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 Tantra - A Holistic View of Spiritual Development
 Semen retetion bad for prostate?
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Posted - Aug 24 2013 :  3:38:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
I am a male, and whenever I practice semen retention, sexual arousal without ejaculation, "edging," or the holdback method, I feel my prostate becoming backed up with fluid and swollen. I can tell that something is wrong because I feel a slight pain, as well as difficulty passing urine or bowel movements. It's as if my prostate is blocking these mechanisms.

Now, I enjoy tantric masturbation and sexual practices that prolong the orgasm without ejaculation. I also feel as if they are very spiritual, and very ecstatic, however I don't want to do these practices if it is going to be harmful to myself. Is this just a phase that one must push through? Or is it better to abstain from arousal all together, so as to conserve the energy and not experience orgasmic pleasure, but also not hurting the prostate? Does anyone have any experience with, or any way I can bypass this?

I would very much like to practice sexual tantra and "edging," but I won't if it means that I'm damaging my prostate.

Edited by - brighteyes on Aug 24 2013 4:00:30 PM


26 Posts

Posted - Aug 25 2013 :  11:59:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I'm so glad you asked this question, Bright eyes. Because I have similar problems, though I don't experience pain in my prostate, that I can tell; I get the classic "blue balls". My testicles ache like hell!

Some advocates of semen retention (Mantak Chia, as I recall) describe methods for energetically sucking that "pressure" up into the body/nervous system. It's much like raising the kundalini energy, which very much arisen in me; I find that the arousal that comes with the flow of kundalini can exacerbate the blue balls if I haven't ejaculated in a while (a week or so.) So, these methods haven't usually worked for me if the pain is bad.

I definitely find that arousing myself strongly through masturbation and "edging" causes much more pain down there than simply retaining semen and practicing tantric meditations (including spinal breathing and other methods taught on this site.) The meditation practices may help relieve symptoms caused by "edging", so try them if you're not already doing them.

If you simply wait it out - don't masturbate/meditate tantrically for 24 hours (48 max), it will go away; still I worry about the long-term health effects.

Some on this site advocate a gentler approach that may include ejaculation as often as necessary - "self-pacing" with regard to semen retention - and that's what I've been doing. I generally try to practice ejaculation through love-making with others. (I'm gay and have a number of intimate partners, though none are working with strongly awakened kundalini energy.) However, I do wonder how much I'm slowing down my progress on this spiritual path by doing that.

I have heard recently that medical researchers have found that guys who ejaculate at least once every 2-3 days throughout their lives have a lower chance of getting prostate cancer.

So - I'm very interested to hear what others have to say about the potential spiritual benefits of semen retention versus the potential physical harm!

Evannon (aka Vajra Bell)
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687 Posts

Posted - Aug 26 2013 :  10:37:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
BrightEyes, have you thought about getting it checked, even a routine examination? I'm not sure how a general practitioner might think of the lifestyle preference (tantric practices) or be at liberty to discuss it, though your general observations might be informational enough to them. I've done that, though I wouldn't think of comparing to someone else even if their symptoms resembled, and things are ok, which was reassuring.

There's every reason to pay attention to how your body responds, and what your intuition tells you. This can change over time and possibly in response to endless other variables. I think it's a learning process, using whatever tantric practice calls out, and a gradual one where the body needs time to adjust, first at a subtle level, and then even at the physical level. It's something I see hints of, to which I attribute to keeping up with 'gently favoring' of tantra using the same advice as that given for the ayp asanas kit. The tantra lessons also mention at one point (in response to a male) that the system is more robust than given credit, so that one need not be too overly restrictive to trying out the practices. This definitely applied over here, since I was afraid blocking and preservation might damage or upset the system, which has not happened since everything is fine and even better than before.

Evannon, I've read about that study a while back as well. Like any research, it would be great to see more follow-up studies, how the authors describe the limitations of their methods used, and how it compares to other findings that look at prostate health longitudinally. The benefits of improved blood circulation from many of the sitting practices, such as asvini/mulabandha, SBP, even DM have got to play a role in maintaining its health and resilience in face of these sometimes toxic environments.

A related example is the changes done to bicycle seats for men so there isn't direct pressure applied to the prostate. I've thought about whether tantra-enhanced siddhasana can also be harmful if not done gently enough, but decided sitting steadily with body weight more distributed on folded legs on something soft is much different than putting almost full pressure repeatedly and for very long periods of time as when on a bike with an old seat design.
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4 Posts

Posted - Sep 11 2013 :  04:25:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello, friends. I am a male too and I have about 2 years of rare self-tantra experience and about 2 months experience with my girlfriend. I am able to hold ejacuation and by now it has only happened by my will.

But I have similar problems. When I don't ejacuate for more than a few days (If we had made love) I experice the "blue balls" effect. It is mostly strong about 1 hour after the act, but also after that sometimes, for example when i exerscise physically. Mabye I should mention that I am almost 24 years old.

What has helped me so far is prayers and meditations, but when I am not so 'pure' it hurts. Also when I try to move the energy from the sacral chakra upwards it helps, at lest temporary. I can also share the following experience: when I get to some creative science work (I am a mathematician) or drawing, singing there is a natural uplift of the sexual energy to creative one and I am free from the pain. One more thing for the blue balls: I have read that the problem with blue balls is the blood that enters, but doesn't exit after that. So don't wear too tight pants.

I am sure these practises will affect the prostate problems, too.

I hope it gets better in time and my body adapts. I know for the present state of the physical body it is good that one ejacuates often, but in long term I am sure that it is better to cultivate your sexual energy. You know, for good results in every aspect of life one needs patience and strong will.

Best regards!
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Christmas Island
18 Posts

Posted - Sep 12 2013 :  8:00:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Re read Mantak Chia,

There is million dollar point, when pressed semen stays in and its fine. When point is missed sperm goes out with urine, u can check if urine is clear or cloudy.

Also holding sexual energy somewhere not usually held can cause funny sensations. Also Mantak said there is orgasm some distance then ejaculation. There are many videos on youtube. He also said if you feel some pressure accumulating simply release sperm now and them lol :D

Channeling energy upwards and via orbit takes practice. Perhaps AYP has lesson on that :D
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4 Posts

Posted - Sep 13 2013 :  06:00:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by arti
There are many videos on youtube.

Please post some links to videos that you find useful.

Thank you.
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1 Posts

Posted - Oct 16 2013 :  4:41:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

I have experience similar issues. The longest I have ever been able to abstain from coming is 2 weeks. And at the week a have the same "blue balls" issue. Semen gets stuck in the ball sacks and at one point it just wants to blow up!

I understand that some Yogis practice internal ejaculation with full orgasms. The semen from the ball sacks gets ejaculated back into the body. Anyone has any advice on Internal Ejaculation and how this process works and how is this different than Retrograde ejaculation which is harmful?

From wiki: Taoist Practice

Are there any other methods guys are using to help conserve life force?
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65 Posts

Posted - Oct 17 2013 :  08:46:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

The "Blue balls" effect is quite familiar here to. Not so much anymore, but when I first started my 6 month full-celibacy about a year ago, I could feel the blue balls until around 30 days of abstaining, which was the point I failed a few times before actually making it to 6 months. At first, it seems that the body releases the semen with urine but as far as I remember, that doesn't happen after some point. On the other hand, I did not do any sexual stimulation, even edging, during those 6 months so I cannot tell what happens if you do.

As the saying goes, "This too will pass", and it did quite shortly after the first month of suffering. After two months, it was but a memory, and after around 3 months there were no more symptoms. Also the yearning for physical orgasm disappeared. I have yet to experience tantric sex with a partner, although I have been attending tantric sessions recently and I am familiar with tantric techniques without an actual physical intercourse.

So, for me a period of abstaining was beneficial but I would be too bold to suggest it to anyone.
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