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Radio Interviews with Yogani on Advanced Yoga Practices

Jacksonville, Florida – January 12, 2007 – A series of radio interviews is underway with noted author, Yogani, on 1360 WSAI, Cincinnati, covering basic instructions for a range of yoga practices including Deep Meditation, Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Tantra, and other powerful spiritual techniques. Information on how to listen to live webcasts of the interviews is provided at http://www.aypsite.com/audio.html

The interviews are being recorded as they occur and can be listened to or downloaded anytime at the website link.

Topics covered in the interviews include:

Background on Yogani and Advanced Yoga Practices (November 12, 2006) -- Practical enlightenment techniques for everyone, the current shift in humanity to higher consciousness, and challenges we may face on our path.

Deep Meditation (December 31, 2006) -- Basic instructions and discussion on practice. The role of rising inner silence in daily life.

Spinal Breathing Pranayama (January 7, 2007) -- Basic instructions and discussion on practice. The rise of whole-body ecstatic conductivity, and its practical benefits.

Tantra (January 14, 2007) -- Essential principles and practices. The role of sex in spiritual development.

Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas (January 21, 2007) -- Role of yoga postures (asanas) and specialized internal physical maneuvers (mudras and bandhas) in an overall routine of daily spiritual practices. Relationship to the rise of Kundalini.

Samyama (January 28, 2007) -- Basic instructions and discussion on practice. Cultivating stillness in action, siddhis, miracles, ecstatic bliss and outpouring divine love. Uplifting the world from within.

The interviews on the above yoga practices are based on detailed instructional materials available in the family of AYP Books.

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