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 All Forums Forum
 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 "Inner conjunction", Bindu and full circulation
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Posted - Feb 14 2020 :  10:44:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
I have few questions based on the experiences I had 1 year ago.
To cut it short, when kundalini hits the Bindu, is Kundalini in full circulation now?
I experienced what one author calls "Inner-conjunction". This is sustained, effortless state full of electricity and bliss.
I was in this state for over 1 hour. Where previously I had to meditate to bring the energy up, I could now effortlessly sustain full circulation of it.

"Through repeated experience, the aspirant becomes able to go to Bindu easily, to stay there for increasingly long periods of time, and to be able to return to external functioning efficiently"

So first the Kundalini rises and clears channels, but then is there a phase of "full circulation"?
I haven't found references as to what happens once Kundalini has risen and cleared all the channels.
Thank you.


United Kingdom
3641 Posts

Posted - Feb 14 2020 :  6:53:15 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Free4life,

Yes, there is a stage where prana is circulating freely in the body. It is often a state of rapture, or whole-body-ecstasy and the prana, flowing in a very refined state, can take us easily into samadhi.

There are a lot of transformations that happen with prana in the higher stages of kundalini. There is a strong relationship between the way that prana flows and consciousness. There is also the production of amritar (nectar) in the higher centres. There is a lot of information in the main lessons about these transformations that happen, but it is quite spread out throughout the lessons.

If you go to the topics path page, you could search under "ecstasy" and also under "nectar".
Chapter 4 of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Svatmarama discusses the relationship between samadhi and prana in the higher stages of the kundalini process.


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7 Posts

Posted - Feb 14 2020 :  7:35:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you.

Does the full circulation imply that Kundalini has passed through all chakras and reached the crown?
I'm unsure about my experiences with that nectar. That's something to look into.
You mention higher stages of the kundalini process.
On a scale of 1-10, where would this free circulation of Prana happen?
And if you have any insight what happens afterwards I would appreciate it. I've heard 2 accounts which say that Kundalini circulates 24/7 in their system. I've also heard that Kundalini would return to the heart center and that starts the oneness-experience.
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United Kingdom
3641 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  05:51:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Free4life,

If prana is flowing freely about the body, including through the crown chakra, then we would say that kundalini has reached the crown. That does not mean that the crown, or any other chakra, is fully purified. It takes many years to purify the crown chakra. Even then, there is not really a point where we can say that the process of purification has finished. It is more of an ever-expanding journey into pure bliss consciousness. On the journey, we gradually find ourselves letting go of the idea of "arriving somewhere". The only place we ever really arrive, is in the present moment, which is all there really was anyway.

Trying to pinpoint where we are on the path, based on energetic symptoms that are occurring, is an impossible task. There are simply too many factors involved on a karmic level.

But yes, there is a stage where prana will be circulating 24/7 in the system. In AYP this is referred to as ecstasy 24/7. See this lesson on enlightenment milestones. And it is also true that eventually kundalini will descend into the heart. That does not mean that it stops circulating freely throughout the body and beyond, radiating ecstasy. That process will continue. It means that the heart comes into play as divine love and unity, guiding our actions in the world. So, the end-game of the whole process is not one where we become indifferent to the world in a state of divine bliss. But rather we will want to act in service in the world out of love. This is why so many spiritual teachers are so active in the world and engaged in life, doing what they can in service to others.

This is from lesson 201:

"Yes, I have heard also that "the heart is last to open." But I think it is more involved than that. In the lessons, we begin with the heart because desire is the engine that drives all yoga. Desire that is intensified and directed toward spiritual unfoldment is bhakti, and this is all heart work. Practices feed back into the heart, increasing bhakti every step along the way. So the heart is opening all the time, along with the rest of the nervous system. Then ecstatic conductivity begins to rise and we are melting in love inside in the face of so much ecstasy and rising inner sensuality - more heart opening. Finally, when Shiva (silence) and Shakti (ecstasy) are merging and we finally go directly to the crown, then it all pours down and the heart goes all the way into overflowing pure divine love. Maybe that last step is what is meant by "the heart is last to open." But the truth is, yoga begins with the heart, the heart is opening every step of the way, and it ends with the heart, as we finally become an expression of divine love on earth. And all of these steps of the heart will not be traumatic, as long as we do the yoga practices that cultivate smooth purification and opening of the nervous system. This is what the heart calls us to, and this is what opens the heart." [Yogani]

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7 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  12:09:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you. Very good points!

It makes me wonder. I was only able to circulate prana during meditation. I would just sit down and be a conduit for the energy to flow. Reason why I'm interested in Bindu is that I'm not sure if it was all internal, or was external energy pouring in.
So maybe there is a long way for me to go. My kundalini has also been dormant. I didn't do any spiritual practices last year.
My body was so electric that I still fear it damaged my nerves. I was forced to stop meditating because my autonomic nervous system burned out. One day I tried to meditate and I could no longer get that electric spark in my hands. At that day I stopped meditating too.
I remember feeling energy stuck in the head, around eyebrows and forehead area. I don't think the process was complete, it felt on-going. But it's very strange how one day that electric spark was just gone.

Do you know how the intensity of Kundalini varies? I've heard that it becomes more subtle "background process". Meditation circles also say this, but they don't work on Kundalini, just the piti/rapture.

Edited by - free4life on Feb 15 2020 1:27:06 PM
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United Kingdom
3641 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  1:46:24 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Free4life,

If you are getting energetic symptoms that are uncomfortable or painful, then you need to self-pace your practice. If you do not do that, then it can lead to problems, and the feeling of being "burnt-out". It is also important to do grounding practices if you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms.

See this lesson for details on grounding and self-pacing.

Lesson 69 - Kundalini Symptoms, Imbalances and Remedies

Using a combination of effective self-pacing and grounding, you can maintain stability with your practice over the long term, so you do not need to keep stopping and starting your practices. The stop-start method is actually the slower road. Much better to be working consistently at a level that it suitable for you, and adjusting it as you go.

And yes, the ecstatic stage of kundalini does eventually retreat and become more of a background process. Yogani describes it as like a "divine smile" inside.

This is from Lesson 95- Stabilizing Ecstasy

“The big rushes of ecstasy have to do with purification. It is the fun part of house cleaning, but it is still house cleaning. In time, there will be less friction in the nervous system and the ecstasy will become refined, like a quiet divine smile forever radiating outward from inside you -- very peaceful and very powerful.” [Yogani]

"Piti" (pronounced "peeti") is the Pali word for "ecstasy, rapture and delight", and is used in the Buddhist tradition to describe the ecstatic stage of kundalini. One aspect of piti is described in the Pali Canon as being like "waves of rapture flowing up through the body". The Buddha described it as one of the seven factors necessary to reach enlightenment.


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7 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  3:52:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Can I feel that same level of electricity, rapture and ecstasy after "divine smile" phase takes over?
I'm really confused as to how Piti is supposed to work after that. That combined with the feeling like my nerves fried out

I function just normally now, but all that strong electric nerve feeling is gone. I don't experience same high's anymore.
I don't even want to experience them. The high-seeker was killed in the kundalini process. Equanimity remained.

One guy kept referring to Anicca, how things don't remain the same and that's been true and a mystery in this path. Little bit sad also, wouldn't it be fun to experience some of it all over again

And for what its worth, yesterday I felt Kundalini again. After meditation I was feeling calm and it's like something was circulating in my system at it's own pace between breaths. But I had to be in a relaxed flow-state to experience it.

Edited by - free4life on Feb 15 2020 4:15:56 PM
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United Kingdom
3641 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  4:28:47 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Free4life,

A lot of the highs and lows of ecstasy are caused by inner purification happening. It is friction in the nadis. When the energy channels become wider and inner blockages are released, the friction becomes less, and so too do the energy rushes. Things become much calmer in the divine smile stage. But there can still be a very powerful ecstatic radiance taking place, just without the fireworks.

The feeling as if your nerves fried out is caused by too much prana flowing through channels that are not yet wide enough to handle that amount of prana. As the purification process continues, the energy channels in the body will widen, allowing strong flows of prana without any issues.

And yes, if you overdo things energetically, it can take a while to recover. But eventually you will. It sounds as if that is starting to happen already.

If you are following the AYP system, then it is best not to be concerned about kundalini. If you experience something happening during practice, that is fine. If not, that is fine too. Each practice has its own method and we simply stick to the method of the practice whatever else is going on. This means that our yoga is not about "chasing energy", or hanging onto any desired states or experiences. This is important because seeking highs is not yoga. It is just another form of desire, which ultimately does not lead to truth or freedom.

So even though ecstasy is a part of the path, we should not be chasing it or hanging onto it. Just let it be when it is there, and do not be concerned when it is not. Attachment to states of ecstatic-bliss, is actually one of the pitfalls on the path.

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7 Posts

Posted - Feb 15 2020 :  6:57:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you so much for the answers!

I have just one more question or inquiry. Do you know anything about past life spiritual work and how it influences this lifetime?
My process has been super smooth. I don't remember once shaking in kriya uncontrollably or having fiery energy blockage.
I also had none of the textbook descriptions of what should happen at certain milestones. Visions of snakes, third eye opening, thousand petaled lotus etc.
My kundalini activated on my first ever meditation when I was ~22. I also wonder how many chakra's I had active when I was born... Let's just say the physical world never appealed to me.

It's a tough question and a bit new age, so if you've got anything..!
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United Kingdom
3641 Posts

Posted - Feb 16 2020 :  05:09:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Free4life,

All I can say on past lives is that some people seem to be born vey spiritually "awake". It is hard to account for this unless there was spiritual work done in past lives. Of course, I cannot prove that though.

In terms of symptoms of spiritual awakening, they vary a great deal from person to person. They are often a result of friction in the subtle nervous system, as things are cleared out. But one person’s experiences can be very different from another’s. And of course, there are many things that may still happen, as you progress on the path.

The only thing that we can say for everyone, is that they will gradually experience more peace, and joy and love and freedom as they progress on the path.

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