoretical computer science. Some site like has said that in this kundalini syndrome solving math problem become difficult.

Some body has replied like this:
I know my advice will not be welcomed by you, but I
believe that you must discontinue your work for your Ph.D.
for some weeks or possibly months. You see, it is mental
concentration that keeps Kundalini active. You should not
continue with your Ph.D. studies just now. Wait until you
feel perfectly comfortable. Let you mind relax completely.
Listen to music. Don't read books. Don't try to solve
problems. Let your mind (BRAIN) rest.

A strickly vegetarian diet is not good for Kundalini because
it is essential that you have a lot of high-grade protein. Your brain
and nervous system are starved for protein and that is why you
need to add some lamb or mutton to your diet. Forget the idea
that you should not eat meat. That is for ordinary people, not for
people with an active Kundalini. Your diet needs to be perfect in
every way. And that requires some meat, or fish, chicken, etc.
Mutton or lamb is very good.

Again, let your brain rest completely. Do not meditate. Do not
allow your mind to concentrate on anything. Concentration makes
Kundalini more active.

/////////////////////////end reply/////////////////

I have already left pranayama and meditation and I am also doing grounding practices.

Is it not enough?

My brain pressure is not reducing. I am getting skin rashes which is not getting cured by medication. That is why I have switched to ayurvedic medicines and pitta type lifestyle.

q1. I am vegeterian. Should I take non veg? Pitta lifestyle I can't take non veg.
q2. Should I take rest for one month?
q3. What is mean by perfectly comfortable? Until and unless my asymmetric head pressure and skin rashes won't go. I have to be relax and practice above life style. Is it so?
Please comment.

Edited by - mrityunjay_singh_1983 on Dec 06 2014 05:25:20 AM
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