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 Enlightenment Milestones
 New here
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United Kingdom
1 Posts

Posted - Nov 27 2020 :  04:17:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Iím new to this site. Iv been searching for years for the right place after a spontaneous kundalini path.

I was born concious of my extra sense and had a lot of experiences before the age of 4. There was one inparticular experience that happened on a few occasions. I presume itís chronokinetic. I remember itís would start with my hands and fingers, what ever I would do with them it would trigger it of. My etheric hand would pull out of my physical hand and press on the Center of my brain. My perception around me would either speed up or slow right down. Everything around me would more with what ever sp Ed it was going at. The room would also feel as if it was spinning. It would either speed up to zero point or slow down to zero point. Either way Iíd end up in a white space. These tiny beings used to March in a figure of eight over and over. Didnít under stand it at all. One thing I do remember was inside me I knew it was important for later in life, clueless why.
As I grew older in childhood the internet was breaking out and I used to google it all the time with no answers what so ever.
When I was in my mid 20s senses opened up full load. It caused me to melt down. I was absolutely petrified of closing my eyes or being on my own. Every time I closed my eyes an eye would star back at me. Faces would appear as Iím drifting and they would talk in my mind. At one point I got so scared I slept on the sofa with light on for 3 years.
I donít know how I got out of the fear but something changed. When it did my kundalini spontaneously opened.
I was in a terrible dangerous relationship as the energy opened up. I became fuzzy headed for a while. I didnít know what was happening to me.

It took me 4 years. It started in the base of my spine. To me it was pain as I sat. Vibrations in my pelvis. Over a period of months it started I was experienced some strange sensations and felt like I was inbetween worlds and stuck. I started to wake up paralysed, usually this is the start of a projection for me but the paralysis was different. Iíd wake up paralysed and thought would plonk in my mind to not try and move. I trusted it and layer there paralysed. Next a gush of energy would hit my feet and flush up my legs in waves. The he sensation was strange and felt powerful. It would stop at my base. Whilst this would happen I would hear strange sounds like wooshing, metal grinding, clicking and the sound of vibration. This lasted on and of for about 4 months.

On morning I woke paralysed in bed to birds chirping and church chiming. The energy rushed at my feet and in waves pulsates up my legs into my base and thatís wen my base felt like it got really big. Only way to describe it. I remember hearing the most scariest sound much like a roar hundred times then a pop. From my base I started to feel electric water like sensation moving up my back. Again no words to describe how it felt except watery electric tap dripping up my back. From the from as it happens I would feel strong vibrations. It would move up the chakras very slowly. The first 3 chakras took 6 months. Skip to the ending of the 3rd chakra I was having strange sensations coming from my ear chakra funnels. As it passed the third I started to hear wooshing above my ears with the vibrations , like I could really physically feel it opening up as funnels. I started to hear birds chirping and a harp played around what sounded like a fountain. It was Devine to listen to. I was laying in paralyse and I heard the load raw, the electric fluid moved passed my 3rd into the 4th and this harp music was crazily beautiful. I was laying there thinking Iím listening to heaven.
After this and skip 2 months my heart chakra opened up. This was a weird again crazy sensation. Iíd woken to paralysis and energy rushed up from feet to head. My heart felt like it jolted out my chest. I was laying on my stomach paralysed as I felt my heart chakra spin really fast and expand bigger than my physical body. Only way to describe. After this happened, for another 6 months I was walking around do my daily normal stuff but at the same time fully aware that I had this light halo around me. At first I thought it was a halo until one day I was out for a walk in the sun and I could literally see myself walking around in a white bubble but at the top of the white bubble surrounding my was a hole above my head, making it look like a halo. That day I felt weird and very heightened and this bubble and hole above my head was weird coz it was like my physical eyes could see it as well as me sending it.

This went on for about 6 months until the final. It was my 30 birthday and I had friends round. We were all up all night chatting etc. I was laying on my living room floor when it started. I stopped wot I was doing and looked at the corner of my living room. I felt a very strong presence in the corner enter the room, I sat up curious u too I heard in my mind words saying itís time. The energy hit my feet and it was the most powerful Iv felt so far. It rushed up my legs, the sensation was euphoric like orgasms 1000xs. It rushed up my legs and through my body, it reached down my arms and I felt every single part of me from head down euphoric. I tried to stand up in the middle of my living room but struggled to get on my feet. I found I was on my hands and knees trying to crawl. Everybody in the room was calling my name and was watching on in shock. I had gone into a trance state and couldnít stop smiling. I crawled on my hands and knees into my kitchen to grab on to something to pull myself up. I got onto my feet and my legs were numb. I was stood leaning on my kitchen side in silence just feeling this energy move around my body. My friends were shouting all sorts, do I need help, do I need an ambulance. I managed to get back in the living room and wen I did the energy rushed into my head and all lights in my house blew out. After that I was in shock, I contacted my mum coz I didnít know what to think. Her response was itís 2.10am and that do I realise that is the exact time I was born 30 years ago.
From this experience on I had some odd experiences before the final. Tunnels started to appear on and off infront of my view with swirling geometric colours and a man standing at the end of the tunnel. This man kept appearing but had no clue why. I kept waking most morning to my guide sat by the side off me.

Then the final day it happened.... I was laying on my bed on my laptop when I stopped wot I was doing as I felt a presence come through my windows. It was a women in robes. I couldnít see her physically but could clearly in my mind. She was dressed in clean robes and hair tied back loosely in a bun. I had a instant recognition but my physical self could pin point it. I was aware of her energy was unconditional. She spoke in my mind to not be afraid and time is right now. She said Iím going to do something so rekax. I trusted her and before I know it sheís at the back of my head and felt a jolt. Next Iím in the dark. Iím looking around in this darkness thinking wth. Iím looking about thinking nothing exists, where am I. I then try to move my hands and feet but realise I donít have any anymore. I then realise Iím just a thought process and donít have a body no more. So Iím hovering in this void of nothing and Iím then thinking orite so if Iím just a thought process then weíre is everything else gone. Iím looking into the dark void with eyes that I donít actually have in this place. My thought process changes and Iím thinking well I have no physical body but can still see the same as I do with my physical eyes. Then my thought realise that my physical eyes are not what sees and that they are just my lenses for my true eyes to see the physical world. Thatís wen a pin prick of light appears from the dark void. My thoughts stop and Iím watching this pin prick of light get closer and bigger. As it gets bigger I notice itís gold in colour and reaching out in streaks of gold. Iím then hovering in this body I know to have that is not my body in the physical. Iím hovering in the void with my arms out like Iím hanging there like Jesus was on the cross. This gold light streaks touch my fingers and starts to move up my arms. The sensation was warm, fuzzy and never before felt unconditional love. Never ever have I felt anything so powerful. As it moved up my arms I couldnít help but notice in the Center of the light. There was a gold light place. I zoomed into look. I could see fields and fields of gold. A gold hump bridge leading up to a golden light city surrounded by huge great gold walls. I was so curious to what was within the walls, so I zoomed in closer. There were golden domed building and windows as holes. Trees were alive a glistening in gold, radiating outwards. The road were cobbled and glistening in many crystal colours making up the colour gold. No one onsite! The light pulled me back from viewing and the streaks of light had encased my whole being. My heart exploded beyond words to describe. The light spoke and told me to circum the light and prepare. To the left of me I saw a hand pull out towards me. It was the lady in robes. I grabbed her hand then found myself sat up on the end of my bed in shock. She was still there tweaking the back of my head as I sat still. She then said hold the message in and circum and prepare. Ever since that day I have the gold fluid like looking light sat below my heart chakra. Itís sat there ever since. There is only one time this energy has expanded and thatís wen I met my current partner. After being with him a year we were sat watching tv. We were holding hands and I saw the energy gold light expand. He as well as me was illuminated in the electric field that was gold. Within days I conceived my son. I was told I could never have kids and had given up hope after years of heartbreak. I fell pregnant and didnít know it. I kept having strange visions of triangles and geometric patterns, internal words telling me time is now for new life. I kept hearing ur pregnant ur pregnant. I was in disbelief but eventually tested as it was quiet obvious. I still donít know how I managed to get pregnant. During the pregnancy my psych senses sh*t down as I went into a mental breakdown. The day I took a test the day I lost the twin so I broke me and I ended up in a crazed melt down in total fear of loosing the other inside me. Before he was born I kept seeing a gold bird fly out of the ashís and words telling me he will be more than u. We ended up calling him Phoenix. My extra senses were closed for a couple of years until this year. The beginning of this year. I felt an urgency and change in perception. Started to open up again and having strange visions and unusual sensations. Feel the time to prepare is even closer right now. Iím noticing energy shifts, timeline glitchís, frequency changes up and down. So Iím at my present day now with many unanswered and curioustity. Donít know what to think


1804 Posts

Posted - Nov 27 2020 :  08:59:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Welcome Ata36

Thank you for sharing this fantastic tale of awakening. It sounds as if you have chosen the proper name for your child . I do not have anything to say about, or interpret, this very personal experience, but I do suggest you keep a journal, to document this journey and perhaps one day, when Phoenix is ripe enough, to gift your child with it.
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United Kingdom
1653 Posts

Posted - Nov 28 2020 :  08:21:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Ata, welcome to AYP and thank you for sharing.

Have you ever tried or considered having a regular meditation practice?
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682 Posts

Posted - Nov 30 2020 :  08:47:42 AM  Show Profile  Visit Blanche's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

Hello Atta,
Your journey sounds quite intense! Spiritual experiences are like landscapes we see when we drive. t is good not to focus too much on experiences in the same way as it is not useful to stop to admire every landscape when we drive. If we stop to admire every place along the way, it will be hard to make progress in our journey. In many way, our mind creates the experiences, and it is good not to get too attached to them.

As Blue suggested, you may want to consider a regular meditation practice - see some simple instructions here. Having a stable normal life, with supportive relationships, a stable job, and daily healthy habits is a great way to ground unusual experiences, so focus on this. Best wishes on your chosen path!
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United Arab Emirates
49 Posts

Posted - Dec 08 2020 :  02:33:22 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Welcome Ata, thank you for sharing your story, I'm sure you will be better once you practice self-meditation as everyone here suggest you do. Will want to hear more from you soon!
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