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Lesson 277 - Crown, Ajna and Spiritual Intuition  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Mon Nov 21, 2005  10:48 am

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Q: Is pain at the crown always a bad indication? I know from experience (and from reading) that the heart chakra can create small flashes of pain at opening, plus palpitations, etc. My heart chakra is frequently opening/closing (which I'm not alarmed at ... it seems normal, from what I've read), and, sure enough, I sometimes go through a tad of drama. I don't think it's a matter of blockage, per se; when it's open, I can feel quite a free flow, and I've learned not to interpret this as a negative (sort of like soreness after exercise).

Is crown the same? I'm getting some light pain (more like pressure) there for the first time since kundalini woke up. Not bad, not uncomfortable. I'm wondering if an iota of opening there is just a natural next course for me (my practice continues to deepen quickly; I'm able to surrender deeper and faster and remain that way for longer). If not, maybe it's just that I need to be more consistent about pranayama (I've been busy; most days I've only been meditating).

My ajna has been activated for about eight months. While it's a very intense feeling, and I can feel extension forward from my head, and can definitely feel connection to heart and mulabandha (root), I'm not sure what else it's "good" for. Will I eventually somehow perceive things through it? I get intimations that there's a functionality there, but it's like I've been handed a radio without instructions on how to tune. I won't get attached to the gee-whiz technology, am just idly curious.

A: Pain at the crown is not very common, but can happen as part of our overall opening. The only difference between increasing purification at the crown (especially deliberate) and other symptoms elsewhere in the body is that the crown stimulates whole-body purification, and can get ahead of itself, leading to excessive energy flows throughout the nervous system. So, I suggest you not do "work" at the crown, and stick with the brow to root practices in AYP, especially spinal breathing. Those clear the crown very gently by proxy and balance the energy up and down the sushumna (spinal nerve). If the pain at the crown gets to be too much, back off practices a bit for a while until things simmer down. The same goes for managing heart purification symptoms, or any excess energy flows anywhere, including emotions, excess drama, etc. That is self-pacing. Backing off temporarily will reduce circulation in all those affected areas.

The ajna (third eye) is the main control lever for energy circulation throughout the body. It is the balance point for all that. The crown is not a control lever. It is a "white hole" that will suck us out of ourselves if we let it, with huge energy complications if premature. The heart is an infinite divine love space that will leave us sobbing in a puddle of emotion if we let it. With the ajna we can keep all of this on an even keel and steadily growing without falling hopelessly over any of the cosmic edges. Of course, part of us wants to do that, so it is a balancing act. The ajna is the one thing we can hold onto that grows it all while holding it all together at the same time. The ajna is the safest route to the crown, and, in fact, will energetically merge up into the crown as our development advances. This manifests naturally as sambhavi mudra moves gradually higher over time. In the end, the ajna and crown become one dynamic with two aspects: Energy regulation and earthly expression (ajna) and infinite power flow (crown). This two-in-one combination fuels and regulates the enlightenment process throughout the neurobiology.

As for "seeing" with the third eye, there are many levels of that, with spiritual intuition being the most basic, and most important. The physical-like "seeing" of colors, tunnel and star, lokas, beings, etc. are least important. As our intuition grows to the point where we know what is right in all things on this earth plane, we do not have to know why. It comes from within. We can stand firm with that alone. That is spiritual intuition that comes through an opening and maturing of the third eye. The ajna is key in expressing ourselves on this earth plane because it ties together all the components associated with spiritual intuition and evolutionary action -- heart, mind, body, inner silence and divine ecstasy. The product is outpouring divine love, which is why I say our actions toward others are always the best measure of our spiritual condition. It is pretty simple, really...

As Jesus said, "You will know the tree by its fruit."

The guru is in you.

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