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 What is my diet doing?
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Posted - Feb 15 2008 :  01:59:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
I've been on a vegetarian diet for a few months because it makes it possible for me to avoid orgasms for weeks without any significant effort. I used to think this is because while I'm on a vegetarian diet nadis (energy channels) work better in moving the energy up in my body so they ease the horniness.
But a friend of mine has suggested this could be due to less vital energy being produced in my body on a vegetarian diet. Could you please tell me which argument is correct? Being on a vegetarian diet is not difficult for me but it gives me less options while eating out and with friends. So I need to know am I really getting any benefits from it or not.



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Posted - Feb 15 2008 :  12:04:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit Sparkle's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Emil
If you are practicing pranayama Spinal Breathing you should get an idea of the difference between meat eating and vegetarian.

For me the sexual urges eased off, which is a good thing, but the conductivity up the spine was probably increased - hard to say because there was a lot of other things going on for me at the time.

The vegi diet definately lightened my energy and allowed the inner silence to carry more easily throughout the day from one meditation to another.
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Posted - Feb 15 2008 :  3:38:38 PM  Show Profile  Visit avatar186's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
do you feel overall more tired than you did when you werent on a vegi diet? do you feel better or worse? etc.

ive come to the conclusion, that the microcosmic orbit, if sufficiantly preformed, is the way to hermetically seal the vessal, or attain easy chastity, or much less hornyness. and within a week.
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Posted - Feb 16 2008 :  7:33:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit anthony574's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
when i went veg i had more energy. you need to read up on nutrition. the problem with most vegs is they get so hung up on protein and neglect everything else. based on what ive read and from experience, i am in the school of thought that believes that there is nothing "missing" from a vegetarian diet. you can eat like a healthy person and youre fine. the mistake is when people go veg and eat nothing but soy products, which for the most part aren't very healthy anyway. i suggest reading a good book on vegetarianism. i was a fan of Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Vegetarian.

you should defintley not feel worse!!!
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Posted - Feb 17 2008 :  07:09:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi again,
Thanks for your comments. Just want to make my question more clear.
I want to know why do I feel less horney and sexual while I'm on my vegetarian diet.
Is it because A)vegetarian diet produces less energy in compare to meat diet so results in less sexuality or B)Vegetarian diet helps the energy to move up easier in the body and that reduces hornyness.
Just want to know which one of these theories are closer to the truth. (My routine includes Asanas + Pranayama + Meditation + Samyama if that helps)

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Posted - Feb 17 2008 :  11:13:21 AM  Show Profile  Visit sushman's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

I don't think Veg diet alone will cut down the sexual urges. it could be more to do with the other practices or the combination. I have been a vegetarian for almost 2.5 years or so. I don't think I am short of sexual urges (probably more these days ). Also, my anger has not dropped much.

But I did go through a phase of less sexual urges some years ago when i took up AYP (particularly with Samyama). but after that I have been on and off on the practices. now my sexual urges are back though I am a very strict vegetarian.

I think it all depends on what practices you are doing and your karma (but mostly karma i think). Diet may play a role as well. It could also vary from person to person. So, we can't rule out the diet in your case. I think Onion and Garlic are supposed to increase sexual urges. you can try eating them more to check it if it works.

Given you are doing so many things at the same time, we may not be able to pin it down. you may want to try giving up the practices for a while and see if you get your urges back and so with the veg diet. it may help zero-in on the root cause.

Any day, i would luv to get rid of my sexual urges...its one thing that distracts me from my path.

Lastly, I don't think veg diet is less nutritious. it taxes your digestive system less and i think it helps to the overall well being. I feel very good eating basic veg diet. I don't even eat of fruits or vegetables that much...I mostly thrive on rice products. works for me just fine.

Good luck !

Edited by - sushman on Feb 17 2008 11:57:34 AM
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Posted - Feb 17 2008 :  1:35:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

why do I feel less horney and sexual while I'm on my vegetarian diet.
Is it because A)vegetarian diet produces less energy in compare to meat diet so results in less sexuality or B)Vegetarian diet helps the energy to move up easier in the body and that reduces hornyness.

I'd say A and B are both true! IMHO, from my experience and described from my perspective, but I'd not say "less energy": I'd say "more high frequent energy". I see everything as energy on different frequencies. Sex and meat are both very Earthly things, and thus very low frequent (you know, killing an animal to eat is not very ahimsa...). Eating meat makes you "heavy", a perfect way to self-pace for example if you have an energy overload (= lots of high frequent energies moving around purifying your system)!!! I've just had a period of slight overload, and ate meat one day in desperation . I felt pretty sick and awkward, but it had the anticipated effect - energy levels dropped markedly and sexual lust entered! A couple of boring orgasms later I am now rid of my energy overload... So, yes, veggy diet does speed up the frequency on the energies, speeding up the purification process and going quicker up to the higher chakras.

Edited by - emc on Feb 17 2008 1:38:31 PM
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Posted - Jul 22 2021 :  1:41:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

I can relate to Emils question here from my past experiences. Is it the vegetarian diet that reduces the vital energy or is it the nadis that ascends energy? I would agree with both, but isn't this under the hood stuff fellow AYP'ers? :)

At the moment I do not want to put any ultimatums out there, my opinion rhymes well with how AYP regards diet as secondary thing.
Although, at present I find that skipping intake of meat or even some 'animal fruit' like dairy will over a day make me more interested in actions that comes from far inside.
Recently I had the interesting insight that even the chemicals that the body releases from working out is external. Isn't it convincing that working out or diet makes the cause external compared to Inner silence?...yes I am guilty of having totally skipped heavy exercise like gym or jogging the last month or two and likewise decreased my appetite and food intake.
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Posted - Jul 25 2021 :  9:42:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Emil,

Well meat is Tamasic, and as such connects us to our baser nature eg the more animalistic side of our selves eg procreation and so on etc. Survival of the species... and all the things that drives it.

The reason why many yogis adopt a vegetarian diet is because it is much more Sattvic, and as such creates less disturbance (turbulence) in the mind from the distraction of our more animalistic side, sexual desires and so on...

There is nothing wrong with being horny, its more rather, the further we progress along the path, well, I'll just say, everything becomes amplified, and certain things can become a distraction from what we sat down to do (meditation), hence why, at a certain stage of development, yogis adopt a subtler diet to help counteract the resultant increasing energy though an advancing system (body); now, the diet is a very powerful tool for the yogi, and at different stages we adapt our diet accordingly to what we need from it ie. Many vegetarian yogis will adopt a heavier diet (ie meat eating) during periods of large energy release as it helps in digesting (burning off) some of the energy.

Ultimately (and I know that many won't like what I'm about to say) there is nothing wrong with eating meat, rather its how we are consuming it, if it is being consumed consciously as a tool for spiritual advancement then the results outweigh the debt (the positive is greater than the negative (and yes theres that subject of duality raising its head again)). What I will say is that if it is being eaten, then its best if its free range and organic; the way in which a majority for animals are raised for consumption creates a lot of negative turbulence within the energy in which we live, also if an animal who has been subjected to a very negative life is eaten, there is a karmic transfer into the system that assimilates it, ie. On a subtle level you will experience some of the pain that the animal went though.

What is a very negative thing to do is to feel guilt about anything done (Ahimsa); everything we do though yoga is to bring the mind to such an infinite level of stillness, so that we can perceive the subtlest level of our existence; the yamas and niyamas weren't written as a stick to beat ourselves with, they were written to help us bring the mind into stillness, ahimsa (non harming) translates to, 'be kind to yourself', eg worry is the causation of thinking that you should be doing something different than what you are, and doing this creates more turbulence... perpetuating the cycle of separation (I'm going to post some insights about duality on the duality thread because it seems to keep coming up); the story about Adam and Eve in the bible was a description of separation (duality again) the identification of the self as separate (this and that), and the identification of separation gives birth to wanting more and more to try and fill the hole that separation produces, but nothing external can ever fill that void, hence why no amount of money, power, influence, attention can ever be enough, and this is why when we get what we want, we are satisfied for awhile, and then we want the new thing and so on... we have built a world of distractions all based around trying to satisfy the egos' wants, (now everything is a reflection, if it exists externally it also exists within us (as above, so below), the ego is like a black hole, it can never be filled, no matter how much you put into it, it will absorb what you put in, and will provide satisfaction for awhile as it approaches the event horizon, but once it goes in, it reduces to infinite smallness, hence why nothing can ever be enough.

Anyway that concludes today's sermon! hahaha!

Gees you only asked about your diet... and I'm talking about the ego, duality, the bible and black holes...

I seem to be developing a habit of babbling on... So I'll take myself off for a bit of gardening now ;-)

In love,

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kumar ul islam

United Kingdom
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Posted - Jul 27 2021 :  11:32:38 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
gardening the greatest pass time ever
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