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 All Forums Forum
 Satsang Cafe - General Discussions on AYP
 Realization of Objects as Consciousness
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1178 Posts

Posted - Jun 29 2019 :  01:58:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Perhaps most of us who have been on this journey for some years have understood Intellectually or intuitively that physical (and subtle) objects appearing within your Consciousness is also the same Consciousness. Others may attest to have reached this realization through the experience of a high degree of Unity.
While I “see” this to be true for subtle objects such as thoughts and emotions, I cannot directly perceive it for physical objects. I cannot “see” the act of the formation of physical objects by my Consciousness.
Ofttimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and as I open my eyes, it would take some milliseconds for my room to reconstruct itself , I can actually see shards of physical objects such as my wardrobe moving to fit into a cohesive whole. Note the use of the word “shard” . Frankly I cannot tell if it’s simply a sight defect. I have yet to consult an eye doctor about it. This almost never happens in broad daylight. However, it can happened that I see that these enormous shards are not quite aligned and it feels a little like being in a crystal. This could be pointing to the formation of the physical world (or eye defect) .
Can anyone here clearly perceive the formation of physical objects in their Consciousness?
I have read of a practice called Uccara (from Abhinava Gupta) to help with this but it sounds a little complicated . Anyone know of a simple effective practice? Yogani has spoilt us with simple practices
If I can make an object appear in my Consciousness through my sense organs, it stands to reason I could also make it disappear, right?

It’s a gorgeously sunny day in the Seychelles with a nice cool breeze and I am sitting in my verandah looking at my overgrown garden and trying to make a little bush of crimson flowers, cross from me, disappear .... for the past hour....


kumar ul islam

United Kingdom
693 Posts

Posted - Jun 29 2019 :  06:54:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
the greatest magic trick is to make the world disappear and its just very simple just close your eyes
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53 Posts

Posted - Oct 14 2019 :  1:07:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
SeySorciere, I am new to AYP and just saw your provocative topic. I have also struggled trying to integrate this idea of the outside world being purely a construct of our conscious mind. I acknowledge we only experience all of the outside world as an approximation generated by the limited, yet magnificent, circuitry of the brain along with our 5 senses. I have been very interested in neuroscience for years. Neurologists deal with disease states that point at the limitations of the brain to accurately reconstruct the reality of the outside world. It is clear there are practical aspects to our conscious experience, i.e neurochemical signals in the brain etc and there are metaphysical experiences that transcend the body. Since you describe an odd feeling of your visual reality being constructed as you open your eyes it raises questions about whether you have some central processing issues in the brain or eye or more likely it is just you are very aware, having practiced DM etc, and are essentially peering "under the hood" as Yogani would speak. There are many physicists now who believe we live in a simulation created by a super computer. Every time I recall a dream on awakening I realize my brain has created an amazing world in which I have explored in a different state of awareness. Good stuff. I hope this message finds you enjoying your garden and a beautiful fall day.
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1178 Posts

Posted - Oct 17 2019 :  01:58:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Eternally summer on this tiny dot of an island. It has been raining loads the past few weeks though. Flowers looking miserable.

I regret to inform that I have yet to succeed at making thing disappear.

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482 Posts

Posted - Oct 18 2019 :  12:50:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
It is not eye defect, but "I" defect.
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23 Posts

Posted - Oct 27 2019 :  03:48:09 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Om Shanti, I guess this might be the longest answer that I will be writing. First please keep in mind that English is not my first language and there might be a language barrier explaining the thing that I would like to explain in a more elegant way.

First to bring up an understanding of divinity I will touch on some topic and go to the answer. When I was in Ethiopia I first started meditation like 16 or 17 years ago there was a discussion about soul and the sister was explaining how the soul take mentally disable people body and come to this world and she said it is paying for past karma. Me even at that moment I listen not judge or take her answer as a definitive definition. Now time has passed here in Nairobi where I stay at the moment every single time I finish from my meditation I go to the super market and while doing so around 7 in the evening I see this lovely girl who people are calling mentally desable plays with other boys and girls. She plays like any other kid except for the inability to explain herself faster sometimes she acts like a 40 year old girl sometimes like her own age 12. Every single time I see that I remember the sister who said that the soul is paying for their bad karma to come into this world on such body. Me I disagree at this moment because seeing that girl makes me realize that the soul has no clue in what type of body it is living. Call it the perfect people mind or the less one for the soul they are just mentally disabled. Both of them are the same. One disabled by choice. They are covered in body consciousness and can't see the universe the way it is. The girl copies her mom and acts like 40 and copies the kid and acts like 12. The only people who suffer from having a child like that are the parents. Again it is not suffering but I just want to use the sister explanation to explain this matter. They suffer because their way of looking at things has come from body consciousness. They compare their kids with other kids and said mine is not normal. Mine is more beautiful than the other and vice-versa. But to me on the other hand, if you ask me why did they come to this world that way? My answer will be "I don't know." But when I see people as human beings I see all of them similarly. But from my understanding the soul of mentally disabled beings is not suffering. In fact it is not contaminated by body consciousness and it is cherishing every single time.

Now let's go to your explanation of what's going on. Look I'm not calling it wrong just like I was talking about previously I'm just giving you another perspective.

I went back to Ethiopia to get a police certificate for a week. Doing that, since I wanted a place where I sit and meditate I decided to go to Raja Yoga meditation center. When I went there, I was told to meditate in the special Baba's room. I said OK and sat there. There is a big picture of the founder looking at me two to three meters away. From left to right side, there are half dead flowers sitting next to the picture. First I don't care about the founder picture unless you are body conscious you will not allow yourself to sit in front of a portrait no matter how important that person is. Second, I just saw this beautiful flower suffering from the flactuated happiness of these body conscious people. Since those people don't justify staring at a dead body picture, they have to kill another beautiful looking plant and have to put it next to it to make it more appealing for the eye. Why? Because they couldn't see the beauty in everything. They have to recreate their fantasy based on body consciousness. Their happiness comes from outside, not inside. They don't see unity within themselves and others.

Do you understand now? You on the other hand had trapped yourself in the game of the intellect which doesn't give you anything on understanding the total concept of your existence. Rather than you sit and see the way they are, you are busy playing games. Just like you did outside of your body experience. First, this game clouded your judgement even to put the inability to see right and Wong. You place yourself on a comparative level. the moment you place yourself comparing this and that you will lose the broad picture which is right in front of you.

Even in your explanation I will show you a flaw. The reason you are appreciating the flower is because of the other beautiful tree tree next to it. You never realised that. If you had done that, you would have realised how big a significant role it is playing. It might be helping, contributing for the growth of the beautiful flower next to it to flourish. On the other hand, if this world is full of that flower, do you know how beautiful it is or not? The varayty of different types of plants created different types of emotion in your brain. You are enjoying that. However, the broad concept of unity has been disappearing from you at the same time. which is, the understanding of "unity" which is accepting the difference and moving on without attachment to see the way it is.

Om Shanti
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1178 Posts

Posted - Oct 28 2019 :  01:27:01 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
What can I say - Smileforme - I love playing games. . Like our Creator.

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