Advanced Yoga Practices
Press Release

Yogani at AYP Publishing

Next Generation Discovering Advanced Yoga Methods

Jacksonville, FL – October 17, 2005 – Two years after first appearing on the Internet, the hundreds of introductory lessons and public forums of Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) at www.aypsite.org are being studied by more than 25,000 students in 90 countries around the world, with many of these readers on college campuses.

In addition to the extensive online resources of AYP, there have been two books published by the author, Yogani:

“Advanced Yoga Practices – Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living”
A large, user-friendly textbook providing detailed instruction on advanced yoga practices that have never before been revealed in a book. Included are highly effective methods of deep meditation, advanced spinal breathing techniques, and tantric sexual practices.  

“The Secrets of Wilder” – A Novel
An exciting story about the discovery and implementation of the actual practices by young Americans determined to unravel the secrets of human spiritual transformation.

More books are due out in 2006 under the heading – “The AYP Enlightenment Series.” Like the current books, this series is aimed at the mainstream, bringing a full range of advanced yoga practices within the reach of people everywhere for the first time.

AYP is a non-sectarian resource that can be used as a stand-alone teaching, or to supplement any other system of spiritual practices. The step-by-step AYP lessons cover the needs of yoga practitioners from beginning stage to the most advanced.

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