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Lesson T41 - Sexual Indulgence, Bhakti and Tantra  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Sun Apr 17, 2005 2:24pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: I have started the yoga practices one year ago and now for the past two weeks I got some improvements like ecstatic feeling rising in my sitting sessions which inspire me to go to yoga time with eagerness, not as a compulsion. I feel very much joyful in meditation and also attained the state of stillness sometimes.

Even with things going well, now I have some doubts:

- I got very much raised with sexual feelings after my yoga session and mind scatters to such matters.

- I have a habit of masturbating once weekly, but now I masturbated two days in a row.

- Can yoga practitioners have contacts with porno matters like porno stories, videos, etc.

Please clear my situation and doubts.

A: Thank you for writing and sharing.

Your experiences are very good. Just be easy in your practices, favoring them over experiences that may come up.

AYP does not suggest life-style preferences one way or the other, because any lifestyle can be used for yoga if bhakti (the habit of desire for our highest ideal) is there. So, masturbation or not, porno or not, if you are for turning your desires to your highest ideal, yoga will be happening. In any life-style situation, the AYP methods can be used effectively for that.

If masturbation is happening, use the holdback and blocking methods, and the experience will gradually come into a different realm, shifting to more manifestation in sitting practices with mulabandha, sambhavi, siddhasana, kechari, etc. In other words, with tantric practice, over time, sex will refine to become more directly a part of the spiritual transformation process. That is much more fulfilling than sexual indulgence, so our tendencies will shift. Even if we do indulge in sexual pleasures later on, it will be in a way that is going higher along with our bhakti. That is the blessing of having bhakti and knowing tantric means. It is a very good combination.

Keep in mind that we go through many phases as purification and opening are occurring in us. We may feel erotic today, spiritually ecstatic tomorrow, and then back to erotic the day after. Over time, we gradually leave the lower inclinations behind, because the higher ones are much more fulfilling, and do indeed indicate purification and opening inside. So try and take a long view of the process. Today you may want porno. Don't stress about it too much. Use the tantric practices in the situation you find yourself. Know it will be all right, and going higher. AYP is obviously not for encouraging sexual indulgence, but if we have it occurring, it can be dealt with through the means of tantra. Your desire is the most important thing. Learn to cultivate every emotion to your highest ideal (ishta) and you cannot miss -- you are doing this already, or you would not be writing with these questions. If you feel erotic, feel erotic for God. If you feel angry or fearful, be so for God. If you want porno, want it for God. Like that. That guarantees positive change. This was the way of Ramakrishna with every emotion and desire he had, high and low, so you are in good company.

Erotic feelings will happen in yoga, because that is what kundalini is on the biological level. Later on, kundalini becomes divine ecstasy and opens us to celestial realms within. Whenever experiences come up, no matter what they are, we just ease back to the practice we are doing. Over time, experiences will move to much higher manifestations of ecstatic bliss and divine love throughout the nervous system, and there will be less tension about the sexual aspect because it will be transformed to higher functioning in the nervous system. Even then, with divine experiences happening in and all around us, we just easily favor the practice we are doing, so we will go higher still.

You are doing very well. I wish you all success as you continue on your chosen spiritual path. Enjoy!

The guru is in you.

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