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Yogani at AYP Publishing

Advanced Yoga Website and Books Fly High

Jacksonville, FL -- August 22, 2005 -- Only two months after its inception, the latest incarnation of the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) Free Website Lessons at http://www.aypsite.com has received over 100,000 page visits.  Why?

Most of us think of Yoga as bending and stretching for relaxation. What many are finding now is that postures are the tip of the Yoga iceberg. Deep meditation, special breathing techniques and inner bodily maneuvers called “mudras and bandhas” play a major role in taking our experience much deeper -- far beyond basic relaxation. Even our sexuality can be included in Yoga practice, under a special branch called “Tantra.” What is the purpose of all this? Quite simply, the cultivation of enduring inner happiness, health and energy -- qualities that are in high demand in our modern fast-paced society. The inner capabilities of the human nervous system are being found to be remarkable when stimulated systematically through the methods of Advanced Yoga.

Over the past two years, AYP has become one of the largest Internet resources for free online lessons, public forums and books on Advanced Yoga. This growth has occurred because the easy-to-follow AYP writings teach a wide range of integrated Advanced Yoga Practices that have not been openly available to the public before. These methods have been taught in secret for centuries. The author of the AYP lessons and books, Yogani, believes that it is now time for everyone to have access to the practical methods for unfolding full human potential which have long been reserved for the few.

Resources available through the AYP website include:

- 500+ Introductory Lessons on Deep Meditation, Spinal Breathing Pranayama Methods, Tantric Sexual Techniques, Advanced Mudras & Bandhas (inner bodily maneuvers), and more. See http://www.aypsite.com/MainDirectory.html

- Two Five-Star Rated AYP Books on spiritual practices: The original “Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living” and the new novel, “The Secrets of Wilder,” a powerful adventure/romance story about young Americans engaged in the discovery of real secret practices leading to dramatic human spiritual transformation. See http://www.aypsite.com/books.html

- 350+ Public Forum Discussion Topics covering nearly every aspect of Yoga practices. Anyone can read here, post messages and interact with Yoga practitioners at all levels around the world. See http://www.aypsite.com/forum

- 100+ Websites on Yoga and spiritual practices in the AYP Links Section. See http://www.aypsite.com/plus/Links.html

- 400+ Additional Books on Yoga and spiritual practices on the AYP Book List. See http://www.aypsite.com/booklist.html

- 250+ Reader Testimonials on the AYP Lessons, Books and other features. See http://www.aypsite.com/Testimonials.html

AYP is a non-sectarian resource that can be used as a stand-alone teaching or to supplement any other system of practices. The step-by-step AYP lessons cover the needs of Yoga practitioners from beginning to the most advanced.

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