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 Yoga, Career and Money
 Teacher in regular school system
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Niels Jacob

33 Posts

Posted - Dec 15 2022 :  9:24:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hello there,

I am a teacher in a technical school (in Luxembourg).
I'm that one teacher with which pupils could laugh and talk freely. Focusing clearly more on the social aspect than the actual "school stuff". This kind of things may be done in a technical school, because curriculums could be very vague, which let a lot of time for the small talks.
It seemed to me at some point that it were an optimum mindset for Yoga practices: Working with young energic people, also caring for them, developping their competences, and so on. Then I realized that it wasn't the case: Education is all about try to push things (mathematics, history, and so on...) into one's head and to puke it the day of the exam. I'm basically in charge to check if people puked well or not. Sadhguru (which means the uneducated Guru btw) puts it extremely well in an interview with Myke Tyson:

Furthermore I realized that the things that I put in children's brain all day long are serving in fact the interests of the industrial society, NO WAY serving the kid himself. My pupils remain for a great majority of them uneducated, talk rude, get involved in fights, consider women only as sex partners, unable to be able to feel tenderness and are sometimes very aggressive. That's the reason why i'm puzzled about what we call "education". What can I actually do to stop this ? As a AYP practicer I want to raise human awareness and to bring love into their life, but feel unable. As anyone experienced the same ? Love, Niels

Niels Jacob

33 Posts

Posted - Dec 17 2022 :  09:37:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Addition to my first post:
In general a very positive attitude in Yoga is when you are able to "let go" or surrender. But with childrens you have to "control" them all the time, talk loud (because they also talk loud). I try to remain unagressive but sometimes I can't help. When they feel anger in one's voice they use to stop very quick and I can go on with mt class. It's very rare though.
Love, Niels
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United Kingdom
32 Posts

Posted - Dec 17 2022 :  6:46:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Niels,
An interesting dilemma. I don’t have teaching experience ,but I am a prison visitor and have some experience of people whose behaviour has put them at the margins of, or out of society altogether. All I know is that I cannot persuade, teach or alter their behaviour by any effort of mine in the time I have with them. What I can do, and try always to do (sometimes failing) is to radiate love and peace as much as I can and into bring it into the prison with me. I have no objective measure of the effects of that, but I do see the men relaxing and smiling and saying how much they enjoy my visits even though they have no previous connection to me. I have come to believe that the only thing we can really change is ourselves, but in being who we are as we evolve we can become a catalyst for change and peace in others. It also means being at peace with the situations and choices we cannot affect. Good luck in doing such an important job!
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2054 Posts

Posted - Dec 18 2022 :  03:05:47 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I agree with Zaelithe, your job is of service, a good match for a yogi.

As we learn silence within, and build our ecstatic bodies, we become better at observing our thoughts and actions, and our attention, and intentions, have influence in any given moment. We become radiant beings, which is reflected in our expressions, demeanor, and presence. You cannot change others, but bad behavior should be called out, followed by “you really are better than that.” Radiate your best in their presence, observe both inside and out, your actions will certainly mean a lot, to some.

Edited by - Dogboy on Dec 18 2022 03:07:59 AM
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1481 Posts

Posted - Dec 20 2022 :  06:08:23 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I too look at the World's Educational System and weep.

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822 Posts

Posted - Dec 20 2022 :  2:03:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit Blanche's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
HI Niels,

As Zaelithe and Dogboy said, you have a most important job. I have taught literally at all levels of the educational systems. At some point at the beginning of my teaching career I became disheartened by the realization that education is aimed more at taming the students than leading them on a path of realizing their potential. Then I decided that it is in my power to make a difference and that I should teach the type of classes that I would like to sit in. As you notice with your students, my students always responded to my care for them, and passion and competency for the subject. I tried to make classes more problem-solving and point to their relevancy for my students' life.

Do not underestimate the power you have as a teacher in your students' life. One of my friends told me a great story: Anca is a physics professor at a university. One day as she was rushing to a class, she noticed a very young doorman with bright eyes. She took a moment to talk with him:
"You look like you would make a fine engineer. You should be in my class." she told him.
He blushed and mumbled something. But a couple of years later, he was in her class, and told her that that day changed his life. He is now an engineer.

This is such an inspiring story! Anca pays attention to people, she "sees" them, she takes time to connect. My friend has made a difference in many people's lives, including mine. May all teachers be as enlightened as she is!

Focus on what you want to do as a teacher, and then think about ways to get it done. Your students will follow your lead. Think that your time as a teacher with them is very short, so make the best of it. Give them the tools to realize their potential. Focus on what they could become. I think that great teachers have the best time teaching, so I wish you to be the best teacher you can be and have fun!

The guru is in you!
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475 Posts

Posted - Dec 20 2022 :  8:27:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Niels, I don't have much to add to the specific dialogue on teaching but I did watch the youtube you shared and found it very interesting. I discovered Sadhguru a year before AYP. I liked how he framed things and longed for more details. I eventually took his inner engineering course, and although somewhat helpful, it didn't do too much for me. After discovering AYP I found Yogani's direct sharings much more helpful. About a year into AYP I recall getting "invited" by Sadhgurus team to an "advanced" class in Sambhavi. It was a three day course for several hundred dollars. Having been practicing sambhavi for a year, along with many other AYP practices I started to wonder if Sadhguru's way of dosing out teachings was helpful or more of a tease. Prior to AYP all of my spiritual explorations followed a similar path. Excitement about the promise of a new practice followed by limitations from the practices. It may be I was just ready but I have found Yogani's teachings have resulted in true changes.
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Niels Jacob

33 Posts

Posted - Dec 20 2022 :  8:42:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Many thanks for your rich answers ! Your story with the university teacher is incredible and very inspiring for every teachers out there. Service is the key word: A pure unconditional service. I think this is seen as a weekness by many of the teachers, right because we were taught that simply opening our hearts to others could hurt you. But that's what everyone need in this world ! The kids that I have in my class are clearly suffering from a lack of love from their parents/tutors and society in general. They are sometimes not ready to receive it, because they just don't know what it is ! So as a teacher, and particurlarly a beginner teacher, one have to deal carefully with these situations. This involves a strong mental preparation :) but in the end it could be beautiful !
If as a teacher you learn to not change kids the way you want them to be, but precisely unfold their potential and open their minds to something new. May it be for just one single kid in my entire career !

Together with my wife which is also teaching, we plan to open our own school or join real alternate schools. Let's see what will happen in this short life ! Love, Niels
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