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 All Forums Forum
 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 Feeling unbalanced for one month
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4 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  1:29:27 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
1. What are your symptoms and how long have you had them? Are your symptoms primarily physical, psychological, or both?

Sensation of energy flooding up my spine. It started in earnest one month ago, accompanied by flu-like detox symptoms. Symptoms only physical but the energy seems responsive to my mental state. Any negative feelings, anxiety, or agitation to the nervous system seem to increase the activity, I think.

The energy is powerful enough to slightly unbalance me literally. I feel my spine area shifting around, pulled to and fro and as the energy surges through. Not painful but distressing and distracting, and I am now after a month experiencing some soreness at the base of my back where the energy is surging. In the head, I feel the energy sensations as well pulling to and fro. Once again, this is unbalancing. Can sometimes feel the electrical flow in my legs most prominently, and hands, usually when walking or lying down.

2. Are your symptoms ongoing, or intermittent? If intermittent, when are they most likely to occur -- during what kind of activity and/or time of the day? Is your sleep affected?

Ongoing. Going strong for a month. I do not need as much sleep because of this energy. It is really nice to have more energy, but certainly not at the cost of the other sensations.

3. Do you consider your situation with kundalini to be the result of spiritual practices, or do you regard it to be spontaneous?

Definitely practices...I was trying to awaken it with no guidance...and what I see now as some foolishness and selfishness....but also spiritual yearning.

4. What sort of spiritual practices have you been engaged in, if any? How long? How often? Are you aware that excessive spiritual practice can aggravate kundalini, often with a delayed reaction?

Infrequent yoga and spiritual reading and exploration. I had been doing breathing techniques to raise the kundalini and the Five Tibetan Rites.

5. Do you consider yourself to be “sensitive” to spiritual practices? If so, with what practices, and what sort of measures have you taken to accommodate your sensitivity?

No. I had only just started to feel prana moving up my back (sort of a bubbling sensation) and accepted that the energy body was real the weekend before my kundalini event.

6. Do you think drugs have contributed to your kundalini situation?

No, I do not use.

7. Have you experienced traumatic events in your life that may have a bearing on your current symptoms?

I have experiencing some academic, social, personal, and career failures that weigh on me.

8. Is your sexual lifestyle affecting your symptoms? Are you aware that obsessively limiting sexual release can increase kundalini energy and symptoms?

No- I am a 35 year-old virgin female but my sexuality seems just fine, haha. I touch myself. I wish for a loving partner to share intimacy with :)

9. What is your general diet? Are you aware that a lighter diet can stimulate kundalini?

I try to eat very healthy, even vegan, so I am healthier than most Americans, I imagine. But I fail all the time and don't try to over-police myself.

10. Do you engage in moderate exercise regularly, like walking, yard work, etc? Are you aware that regular exercise can help stabilize ("ground") kundalini symptoms?

I am athletic. I walk every day. I also have a compulsive habit of dancing around my apartment listening to music with my AirPods on. It started in high school with my headphones and DIscman. I loved pop music and it was a way to fantasize and relieve stress. Not a bad thing in and of itself but I know it is compulsive and more than a little weird now.

11. Are you a highly devotional person? Are you aware that excessive devotional activity, satsang or spiritual study can aggravate an active kundalini?

A year ago I would have said not but I suppose my kundalini research has been spiritual study. I am a reader and a bit of a researcher

12. Are you engaged in ordinary daily activities like a job, school, family, parenting, social activity, service to others? Are you aware that such activities, undertaken without spiritual intention or expectations, can help ground excessive kundalini energies?

Yes, I have an 8 to 5 job and a loving family, although I am single.

13. Have you been examined and treated by a medical doctor or mental health professional for your symptoms in the past? If so, what was the result?

Doctor suggested virus or anxiety for the symptoms. I told him about the cause (yoga and the vibrational flu), but he did not get it.

14. Are there other factors and/or measures you are taking in relation to your situation that are not covered above?

I am grounding-- walking every day and taking Epsom salt baths. I bought a crystal and hematite to ground myself, haha. Staying calm is key for this energy, it seems. I have ceased all yoga and ANY kind of practices. Still dancing with my AirPods and am sort of worried that is exacerbating it by rattling my sacrum area.

15. Optional: What is your approximate age (teen, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.)? What is your gender? We ask because the manifestation of kundalini symptoms can be affected by these factors.

35 year-old female. Will this energy calm down or can I expect it to accelerate?? Any further wisdom about the nature of this energy or movement is absolutely appreciated. Thank you so much for any help. I am so grateful!


United Kingdom
3753 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  3:09:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Pickle23,

Welcome to the forum.

Yes, attempting to awaken kundalini without guidance, and without an effective method of yoga is clearly not a good idea. Your situation does not sound too bad though and it does seem that you have a good idea of what activities might help and which ones don't. Dancing for example, can activate kundalini, whereas walking tends to be grounding.

This lesson on grounding and self-pacing may help:

Lesson 69 - Kundalini Symptoms, Imbalances and Remedies

It is impossible to say whether your symptoms will become stronger, or subside. That depends on what you were doing to awaken the kundalini and on your unique matrix of obstructions. But following the guidelines in the link above will help, whatever your situation is.

Do drink plenty of water, and be careful with sexual activity, as it can stimulate the prana in the body, making symptoms worse. And yes, staying calm is very important.

When you are ready to take up yoga again, I would strongly recommend using a system like AYP, which is designed to purify the body in a gentle and safe way, purifying the channel between the root and the third eye. Deep Meditation is the first practice taught, even before any energetic practices are introduced, in order to cultivate peace and equanimity. These qualities are important to have when the energy begins to stir.

The lessons begin here. Right now though, it is probably best not to look at them, as reading about spiritual practices, is a spiritual practice, especially for someone who is energetically sensitive. For now, concentrate on getting your system balanced, grounded and healthy.

best wishes,

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4 Posts

Posted - Feb 16 2020 :  10:22:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

Thank you so much for your prompt response and excellent suggestions.

I agree with you - in starting my kundalini practice I was unaware how detoxing would need to occur with the first movements of energy. A much more gradual method was clearly needed for me. I paid the price in falling ill for two weeks with ascension/energetic flu and now this unbalancing. I definitely went right into the movement and breathing aspect without the meditation fundamentals.

LOL, here's hoping I didn't do anything with permanent consequences. Who knew yoga could be so risky??

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United Kingdom
3753 Posts

Posted - Feb 16 2020 :  10:53:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Pickle23,

It does not sound like you are suffering from anything that cannot be fixed quite easily with a bit of self-pacing and grounding. So, don't worry.

But yes, beginning with meditation and building up slowly from there is recommended.

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1749 Posts

Posted - Feb 16 2020 :  6:17:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
AYP was my first experience with meditation. Being in silence before awakening the energy has been a smooth journey for me. Introduce more silence in your equation, Pickle, would be my advice.
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29 Posts

Posted - Feb 17 2020 :  12:49:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
PIckle23, From my experience celibacy gives you the most powerful connection to the universe. As the energy goes upwards you will ended up touching the creator and creation within not your body. I don't tell people I'm a virgin cause it is not even a topic for me to talk about. But, If it is a must and he or she ask I tell them that I have never slept with no one. I enjoy, absolutely enjoy the freedom I have. Once in a while even with in a family I get asked when will I get married have kids. My answer to that is this, I ask them if I first started living? They simply stop. Living is not about breathing, eating, making money or have fame whatever society is referring as a living. To me to live is to be the embodiment of peace, love and happiness. OM Shanti.

I used to try to ground in the past but this Minnesota weather is the best thing I got in the US. My advice for anyone who practice Yoga is to just to give a try this cold ice weather. I can see you wish you had someone you want to share intimacy with right? Remember you are full on your own. You are a Devine on your own. I'm not saying don't look but you will be disappointed if you think that someone will fill the gap with in. There is no gap to began with just a point of view that created a gap. Be blessed by the Devine. Om Shanti.
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4 Posts

Posted - Apr 16 2020 :  10:35:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks again to everyone who posted responses. Thank you Dogboy and smileforme for your wisdom born from experience. I thought I would post an update on my situation and again solicit advice, although I suspect it might simply be emphasizing grounding practices again.

I am now exactly three months out from my first major experience with what I now know was kundalini energy stirring. I don't feel quite as unbalanced, but it does not seem as if the energy is really anywhere close to dying down in its intensity. I am more used to it and I have reaped the benefits of the stay-at-home orders by being able to lie down while working on my laptop. Basically, I think because I have been more relaxed and able to lie down rather than feel the energy moving up into my head and surging in my back at work, it has not bothered me as much-- which doesn't mean it is running less intensely. And just this past Saturday I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and flopped back down on my bed on my stomach with my head propped up slightly on the pillow and drifted off back into a light sleep. I woke to my feet shaking with the energy and then knew for certain that it was kundalini moving as it surged with intense quaking power up my back and hit the top of my head with a bit of heat. It was over in a matter of seconds but I had not felt anything that intense before. I believe this is the classic kundalini awakening energy movement? Again, I do not seem to get any cognitive effects with the energy (thank goodness). But it is quite obtrusively physical. I've been walking and eating a heavier diet. I'm not sure if it makes too much of a difference. I can still do most of my normal activities and ignore the energy, although sitting on hard surfaces is hard for me as I really sense the energy in my spine then.

I watched a few YouTube videos and got a 0-3 years estimation on how long a kundalini awakening might take to integrate. Mine really does not seem anywhere near as symptom-filled or as strong as some of the awakenings I have heard described. I know Christi said it would be hard to estimate as it is dependent on my unique matrix of obstructions, but if I continue to ground and avoid spiritual practices can I hope for some lessening of the energy in a few months? Haha, just looking for some reassurance here. Thank you so much!

Edited by - PIckle23 on Apr 17 2020 12:50:47 AM
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2391 Posts

Posted - Apr 17 2020 :  04:08:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello dear
definitely walking and eating heavier (i recommend meat) helps a lot
Continuous grounding and stopping all spiritual practices will sure lead to a gradual decrease in symptoms and their intensity
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4 Posts

Posted - Jul 07 2020 :  6:28:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello all, I am the OP and I just wanted to provide an update for anyone who happens to read this and perhaps still get some advice. I assume what I did cause close to six months ago was a kundalini awakening, pure and simple. The energy has been active in my body for six months now and is still quite obtrusive. It exists primarily in the spine area but flows through the energetic pathways throughout my body. It has been tough. I struggle with the way the energy tugs on my head, especially if I am sitting and have to be "on" and "at attention" at a meeting. It has been physically and emotionally hard at points as I try to get a good night's sleep while the energy runs more noticeably in my body at night. Honestly, during the day I think of my spine as "aspirating" or breathing in some strange way...I know it's different but it is my way of thinking of this rhythmic biological process. I read that kundalini awakenings can go on for years, and I have been advised that this awakening will go on many months and years potentially before things settle down. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you so much for reading. I struggle with the energy every day.
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