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 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 Severe nervous system damage - Kundalini imbalance
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United Kingdom
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Posted - Apr 05 2024 :  2:11:53 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi there,

My younger brother has been in great difficulty for some time. He suffered from intense trauma, self-harm and suicidal ideation. He turned to spiritual practice as a result of these things at a young age (16/17 years old). His spiritual practices, initially, had an immensely beneficial impact, to this day it is clear that his mental health has improved significantly when compared to how it was before. However it has come at an immense physical cost. I've seen there is a template for this, however all the info I provide should cover those points. I'll detail some aspects of his condition, in his own words, here:


- In the heart, liver and spleen as well as other internal organs, i often experience extreme tightness, pain, aching and I also experience itchy stinging pain in the heart. there has been a constant deep pain and tightness in the affected areas listed above for a very long time ( about 2 years almost)

- I become breathless from a short amount of exercise like walking up the street( the breath takes a very long time to come back, I have to lay down for atleast a few hours or go to sleep to recover.) I also get breathlessness and heart pain from drinking water/liquid, (I have to sit still for atleast 30 mins every time I drink water because if I move I get very sharp heart pain.) This includes any food that is liquidy. I experience heart pain from all food, I get the least amount of heart pain when eating barley/millets prepared dry with veg that does not taste sweet.

- Constipation

- Extreme amount of gas within the system,
lots of burping/expelling of gas

- Bloating

- Dryness

- Extreme weakness in muscles

- Heart burn/acid reflux

- Become very weak when hungry or if I try to fast.

- Can collapse and lose consciousness when getting up too quickly, would mostly happen when getting out of bed in morning too fast.

- Strong fatigue

- often experience lightheadedness and dizziness (especially when getting up from laying or sitting position)

- Poor coordination when walking

- Extremely impaired digestion cannot eat most foods without experiencing sharp pain in heart as well as other internal organs,great increase in tightness, breathlessness, symptoms get drastically worse when eating something sweet or when eating chilli, depending on the level of sugar, I experience heart arrhythmias, palpitations, severe drop in mood, very painful burning feeling in fingers toes/internal organs as well as swelling (in toes and fingers.) loss of circulation. when eating something like sugar or chilli, loss of feeling will occur in certain areas of my body, this can vary. toes start vibrating, tightening and curling up. Changes will start occurring in the back of neck and inside the head.

- Very difficult to manage when it is too hot and even worse if it is too cold.

- Poor circulation

- People say my Feet and hands are always cold even if I feel very hot and I am sweating.

- Eye lashes, constantly flickering when I close my eyes.

- Sometimes certain muscles feel ?locked in place? like they are completely not working.

- my feet can get injured without me knowing until later on.

- Great numbness in fingers and toes as well as most of my body, has gotten worse over time, I used to experience extreme burning pain, tingling, swelling and sometimes even blistering in toes and fingers. This would go on until I fall asleep and wake up.I would only experience this after eating processed sugary junk foods originally but I soon became more sensitive and my digestion would get worse as the disease progressed. The burning would also often get worse on a night. The pain was relentless and Was very difficult to live with.

- Hands and feet turning purple/blue

- Vision is very blurred

- Slowed metabolism( it used to be very fast) I put on weight very easily now if i overeat in the slightest. whereas before I could eat alot of food without putting on any weight, it was very difficult to put on weight in fact.

- Extreme sensitivity to anything remotely sweet, for example a few drops of fresh coconut water will cause heart pain and tightness or a few organic berries of any kind (like blueberries) will also do the same. Or any vegetable that is in the slightest bit sweet in taste will make symptoms worse ( carrot, tomato, beetroot, squash etc?). I also react badly to carbohydrates that turn into sugar/glucose while in the stomach like white rice, bread, pasta etc. raw foods/foods that aren?t cooked enough also make symptoms worse. Too much intake of food creates a negative reaction. Also anything sour seems to make symptoms worse like lemon/lime water.

- Painful and tight in both nipple areas, slight gynecomastia.

- Reduced sensation of touch, if I put my fingers in hot water or warm water it?s very difficult to tell how hot it actually is and If I can drink it

- Go very weak when hungry or water fasting

- In the back of the neck and in the Head there is lots of tension and sharp pain (head feels extremely tight when walking too far especially in cold weather or when I feel weak. It?s the same kind of tension I experience that?s listed earlier. When head goes like this it affects my mental state massively, I experience memory loss that keeps on increasing, if I keep walking after having breathlessness I also get a sort of drunken feeling and go very tired easily. I had an mri (spine) checked by one doctor who said that I am having neck spasms.

- I become disabled after a short walk and then I am ready to go to sleep. The body doesn?t seem to regenerate (the breath doesn?t come back.)

- Holding the breath even for a few seconds like straining on the toilet has extremely negative effects for the heart ( pain, arrhythmias and it make the condition much worse.) I also lose a lot of body heat after 2 seconds of straining. Same with urination and brushing teeth ( I have to go lay down for atleast 40 mins after brushing my teeth.)

- Drinking/consuming liquid causes strong heart pain/changes in heart beat and breathlessness. As well as neck tightness/pain. Pain gets very sharp if I try move around after consuming liquid.

- Sounds emitted from modern technology like phones, speakers and tvs. Cause the following effects: 1st the breath becomes shallow, next the heart beat slows and heart feels worse. After this, I get ache in the stomach and I can feel bubbles forming. circulation starts reducing and I can feel much less of the body. Also experience sharp pain in back of neck, it goes very tight (locked in place almost.) and head tightness. The longer the exposure to these sounds, the worse the body gets. It does not matter if I am consciously aware of the electrical sound, I feel it in the body either way. Most the time I am completely unaware of these sounds, I just notice my body getting worse (stomach ache and heart pain.) and then I become aware that it is due to an a sound being emitted from either a phone, tv or speaker.

- Sometimes Experience Tingling all over body, ( eyes, nose, face, lower body, upper body, head.) lasts for a few hours usually. And head can go really cold.

Symptoms have fluctuated over time, they have gone through different phases( worse and better.)

I have tried to be as precise as possible here, the symptoms listed are what I have observed many times and are what I have experienced for at least 2 years on and off (depending on the symptom.) I try my very best here not to exaggerate in any way here. Each symptom listed is something I am as sure As I can be of and is what I have experienced/do experience many times.

Over the course of 3 years or so I practiced the following exercises as per the JC Steven's- Kriya Yoga Secrets Revealed book. This was done intermittently:

Nadia Sodhana
Ujayi Pranayama
Concentration at Bruhmadya
Om Japa
Maha Mudra
Kriya Pranayama pt 1
Navi Kriya
Talabya Kriya
Kechari Mudra
Om japa pt 2

I also practiced Kriya Pranayama pt 1 and concentrated at Bruhmadya whilst under the influence of 1 tab of LSD 2-3 times - this was not recommended by anyone I did this instinctively. It is extremely powerful and stimulating - un-quantifiably more so than the practices done as normal.

Here is a list of more newly developed/noticed symptoms in the last few weeks:

- pain in feet when near a fire source such as a wood stove, electric, gas heater.
- when candles lit experience a sharp pricking, shock-like sensation as well as a constant tightness in the feet and toes along with pain and vibration

- loss of body temperature awareness when being exposed to emf even at low levels. Examples of objects suspected to cause interference include:

- Phones even when off
- car keys
- air planes
- music played electronically
- TV
- speakers
- screens
- farming machinery/vehicles
- sirens
- electric lights such as LED's, streetlights, vehicle lights, lightbulbs
- electric tools such as drills, lawnmowers and hedge cutters
- boats
- computers
-power lines
- induction stoves
- smart meters
- wifi/Routers
- electric fridges
- torches
- electric toothbrushes and shaves
- clocks and watches"

As a result of all of this, he, myself and my father have been on the move trying to both seek refuge from EMF's and of late, tried to seek treatment. His levels of pain have reached extremes to the point where he cannot be at home - we have been on the move trying different isolated properties, and for a long time even different parking spots living out of vehicles in remote areas of Scotland - to no avail. My brother is currently with my father in India seeking treatment, however to no success yet. I'll be joining back up with them soon.

I know this is a a lot of information, however it's important to be thorough so that people may get a sense of how extreme his condition is. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

He has been prescribed a total of 10 minutes mantra practice per day by a Keralan Tantra practitioner, and also a consecrated item. He has also received various Ayurvedic treatments having spent 6 months prior in Kerala on his own, when his condition was less severe. None of the treatments and medicines had any effect. If it's helpful I can provide a list of treatments and institutions that he visited. He is currently reliant on a wheelchair, but can walk very short distances.

Many thanks,



United Kingdom
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Posted - Apr 11 2024 :  6:53:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Louis,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties that your brother has been experiencing. It does sound as if he has been through quite an ordeal.

Your brother should refrain from all spiritual practices until he becomes stable. This includes meditation, mantras and prayers. He should also refrain from engaging in any energetic treatments such as reiki, acupuncture or Ayurvedic treatments, as these can all increase energy (prana) in the body.

Your brother may find this lesson helpful on self-pacing and grounding:

Lesson 69 - Kundalini Symptoms, Imbalances and Remedies

And also this video that I filmed a while ago:

How to Deal with a Painful Kundalini Awakening

The Advanced Yoga Practices Overview Course also has a video on managing kundalini (Lesson 4.0) and another one on self-pacing and grounding (Lesson 7.0). That course is free to take.
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