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 All Forums Forum
 Kundalini - AYP Practice-Related
 Kundalini effects on body and life
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United Kingdom
20 Posts

Posted - Jan 29 2007 :  09:50:33 AM  Show Profile  Visit Fran's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi all,

I've wrote my kundalini story in the 'premature awakening' thread, have copied it again below. I've been advised to start my own topic as a newcomer to this site.

I've some particular things I would appreciate feedback on;
- has has people's ways of earning a living altered as a result of awakening? I feel I want to use inner experience of expanded consciousness in the best possible way to service others, yet get confused how this should be. Currently I do some childcare and practice a little therapy (bowen therapy). I am trying to decide whether to train to work for the health service (as I got ill during degree I never completed formal education), yet worry I will be too sensitive for the environment, or just continue trying to expand alternative therapy work (yet am not very business inclined)
-anyone find they are really sensitive to how what they eat effects them? I have to be super healthy and controlled in what I eat or I or I seem to get fatigue, IBS...
- I'm left with an involuntary movement in my tongue making a clicking noise from kundalini experiences in meditation (not that I knew what it was at the time) where I felt I was being strangled, I surrendered and surrendered to experiences and ended up with this involuntarily spasm which have had for nearly 2 years now, any thoughts? I also have blockage in my solar plexus which causes my to jolt sometimes and make random sounds, has calmed down, but still there.

Thanks for any replies, really pleased to have joined and be connecting up to others who have been through similar things,


Hi everyone,

I've just joined the forum. Great to find it, to read Yogani's lesson's and to read about other people's Kundalini experiences (Agni and emc just read), very valuable to me

My kundalini journey began spontaneously during meditation (over three years ago now, aged 21). I absorbed in to a place of bliss, energy, beauty and wonder. At the time I was ill with ME/Chronic Fatigue, yet after this experience, which felt healing at the deepest level, I was left with so much energy for two weeks. I hardly slept, felt high all the time and was falling in love with my meditation teacher, who I ended up getting together with.

I thought I was cured. After two weeks I came down from the high to a more normal level,but four weeks later after my first term University exams (my secound attempt at University- the first I got ill), I crashed and was even iller than I'd been before. I could hardly get up the stairs the fatigue was so bad, nevermind out the house. I dropped out for the secound time. Soon after this I entered cycles of highs and lows- spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally... I was desperate to be healed, kept surrendering to experiences in meditation and exploring healing in many ways. I got to the point where I felt I didn't exist anymore- completely in an expansive awareness. To the point that my two year deep relationship fell apart, like attachment had disintegrated. After this I was in such an open state, trying to return to work and 'normal' life, yet it all seeming so alien to me. I wanted to disappear in to the emptiness and not have to come back and face my life, indeed it felt I had already died anyway.

I eventually realised I needed to stop meditating, which although transcendental and expansive at the time, was leaving me unable to deal with my life. I felt I was balancing on a fine line between enlightenment and insanity and I wasn't sure which way I was going to fall. It got to the point when I was ready to refer myself to a Psychiatrist and considered that I may need anti-psychotics, yet thankfully my new boyfriend researched my symptoms on the internet and came to me with a pile of information on Kundalini Awakening, I was so relieved to read it all written down, what was happening to me, yet some of the stories made me feel even more concerned about my present state.

Now things look very differently and I am generally positive about life and am generally grateful for the blessings this transformation have given me. I've ended up getting back with my ex-boyfriend which felt like getting back with a part of my soul that I had left behind and I entered expanded consciousness. I'm also really well now and am managing to function in the world, although feel in it, but not of it. I still don't meditate as a result, yet feel I will start a little again soon,

Be good to be in touch with other's undergoing this experience,

All the best to you,

Fran x
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372 Posts

Posted - Jan 30 2007 :  07:34:29 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Fran,

Welcome . I did not experience any kind of awakening but will put my 5c :)
has has people's ways of earning a living altered as a result of awakening? I feel I want to use inner experience of expanded consciousness in the best possible way to service others, yet get confused how this should be.
This is great. If you are thinking of medical training but have concerns about being affected by the sight of blood etc. it might be worth to just go to one of the universities that have hospital wards and ask them to sit with the current students of the program you are considering while they are working with patients. This will either dissipate your fears or save you years of studies which you might not wind up using. Alternative medicine is also an option--reiki, accupuncture or any form of energy psychology such as this one where you can get a certificate and do a private practice.

Going back to school doesn't sound like a bad idea--you dropped out but I am sure that you are fully capable of going back and graduating. Also in the UK you have the Open university and distance learning options--plenty of fish in the sea! You are very young and have all options open really.

anyone find they are really sensitive to how what they eat effects them? I have to be super healthy and controlled in what I eat or I or I seem to get fatigue, IBS...
I have similar experiences. I've given up red meat and reduced the consumption of other types of meat to once a month/once in a few months. Can't eat oily food or one that contains a lot of sugar.

Edited by - Lili on Jan 30 2007 07:35:19 AM
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4854 Posts

Posted - Jan 30 2007 :  09:00:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit Shanti's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Fran,
Regarding diet, there have been some discussions here and here..
I personally have experienced only one thing.. alcohol really affects my meditation. Other than that, I eat lighter and seem to be less attracted towards junk food.

As for career choices.. maybe this and thisthread will help.

As for the spasm.. well I have a problem with going in deep. Every time I seem to be losing myself in meditation.. I kinda jump back to the surface (and I mean literally jump internally.. with heart racing and a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.. a feeling like when you skip a step on the stairs).. it's almost like a part of me is scared to go in deep. Well I have been told, it's an obstruction, and the only way to dissolve it is to continue with your practice.
The intense pain you felt in your solar plexus.. I had a feeling like that in my right shoulder blade once (look here).. like someone stabbed me.. and I still feel pain there often times during meditation and at times outside meditation too... once again, obstruction trying to clear itself out... it will go away with practice..

And the other question you asked me..
was in this topic
Sorry to be giving such short replies.. I hope these help.

PS: Just saw your post yes.. good idea about reading Yogani's lessons.. they are very helpful and inspiring... let your inner guru guide you.. when it's time I guess you will know.. All the best to you my dear..

Edited by - Shanti on Jan 30 2007 09:04:10 AM
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252 Posts

Posted - Jan 30 2007 :  9:33:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit Hunter's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Fran,
Regarding your question on diet, I have developed a strong taste for fresh produce(mainly fruits and darks greens). I feel horribly lethargic from heavy cooked foods.

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United Kingdom
20 Posts

Posted - Jan 31 2007 :  06:18:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit Fran's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Lily,

thanks for you advice. I am going to explore both options- getting some related work experience as an Occupational Therapist, as well as considering learning some more complementary therapies to expand on the little I do already- yet I'm going to start a thread about this because I do wonder if I can be too much for people as a result of kundalini awakening and I'm interested to hear from others who practice body work/ healing

Hi Shanti,

thank you for directing me to relevant sections, useful things to muse over. I think maybe sometimes it can be our body's way of pacing spiritual progress so we don't get too much too quickly with difficult side effects. Like for me, there was part of me that was completely letting go and surrendering to the absolute/emptiness/oneness, yet other bits of me weren't ready for that. I think that's partly why I've ended up with spasms- manifestations of my body's resistances to complete surrender, to protect a psyche that in many ways wasn't solid or developed enough yet.

Hi Hunter,

yeah I'm the same- horrible lethargy if eat the wrong food- lots of green veg is good for me,

All the best to you all, many thanks,


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372 Posts

Posted - Feb 01 2007 :  05:46:52 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Fran,

Here is something more that can be of use
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