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 Illuminated Poetry, Quotations and Stories
 Words of wisdom
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Posted - Feb 11 2021 :  6:01:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
"I knew of the devil the night to the hungry I said no, I also knew that night that the devil is the son of god"

"I asked him of God one night to the old man, and right there I met Him, when he handed me a mirror"

"If I chose to be an eagle, was for the love of worms"

Hmm? There was this wise folk singer named Facundo Cabral, who managed to speak truth. His peaceful manner and wise words resound tremendously in my heart, and for a while removes all that lacks in being true. The closer a feeling can get to enlightenment from an outer source that I experienced.

And while he sings in spanish, I couldn't abstain from showing you such a treasure, and while the translations loses some of the poetry, it is beautiful nonetheless, you can set the captions to english, it portrays really well what he intends to say. I'd love you to watch him

Or better, here's one of his essays

Youíre not depressed, you are distracted
The Wisdom of Facundo Cabral

You are not depressed, you are distracted, distracted by the life that populates you. You have a heart, a mind, soul and spirit, so how can you believe yourself to be poor and miserable? Youíre distracted by the life that surrounds you: dolphins, forests, seas, mountains, rivers . . .

Donít fall into what befell your brother who suffers at being human when there are in the world five billion, six hundred million souls. And itís not so bad to live alone; in solitude, I do okay deciding in every instant what I want to do, and thanks to solitude, I am learning fundamentals about living.

Donít fall into what befell your father who believes himself old because heís seventy, forgetting that Moses led the Exodus at eighty, and Rubinstein interpreted Chopin like no one else at ninety, to cite only two well-known examples.

You are not depressed, you are distracted, and thatís why you feel like you lost something, which is impossible because everything has been given to you. You didnít make a single hair on your head, therefore you cannot be the owner of anything.

In addition, life doesnít take things from you; it frees you from things. It alleviates you so that you can fly higher, increase your abundance. From cradle to grave is a school: so, what you call problems are lessons, and life is dynamic.

For this reason, you are in constant movement. For this reason, you should attend only to the now. For this reason, my mother used to say, I only look after the present; the future is Godís issue. For this reason, Jesus said, tomorrow doesnít interest me. It will bring new experiences, while sufficient to each day are its own admirers.

You havenít lost anyone; the one who died simply advanced because all of us are headed that way. And the best part of him, the love, remains in your heart. Who can say with certainty that Jesus is dead?

There is no death; there is movement, and on the other side marvelous people await you: Gandhi, Michelangelo, Whitman, Saint Augustine, Mother Teresa, your grandmother and my mother, who believed that poverty is closest to love because money distracts us with too many things and things create distance because they make us suspicious.

You donít find happiness; that would be too easy. You can only listen to your heart before your head intervenesóthe head that is conditioned by memories, that complicates everything with old stuff, orders of the past with prejudices that sicken, that enchain; the head that divides, which is to say, impoverishes; the head that doesnít accept that life is what it is, not how it ought to be.

Do only what you love, and you will be happy. He who does what he loves is blessedly condemned to success, which will arrive when itís supposed to arrive. Because what must be, will be. And it will arrive naturally.

Donít do anything out of obligation or compromise, only for love. Then you will have abundance, and in that abundance everything is possible. Do things without force because the natural forces of life will move you, thatís what lifted me when the plane crashed with my wife and daughter; what kept me alive when the doctors gave me three or four months to live.

God put a human being in charge of you, and that being is you. You alone can make yourself happy and free, only then can you share true life with others. Remember what Jesus said: ďLove your neighbour as yourself.Ē Reconcile with yourself; put yourself in front of the mirror and reflect that the creature you are seeing is a work of God; and decide in that instant to be happy because happiness is an acquisition. There is no need to look outside yourself.

Also, happiness is not a right but an obligation; because if you are not happy, you are embittering everyone who loves you. One single man who lacked the talent and valour to live ordered the execution of six million Jewish brothers.

There are so many things to enjoy and our passage through life is so short, that to suffer is a waste of time. We must enjoy the snow in winter and the flowers in spring, the chocolate of Perugia, the French baguette, Mexican tacos, Chilean wine, the oceans and rivers, Brazilian football,the cigars of Chez Davidoff, A Thousand and One Nights, The Divine Comedy, el Quijote, el Pedro PŠramo, the boleros of Manzanero and the poetry of Whitman; Mahler, Brahms, Ravel, Debussy, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Velasquez, Cezanne, Picasso and Tamay amongst so many marvels.

And if you have cancer or AIDS, two things can happen and they are both good: if it beats you, youíll be liberated from the body that is such a bother: Iím hungry, Iím cold, Iím tired, I desire, Iím right, I doubt . . . and if you win, you will be humbler, more appreciative, and therefore more easily happy.

Free yourself from the tremendous weight of blame, culpability, and vanity; dispose yourself to live every moment as profoundly as possible.

You arenít depressed, youíre worried. Help the child who needs you, that child will one day be your sonís associate. Assist the elderly, and the young will aid you when you are old. To be of service is sure happiness, like the love of nature and taking care of what comes to you. Give without half measures, and you will be given fully.

Donít get tangled up in a few homicides and suicides: goodness holds the majority Facundo teachingbut goes unnoticed because it is silent. A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for each bomb that destroys there are millions of caresses that nourish life. Goodness feeds on itself; evil destroys itself. If the bad guys knew that goodness is good business, they would be good, although they would still insist on negotiation.

Youíre not depressed, you are distracted. If you would listen to the other, what you carry inside would know everything. You would find something for yourself in everything, and thus you would rise constantly. There would be no confusion, only nuance; and in your serenity you wouldnít be searching for things and, thus, you would find all. Being in the present, you would say and do what must be said and done in every moment, naturally and with grace, using no force; everything you do would create fullness in your relationships.

Growing in love, you will be more creative, without limits or conditions.

Ignorance makes us feel enclosed and mortalóthat is to say, we enclose ourselves and we are our own limiters. Fear distracts us from love that is knowing and brave because love knows it is immeasurable, without end. Look inside and those clouds of periphery will disappear. Remain in your stillness and silence to hear the sage you carry inside.

Edited by - zamolxes on Feb 11 2021 6:39:05 PM


62 Posts

Posted - Apr 23 2021 :  6:04:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing

"because if you are not happy, you are embittering everyone who loves you." *low whistle* That really hits home.
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