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 Yamas & Niyamas - Restraints & Observances
 Sharing of amaroli experience
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Posted - Nov 12 2008 :  5:39:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hello folks,

after my recent input about bodily health problems concerning my whitish low-blood-appearance, I bought some more of Yoganis books. And together with it, I started with amaroli 2 weeks ago.

To compansate blood levels, I am heavily eating meat and fe-rich food in general. Ater heaving read about amaroli and it's healing effects, I gave it a try and this came out:

1. Day:
- Feeling strange about peeing into a glass, the middle part, I drank about 30 ccl of shivambu. Knowing in mind, that I have eaten lots of meat the night before. Yogani wrote, that this is no problem.

--> The effects came instantly. I could feel and see my aura becoming fluted by the whatsoever content of the pee. My stomach got some cramps and within 10-15 minutes, I had to go to the toilet, because everything in the gi-tract came out fuidly. The taste of the urine was very strong, salty and completely unique.

Within half an hour I got an energy rush, some kind of feeling more warm and strengthened. My normally cold fingertipps became hot and this warming effect was very welcome because of the coldening weather.

Now comes the crazy part, the whole day I felt and saw a yellowish gibberish radiance coming out of me, feeling very animalistic. Screams of cows and intense discomfort fell over my feelings. My overall sensibility dropped in every aspect. Astral vision diminished, my tounge-taste dropped to a level, where I only could taste very strong tastes. My smelling ability dropped completely. The smile in my face vanished too. Any feeling of joy and happiness vanished. It was like I could see and feel what I am consuming orally in a more refined way throuh drinking my own pee. It was a real nightmare. All in all, I decided to continue and observe what will happen the coming days.

2nd day:
- drank about the same amount, taste was about the same, very unique, bitter, salty, meaty and somewhat chemically. But my tasting ability was that much desensibilized, that it was no problem to drink it and breath the vapor into my loungs.

--> effects: again warming and somewhat animally strengthening effect. My consiousness level dropped even more, desensibilizing in every aspect of my taste,smell, feelings, thoughts and so on. It was like becoming the cows I ate. There was no sign of happiness left, like being kicked out of the heavens from one day to another. I even thought about Yogani making fools of us. Some words of him went through my thoughts, like: "amaroli is filling what was weak in us before.." and my only perception was like: it is desensibilizing the awareness weakness and polluting the whole body, mind soul with the refined frequency of the stuff you eat. I didn't want to judge this whole, as it was just the second day, perhaps some kind of scenery of cleansing or becoming aware of what I am really putting into my body.

the next 2 weeks:
- increased the amount of shivambu to about 100-150 ccl, so nearly a full glass to the end..

--> effects: day by day I dropped in consiousness, becoming what I am drinking, animalistic thoughts and feelings increasing steadily. People around me could feel and see my somewhat depressed and unhappy appearance. My overall ability to think increased and got more stable and slow. Before having started with it, I had some problems in staying focused on one object of study and it was hard to do mental work. The moment I wanted to follow the words and transform them into mental stuff to understand what he/she is saying, I lost track and fall into the present. Felt like having become really dumpish, more than a little child. This whole amaroli stuff, gave some stability in this case. But awareness levels were insanely low. Even double lengths of meditation time had no comparable effects to how it was before.

Then after more than 2 weeks, I stopped the whole experiment. I can't describe the huge contrast that instantly occured within my awareness and perception levels. During the amaroli weeks, both nostrils got more and more closed, the day I stopped, both opened and stayed open. Feelings came back, I could smell the air again, smell food, smell what I am smelling like. Taste increased to deliciously levels. Vision became vibrant and colourfull, shining and giving bliss. All in all, extatic feelings rose. The heart opened. Like someone from the heavens pulled me back to where I was before. Astral vision started again, refinement of overall perception in all senses too.

Conclusion so far:
This test was done to enhance my overall health. Especially my blood levels. And yeah, it somehow gave me a yellowish skin appearance, better than white I thought for some time. I really had lost anything including the wish to come out of this what ever is happening to me through drinking the pee. It's like the doors of grace opened again and this was some kind of a lection.

Yogani says, meat and amaroli, no problem. I am not sure about it as within the damar tantra writings, Shiva advices not to eat salty, fatty, bitter and so on while doing amaroli. I learned much about the direct relation of the more subtle awareness and the food intake. And perhaps, if someone is eating more fresh and living food, amaroli could have just the opposite effects,even enhacing the subtle fresh and vital effects of the foods. I don't know and won't find out very soon.

That's my sharing so far. Hope it helps in some way.


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Posted - Nov 12 2008 :  7:17:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for sharing Holy!

Since I am a relative newbie to AYP I wish there were more yogi's doing this practice that are willing to share their experience.

Edited by - machart on Nov 12 2008 7:25:09 PM
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Posted - Nov 12 2008 :  7:18:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit yogani's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Holy:

Sounds like you should have been doing less rather than more, and perhaps even going with micro quantities and diluting with water. This is a case where some self-pacing (scaling back) would have helped a lot.

Regarding meat-eating and amaroli, with a more measured approach it should not be a problem. The urge to eat meat may become less during the natural course of practices.

In any case, sorry you hit a wall with it. A clear sign of overdoing, I'm afraid. Maybe try again later starting with much smaller quantities. But there is no rush. There is plenty else to do in AYP.

All the best!

The guru is in you.

PS: Hi Machart. Amaroli has been discussed extensively in the forums in the past. Try some searches and you will find some long topics on it. Doing "subject only" searches helps narrow it down.

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Posted - Nov 14 2008 :  07:17:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
It has nothing to do with you, thank you so much for all you share :). I do it always like that. First pushing what I am doing to get a feel of what it is like and then most propably do it longerperiodly starting some time later =)

I am more on the search for something, making me free of the need to eat so much fe-based food, especially meat. Doctors can't find a reason, blood tests all perfect lol, but even 1-2 days without eating it, I look like half dead again. It's very weird.
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Posted - Nov 14 2008 :  08:48:55 AM  Show Profile  Visit newpov's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
To supplement IRON in the diet, I buy pills from Walmart called VITRON-C. These are nothing but ferrous fumarate and a little ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to aid absorption. Do not take these iron pills at the same time you are taking calcium supplements.
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Posted - Nov 15 2008 :  3:40:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you for your answer. I am aware of the inhibiing funktions of calcium with iron. Pills didn't work either so far. Sooner or later, this will be clear anyway.

Seems that I have forgotten to answer to one of your mails @newpov? Will have a look at it tomorrow :)
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Posted - Nov 26 2008 :  7:37:54 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
2nd sharing:
After having done a pause of some days, I gave it another try, and am still continuing. It's now nearly 2 week again, as advised from Yogani, I started with a very little nip of a glass. The rest I use before bathing for some small skin injuries, ater shaving etc to see what happens. Everything is more on a basis of experimentation.

The actual amount of urin is about 2-10 ml per day. The first 2-3 days were smooth. After 5-6 days same effects like on the first attempt appeared. Now nearly after 2 weeks, the desensibilization especially on the level of smelling and tasting is very strong. I nearly don't smell anything anymore, except of very strong odours. The mental faculty is in more balance, works nice for studying. On the other side, astral and mental awareness is reduced too. I again don't want to conclude to anything, this time I will go on for some time and see if this is scenery too or not.

I also looked for the full complete writings of the damar tantra. When it comes to shivambu, there are 108 verse lines mentioned, but it's hard to find them on the inet. Perhaps someone knows more about it and perhaps about a source of the whole writings of the damar tantra.
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Posted - Nov 27 2008 :  12:03:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit anthony574's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Holy, I don't think there is any physiological dysfunction causing you to eat meat. You are eating it because it is what you are used to. If you cannot go two days without it then you are most likely not eating a healthy vegetarian diet. There are many great books on the subject.
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Posted - Nov 27 2008 :  5:59:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi anthony,

thanks for your post. 2 years ago, I stopped eating meat for a period of about 9 months. At the same time, I lost about 30 kg weight. Without noticing, my blood levels went worse. Back then I thought, my skin becomes white because I shine more light =P With time, I got very sleepy and back then, I also did some intense amount of pranayama, about some hours per day with breath retention. It was heaven on earth on the cost of my physical health without noticing. Some people made me aware of it. I then added lot's of vegetarian food helpin in this blood issue. It did not really help to recover. At the same time, my breath functioning somehow changed etremely, the need for it was very low and it still continues. The days and weeks within vacation times I could spend in sunny places, I had no problems. My skin got a natural look and health was perfect in every aspect. In Germany, where I live and study, you are thankful if you see the sun shining. All in all, I got the advice, you need some red meat. I started with it back then and that helped a lot, even it did not give a somewhat complete healing of it. Many people in many countries only eat some bread and drink some water and live very healthy. so yes,there must be a peaceful solution.

I then went to doctors, they could not help me. The fun part is, blood levels were perfect. It's a half-half game of breathing and eating. I am observing every little bit of cause to see the reaction solving this. Not that I myself feel ill or bad in any way. It's the quiet opposite. I am also open for every kind of input.

When it comes to your healthy vegetarian diet, I do eat lot's of different vegetables, fruites and drink a lot of water. Sure, it could be better. It's like, if I eat regularly from a to z, blood levels recover. But it's nothing stable and can change within 1-2 days to the opposite extreme. Perhaps I am missing the clearness of perception in this aspect and you can see more through it. Not that it is a real problem in the end, meditation brings about peace to anything.
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Posted - Nov 27 2008 :  8:06:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit Etherfish's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Not everyone can function well on a vegetarian diet. You have to get a metabolic typing test to find out if you can. Or you may already know. Often if you need meat, you can survive on 80% or more vegetable diet (by weight). This is a very healthy diet. Then sometimes your needs may change as spiritual energy changes. I don't survive well without meat, but i can eat very small amounts and be very healthy.
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Posted - Dec 11 2008 :  5:38:46 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello again,


I tried it out, some days less to none meat and some days meat do work so far. In general, my bloodlevels recovered very much. I can't find a reason for anything anymore, it's beyond logic for me. There are for sure very subtle causes and effects, but I can't differentate them anymore, there are too many per day influencing this.

amaroli sharing the third:
2 and a half week later, I stayed with the micro quantity and seemed to get used to this being amarolied state of being. So far the effects for me are the very same: it is highly desensibilizing and highly awareness dropping. But somehow this was exactly what I needed when it comes to studying. I had lot's of problems concerning my ability to think about uni-subject contents, like math-algorhythms, programming code relations and so on. This has changed in a way, that it got easier to stay focused on mental thinking. This was nearly impossible for me the last months, where I more and more tended to dip into nonthinking/nonbreathing. Now questions come to my mind like, is it generally counterproductive or a stabilizing and body-healing phase.

There is one more thing I like to share. It got very hard to notice very subtle thoughts, because somehow I lost the clarity of space-awareness. Like there is a thin layer of thoughts, very subtle 2-3 oktaves below the loudness of the normal thinking voice, which work like a barriere to dive deeper with clarity. I can directly assiociate this with amaroli, as it comes and goes together with drinking it or not.

Another test was one week ago, where I doubled the microamount and instantly my body changed into a sad/lustless/wishless mood, somehow stronger, but more earthened. That much that the energy that let you smile or lough was not enough to move the particles of the body to smile or lough. I just could feel it coming and going in it's weakness. So this stuff is the downer and erthener nr. 1 so far. When it comes to my ability to smell or taste or physically feel something, all this is decreased in a very strong way. The frosty weather touches my skin and I notice some kind of sharpeness, but at the same time it really does not produce any reaction on my body. Like it's some kind of wood walking along.

For the sake of curiousity and some of those positive effects like increased mental functioning, I will go on with it.

Some tests with additional alternate nostril breathing (nadi sodhna) gave back immense sensibility and awareness. This pranayama is really my favorit when it comes to opening up the channels easily and very fast. Can't believe how 5 minutes of it before spinal breathing pranayama changed the whole landscape within 2 days.

Edit 2 (one week later):
It seems as I am loosing control of everything. 3 of 5 senses don't really work anymore. Smelling, physical feeling and tasting. The last one still works best out of these three, but somehow all sensual perceptions don't cause any reactions anymore. Eating doesn't give any satisfaction, all tastes about the same and it feels like there is no feeling to it anymore.

The wish for sexual activity is nearly zero. When it comes to sexual arousal through physical stimulation, it takes about very long time to even feel anything. The magic stic lost its magic somehow. What was impossible before, is now quiet easy: to stop the outshoot of semen just with an easy contraction of the perineum. Before I had to use the blocking technique, but the strength of arousal is that weak, the effect is instantiously no sexual feeling with one muscle movement. I thought about this vajroli, like the whole concept of sexuality including the ability to feel anything is gone somewhere, I don't know.

Meditation changed dramatically, in a way I lost every kind of control. I can't hold concentration for longer than 1-2 seconds and find myself in very intense thoughts/dreams of minimal awareness that arises when I (through grace) come back out of it. This is not only within meditation, the whole day is like, I loose myself intensly in something I was looking at or a thought grabs me. Studying was fine for some time, now the last days it's impossible to do the most simple works, as I loose track within seconds.

For that reason I cut down pranayama completely today and reduced the time of meditation too. Effect, I totaly lost any awareness, feels like the body is strongly drunken, unable to focus, only seeing with the eyes and hearing sounds, but strongly limited to the object of focus ( which is changing out of control every 1-2 seconds).

( If people have started with amaroli before they have attained some kind of sensibilization, and do complain about no increasing awareness, I would suggest to stop amaroli testwise for a period of some days and see if it is because of that )

The writings within the damar tantra caught my attention:

One who drinks Shivambu for the duration of a month will be purified internally. Drinking it for two months stimulates and energizes the senses. (11)

Drinking it for three months destroys all diseases and frees one from all troubles. By drinking it for five months, one acquires divine vision and freedom from all diseases. (12)

I at least wanted to continue for 3 months to luckily verfy what Shiva says or to give it up. The effects of month 1 can't really be found out, but month 2 and three should be very clear in cause and effect. What is happening at the moment ( 5th week) is about the exact opposite. Hope that this is some very deep cleansing and the big sursprise is waiting.

Edited by - Holy on Dec 17 2008 5:16:23 PM
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Posted - Jan 05 2009 :  1:23:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit sushman's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I don't think what is mentioned in damar tantra will work for everyone within the stipulated time. I guess we need to be patient.

In my case, I have been doing Amaroli (1/2 to 1 glass daily) for almost a year now. I have been a vegetarian for almost 3 years now and Amaroli feels natural to me. Its part of my daily routine now. However, I have not acheived most of the things mentioned in damar tantra.

One good thing I have observed is that - my digestion has improved with daily bowel movement. I also feel there is improvement in my immunity level. But I still catch cold a lot due to alergies. But I think the recovery time has improved.

Other than this, I don't see any other changes. Probably, i could not feel other good things going within my body. who knows?

I have also fallen back to alcohol now (once or twice during the weekends). I don't do amaroli the day after I drink Alcohol.

I am not doing any sitting practices right now. My karma (or lethargy) is not letting me to keep at it for now :)
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Posted - Jan 07 2009 :  7:34:58 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I think you are right, as there are some requirements that shiva state before starting with amaroli, like "mastery of the senses", some sort of diet etc.

Now it's about nearly 2 months from the second start. The sensual desensibilization is not as strong as 2-3 weeks ago. Awareness grew and there is more joy too. When it comes to bloodlevels, it somehow regenerated but this seems not to be only due to amaroli, but also due to the better diet of eating much more than the last 2 years. I also found out, that there is a combination of stuff causing alltogether this whity-skin appearance strongly:

- doing lot's of kumbhakka in pranayama
- meditating for long periods with nearly no breath going on
- eating heavy food in big quantities within one meal

the solution that worked so far after ~2-3 years of no "cure":

- doing less kumbhakka (breath retention), only here and there as an addition to heighten awareness
- eating different kind of foods in small quantities, but more frequent per day
- doing more physical work

Surely this is what is happening for my body, I can't speak in any general terms.

About positive effects of amroli, the quantitiy is still very small, micro-level for most others, but it still makes me not suffer of cold. The cold feeling is there, but it is not bothering as before. On the other side, hot baths don't give any extatic relaxation anymore either. Like the body is more stable and doesn't care about these both hot/cold poles. I also get colds like sushman, but they also don't affect me so much as before.
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Posted - Feb 23 2009 :  7:57:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
1,5 months later (all about 3,5 months now):

There is a constant effect of amaroli which is best described as stability. It holds you down, making it possible to meditate more or do more pranayama without getting too sensibilized. This is still working, day by day anew. Also it got some durability, so if somehow I skip it one day or drink more, the effects don't go away or increase. Perhaps this would be the point to increase the dosage to more than 2-3 drops. When it comes to health, it is more stable too, but I still can overdo it with a little bhastrika pranayama + kumbhakka (once in some weeks) and have a more whitish appearance for many hours or the whole day (has clearly to do with breathing during the day which stays low in amount).

I also started to feel extacy again, after having started with mantra meditation. I had stopped all intense techniques for a long period of time and also had very nice states of nondual pure bliss awareness (with the Maitreya meditation technique) which I never had before in such lengths and depths. But with the start of amaroli, this became impossible somehow and stronger techniques were needed.

I have the feeling, that amaroli does some really crazy not understandable thing on a level which I can't perceive, like bringing up intense amounts of karma that holds me so down like a stone. And it feels like mantra meditation gives these "upcoming whatever" a good burn. It feels very counterworking or battling (awareness going up and down, up and down like tennis =P).

Taste and smell and feel is still highly decreased in intensitiy and sensibility (taste notes, smell notes etc.). Don't have a clue or solution so far, but will go on. It has become a complete habit without motivation. That's for now :)
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Posted - Feb 24 2009 :  05:20:34 AM  Show Profile  Visit Sparkle's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks Holy for your post.
I stopped amoroli a good while back because I found after a couple of months of taking about a 1/4 of an inch in a glass(diluted with water) that I was getting more and more sensitive to it. It was bringing up a lot of stuff and sending me over in my practice.

I did reduce it down considerable and it seemed to work, but then left it for some reason.
Your 2-3 drops intrigued me and I think I will try this, it sounds right for me.

When it was working well for me I too also felt great stability and also sharper in the head (can always do with that)
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Posted - Feb 24 2009 :  8:34:48 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Did you really get more sensitive? Or did it come through your general practices?
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Posted - Feb 25 2009 :  08:28:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit Sparkle's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Yes the sensitivity is quite marked, at least it was the last couple of times I restarted with the 1/4 inch glass of p.
I would sense it within two days and feel the build up of energy and irritation. It would seem fine at the beginning and feel like I was processing loads just through awareness, and then wallop it would increase to overload.
As soon as I stop the amaroli - it stops
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Posted - Apr 28 2009 :  1:57:54 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Very interesting Sparkle. This energy and irritation seem to be more physical.

I have lost count of "practice"-time. Should be about 5,5-6 months since starting. My body somehow got attuned to this level of very few drops per day and I increased the dosage 1 month ago to 2 times the amount and 1 week ago again 2 times the amount before. In total it's about ~30-40 ml of intake. At the same time practicing times and elements were also increased. The following happened. The whole body is feeling more stony, not in terms of being high on something, but elementary in terms of solidity. After some time, the smile on my face vanisehd again. So this happens all the time, the body gets very heavy and relaxed at the same time, while the feeling of indifference on a physical level (pain, cold, hot, senses etc.) increases dramatically. Especially smelling and tasting dissolves.

Increase in pranayama and bandhas gave back the smell and taste and generally the physical sensitivity, but the underlying rockyness and stability remained. Yogani was right ( seems as it takes some higher levels on both parts to come), rock stable awareness and increased awareness/perception start to appear simultaniously. This helped me tremendiously with the semester start (the mind still works =P). Health generally increases especially from increased pranayama. The blood-level problem happens for my body especially with breath retention and very long meditations without breath activity. The only option at the moment that works is increasing pranayma time without breath retention.
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Posted - May 13 2009 :  1:49:32 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I am new to this forum, although I've been following threads for a while! I had a question that someone could answer - with great apprehension, repulsion and (mainly) desperation for spiritual advancement, I started amaroli three days ago - a few small drops mixed in water (I also started jala neti a few days ago). The same day, I began to have headaches that I dismissed as being something else. Yesterday (the second day), more headaches, severe bloating/abdominal pain and more disconcerting - a raw painful sensation in my throat. I didn't do neti/amaroli today. My throat and gut feel better. Any connections? I'm surprised because I don't think I'm particularly sensitive to spiritual practices. I have been practising SBP + DM + some mudras/bandhas consistently for the last few weeks with steady, small changes - nothing spectacular. So, could one be particularly sensitive to amaroli alone? Any comments/suggestions would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Posted - May 13 2009 :  6:51:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Kami,
Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like amaroli purification to me. Some people are very sensitive to amaroli.

It may be helpful to start one practice at a time... but wait till this round of purification has passed. Drink plenty of water to help with the process.

I would suggest starting with jala neti. Then in a week if you don't have any major purification symptoms with this neti, add amaroli. When you do start with amaroli, just start with one drop of urine in a quarter or half glass of water. If you do have severe purification symptoms, it may not be the practice for you right now.

Maybe you can share what other practices you do currently.

Wish you all the best.

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Posted - May 14 2009 :  09:00:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Shanti,
Thank you for the response. I love reading your posts . This morning I woke up with symptoms of a cold - so maybe my raw throat was just a precursor? Can amaroli precipitate a cold, could this be purification? When I first started my sitting practices, I immediately came down with a cold; this is very unusual for I hardly fall sick. My practice is the Shambhavi mahamudra (Isha), a combination of pranayama/meditation/shambhavi/kumbhaka/bastrika. I do this twice a day. Thank you again.
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Posted - May 14 2009 :  09:22:53 AM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by kami

Hi Shanti,
Thank you for the response. I love reading your posts . This morning I woke up with symptoms of a cold - so maybe my raw throat was just a precursor? Can amaroli precipitate a cold, could this be purification? When I first started my sitting practices, I immediately came down with a cold; this is very unusual for I hardly fall sick. My practice is the Shambhavi mahamudra (Isha), a combination of pranayama/meditation/shambhavi/kumbhaka/bastrika. I do this twice a day. Thank you again.

Thanks Kami.

Oh yes.. throat irritation that may or may not be followed by a cold is definitely purification, esp. if you have added a new practice. I am one of those people who rarely falls sick, but about a year and half back I had a sore throat followed by a cold almost once a month (for a while), my kids actually asked me what was going on.. they had hardly ever seen me sick like that. During that time though, I experienced most of my spiritual openings, so I do attribute it to purification. I think it has to do with throat blocks purifying.

Have you tried AYP deep meditation and spinal breathing pranayama?

Edited by - Shanti on May 14 2009 09:26:01 AM
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Posted - May 14 2009 :  09:46:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Shanti, thanks again for the prompt response. This really clears up my thought process! I do incorporate AYP methods into my practice. The funny thing is, I didn't even know about this wonderful website, the phenomenal resources and like-minded people on this site until I got introduced to my current practice. My curiosity about these powerful practices led me here - you know what they say; when the student is ready, the teacher appears!
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Posted - May 14 2009 :  8:24:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Shanti, thanks for the input

I had a sore throat followed by a cold almost once a month (for a while)

And I thought it comes from physical laziness due to studying =) It's as you say, every 3-4 weeks my body is down for 1 week since 1-2 years. Starting with jogging and running again increased my overall health, but today--> again a sore throat, burning chest, stingy nose/eyes, fever etc.

Update 2 weeks later (~6,5 months in total):

I can't sense the effects of amaroli anymore, except the strong physical relaxation in the face-muscle area. In times where I did not know about amaroli and after some months of continiuous practice, I could not stop smiling and loughing the whole day. It was energetically not possible. This is completely different now, equaminity that comes through meditation in some way goes over to the physical through amaroli. Don't think that this description matches it perfectly, it's hard to describe. The awareness stays more within the physical realm.

Without amaroli in the last attempts ( this is the 5th or so including a full range of practices) etherical vision started very fast and was in many times overblending the physical realm continuously. Within some more months, astral vision blended in too. It was very hard to stay focused on normal pysical activity, like watching the prof, listening to his words while at the same time foggy energy streamed through the space, the aura of the prof constantly visible, light particles floating around crying for attention ( hey, forget the rest,watch us dancing ). This time, all this stays invisible, everything is grounded physical and distraction is low.
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Posted - Jun 06 2009 :  6:25:47 PM  Show Profile  Visit Holy's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Amaroli update (3 weeks later):

The effects of amaroli are stabilized completely. There are no surprises anymore. It's part of daily living you can say. The amount is about a mouth full.

The sickness that started 3 weeks ago lasted about 2-3 days, but the fever about 2 weeks. Then after a pause of about 1 week, it started again yesterday. My body is on fire different times per day. The fever-free-days in between I feel renewed and healthy. Also heavier meal sessions which always caused sickness afterwards do increasingly less harm.

Perhaps it is time to increase the amount again.
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Posted - Jun 06 2009 :  11:52:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit mrpearce's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Are you clear of other substances? Is your amaroli practice affected by other potential substances? Drugs, alcohol? I ask non-critically, but from interest in your experience.
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