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 Brainstem activation: overwhelming & frightening!
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Auche Nah-10

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Posted - Jun 08 2020 :  10:30:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Brainstem activation: Overwhelming and even frightening!

I've been trying to activate my pineal gland for about six years now, and very gradually I've had success. I've had audio-visual synesthesia to some weak degree my entire life, but the longer I went without drinking fluoride and with practicing meditation and yoga techniques, and listening to certain sounds meant to tickle that part of the brain, I've had much success. My synesthesia is so beautiful and so cerebral yet so colorful and vibrant. The perfect clash of masculine and feminine beauty. It only works when I listen to specific electronic music but that's beside the point. It allowed me to manipulate that same detailed inner vision even outside of listening to music, once I had built it up strongly enough. Which of course allowed me to enter such deeper levels of thought and see through deception so much easier. To figure out my views on morality, and the world around me. And I cherish this power. I always heard that it would be foolish to chase this power before balancing your lower chakras first and I didn't quite listen. My ego wanted the power and it got it. And for a while, it was fine.
I never had any experiences visiting "other dimensions" as some people claim the third eye is supposed to allow you to do. I assumed that these claims were over-exaggerated. Until one day I listened to specific frequencies that are meant to tickle your entire brainstem and not just the pineal gland. I was very intrigued by this because the pineal gland of course sits right on top of the brainstem. So I figured if I could activate the entire stem in the same way, my inner vision would multiply in power. And oh yes, they sure did. I finally got what was coming to me. Too much power, too soon.
My inner vision is so powerful that I can imagine things so detailed and moving in such impossible ways with such illogical geometry that my deep thoughts rival a full on psychadelic trip. Of course this is all in my imagination. I'm not seeing any of this in my physical field of vision. It's completely internal. But oh man is it strong. And now I realize that the bridge between the pineal gland's vision and the brainstem's ancient pathways is enabling me to look inside my subconscious mind. Or rather... It's forcing me to. If I relax and don't think about anything, I'll start seeing all sorts of wild things that can't be put into words. And my thinking voice... Oh man, does it ramble in weird jibberish now. I don't hear OTHER voices, mind you. I'm not schizophrenic. I've only ever heard one voice in my head and that's the sound of my own. But now it's acting strange. Thoughts are repeating. I'm hearing and seeing fractals of thoughts. I'm not only thinking more intensely but I'm thinking much faster. My mind is shuffling past extremely detailed imagery often multiple times a second. Maybe my thinking voice was always running off in fractals of thoughts and now my awareness of it has been heightened, but the visual aspect of this is really something else.
I've past such a threshold to where I can imagine anything in the universe. Even with my pineal gland doing wonders for me I was unable to picture certain things. I would try so hard and push my limits. Sometimes it just wouldn't let me see exactly what I wanted. But now I can see anything I want, and a whole mess of things I don't want. I'm beginning to think that this is what it means to see other dimensions. To be able to imagine them is the same as visiting them.
This might sound super cool, but I'm telling you, this had me scared for a while. Your subconscious is filled with all sorts of strange, unwanted things that have been programmed into it by the world around you, or even past bad habbits. I haven't felt the urge to watch a horror movie in years, but now I'm actually scared to, because when you watch a movie it has the effect on your subconscious mind of if you had actually lived through it. I don't want any of those awful things in there.
It's such a blessing and a curse. If only you knew. I was very scared of it for the first couple of weeks, but now I'm realizing that it all just needs to be worked out. I need to re-program my subconscious to be stable, calm, secure, innocent, and beautiful. And now I really wish I had been meditating religiously every single day all these years. I really wish I never missed a day of yoga, and I really wish I had activated all of my lower chakras before even messing with this stuff. I kept thinking "I'm not afraid" of what will hapepn but I've really met my maker on this. It's harder to meditate now, but it's absolutely still possible and I'll do what I can to slowly take control of all this "extra mind" I have brought to my conscious surface. And in the end, after years of this, it'll probably be a good thing, once I'm all ironed out. I'll probably be less controlled by urges and all sorts of "daemons." But I really didn't understand the kind of job I was signing up for. The amount of work that would be cut out for me.
So I'm telling you this to warn you: Take it slow. Do not push yourself with higher chakras too hard, too fast, and do not thrust yourself into higher states of consciousness with psychadelics. You really don't need to reach the point I'm at. I can't even enjoy marijuana anymore. The last time I got high, I started thinking in another language. Some part of my subconscious connected with the language centers in my brain and I was thinking in jibberish even though I was still able to speak in English. And the jibberish felt uncontrollable, because it was something in my subconscious computing a certain task, tangled up with the language centers where I don't think it belongs. It really freaked me out. I'm starting to realize that I've accidentally elevated my consciousness and awareness of my own mind so deeply and way too far, to the point where in my mind, I think as though I'm high all the time, even though my body doesn't feel high. So when I actually get high, I can't tolerate how fast I think. I ruined weed for myself. Which is perfectly fine. It's unfortunate that I needed to be smacked in the face by God this hard to finally be grateful for a completely sober lifestyle, and I want you to know that psychoactive drugs really aren't all that. There is so much intense power within you... that it can actually make it hard to sleep at night.
If any of you have experienced anything similar I'd love to hear about it. If any of you know how I can help calm and program my brainstem to be tranquil and peaceful, I'd love to hear about it, but I doubt it. I feel like I sound like a crazy person saying all of this. You can tell me I'm crazy if you want. I really want to hear what any of you think about this because I have not been able to find ANY information on the internet regarding this experience. Thank you.


United Kingdom
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Posted - Jun 09 2020 :  05:50:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by Auche Nah-10
So I'm telling you this to warn you: Take it slow. Do not push yourself with higher chakras too hard, too fast, and do not thrust yourself into higher states of consciousness with psychadelics.

Hello Auche Nah

The AYP system leads with meditation and developing the Witness. We do not recommend pushing for kundalini awakening. If the energy pedal is pressed too hard before the Witness is well established, you can be in for a very uncomfortable journey.

Drugs are not recommended - see Lesson 29 - Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs and Lesson 307 - Hallucinogens and Yoga

I would also recommend reading other lessons on this website.
You seem to be on a quest to activate individual chakras. This may not be the most productive approach. AYP takes the view that a global cleaning approach is required for an effective and smooth awakening. See Lesson 47 - Chakras? Lesson 73 - More on Chakras and Lesson 77 - Still More on Chakras

All the best on your chosen path.
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Canary Islands
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Posted - Jun 14 2020 :  11:35:00 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I experienced this about a year ago and I'm only now back to...it's not normal, because normal would imply I've gone back to how I was before. But back to confidence on the path.

You need mantras and cultivating the silent observer. It's true what has always been said, and why teachers always told their students not to get distracted with all the weird stuff that comes with energy work, and to just ignore it an cultivate inner silence.

Because if you don't cultivate that inner space first, then the fireworks overwhelm you. It's like setting them off in a small room. You can't see the full patterns because there's no enough space, you just see incomprehensible looping fractals and shapes, and you can barely see them through the noise overwhelming your ears and the smoke clouding your vision and lungs.

Compared to someone who made themselves as open and empty as the sky, where they can watch the beautiful fireworks with no issue

If you can't stop your brain from doing these things, then you're not in charge. It's like putting your foot down on the pedal on an f1 car when you have no steering wheel.

When you can reliably make your brain cease its thinking and imagining activities at your command, then these things are great.
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Posted - Jun 23 2020 :  7:36:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I concur with BlueRaincoat and Karna.....

imo if one focuses on having these sort of novel experiences in such an intensive way, you are in for an uncomfortable journey (as Blue so eloquently put it.)

whatever you choose to do, good luck with it :)
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