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 Enlightenment Milestones
 It is not a milestone
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2473 Posts

Posted - Feb 03 2020 :  2:59:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Yet i guess it fits here
I sometimes think that i am 41, middle age, and that those years have passed so quickly,which will be true of the remaining years...then plooof! No more Maha.Life now is so blissful , it would have been great if i had that spiritual maturity in my 20s , i would have spared my self lots of unnecessary drama
I am not afraid of death nor of old age ( but i hope i will stay physically and mentally well till the end) is more i am a bit concerned about: then what?
Another round of Maha persona? Or just back to nothing?
Another round of Maha makes me feel opposite things , i feel oh no not again the same stories....and wowww that is nice to repeat this Maha story
Then off course there are no answers and the questions fades in the next active moment ...but really is that all there is??
There are no answers and Maha is real but no so real...yet if anyone has some insights please bring them on

Edited by - maheswari on Feb 03 2020 3:01:01 PM


1823 Posts

Posted - Feb 03 2020 :  3:45:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I am staring at 62 next month. Back to nothing? Another round? Flip a coin, I find no investment in either. Is that all there is, my friend? Ah well, letís keep dancing, weíll sing out the blues and have a ball, if thatís alllllll, there is! (sing along, everybody!)
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2473 Posts

Posted - Feb 04 2020 :  01:50:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
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kumar ul islam

United Kingdom
767 Posts

Posted - Feb 20 2020 :  07:59:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
just another
just another day
just another synapse pushing one more neuron
just another bulletin creating viral scream
just another belief in a faithless sermon
just another guru of the eternal diet
just another posture into which i fall
just another just another
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966 Posts

Posted - Feb 21 2020 :  05:24:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
This was never a nothing board. It became that way somehow. I find that perspective dreadfully boring. Got no idea about the excitement of it ( itís boring to lack identity). I guess others feel differently.
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kumar ul islam

United Kingdom
767 Posts

Posted - Feb 21 2020 :  1:14:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Never a nothing board always a something ,identity changes and sometimes it is void without which nothing is filed ,the bowl overflowing has only one content bot once emptied can be filled again ,identity has no meaning yet it's everything ,the word nothing means something so therefore even though something may seem to be of a certain nature it's really only an expression ,I understand where the comments come from ,from dog boy and mahes and that identifying with even the feeling that identity is something is not real ,the hard part come when realisation takes you to this place gods without men springs to mind because even the God in you needs a place to put emphasis and energy ,Buddhas take through the diamond sutra portrays a reality beyond mere emphasis of our day to day practice prayer or whatever takes your fancy ,the expansion into this realm of pure Buddhahood is maybe just another liquid to fill the cup or truth lies in the ever changing nature of this and accepting this is a glimpse that all forms achieve it then is relinquished in every changing moment ,just a thought as I stand in my kitchen waiting for the oven chips to cook
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United Kingdom
3854 Posts

Posted - Feb 21 2020 :  1:51:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi guys,

Interesting discussion.

When I first went to Thailand, I met a monk who told me that a cup was not really a cup. He had one in his hand and was looking at it. He said that there was a bowl and a handle, an inside and an outside, it was made of clay. He said it came from the earth and would go back to the earth and was transient. I did not understand what he meant. 5-days later, after meditating in the monastery with him, I entered samadhi. Then I saw clearly that the cup was not a cup. Also, the sky was not the sky, the moon was not the moon, the road was not the road. Everything is a dance, a play of light and is inherently empty of form.

Our own nature is also inherently empty of form, and at the same time is always full. Full of bliss, full of life, full of freedom, full of the energy of consciousness. It is a divine paradox, that everything and nothing are actually the same thing. Beyond the mind there are no opposites.

This is one of the most famous yogic mantras and one that I often chant before teaching a class:

Om: Purnamadah purnamidam
Purnat purnamudachyate
Purnasya, purnamadaya

Om: That is full, this also is full.
From fullness comes fullness
Taking fullness from fullness, fullness indeed remains

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kumar ul islam

United Kingdom
767 Posts

Posted - Feb 21 2020 :  2:23:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Between the poles the will it lies
The choice of every thought to live or die
The pull of sorts creates the myth
Of kith and kin and a deeper rift
To be or not to coin phrase
To live a life in near eternal haze
Even the clarity of perfect sight
Does not see well on a moonless night
We trip our way between the start and finish line
Poles apart yet and measured by time
A play of light on a shadowed form
Pulled and pulled and always torn
This is our fate our coup de grace
Our life our loves do we really set the pace
A dance a song an amusing joke
In which we laugh or cry and choke
Between the cloud that knows and knows not
Always seeking the most interesting plot
Between the poles the flags do fly
For you for them and us and i
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243 Posts

Posted - Feb 23 2020 :  12:19:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I am enjoying this interesting meandering of thoughts, experiences and spiritual philosophies. This dialogue reminds me of the struggle I have with those who speak from a place of non duality. In moments of bliss during meditation I see no boundaries to my discontent or dis-ease about my mortality. During the more mundane times dealing with people caught up in karmic drama, duality is a heavy burden. I used to suffer from some existential angst realizing I had ~100 years and then nonexistence. Discovering Eastern philosophy, particularly reincarnation, created an even greater burden from the threat of endless cycles of birth and death. I had a posting a few months ago where I shared two types of spiritual paths I've read of, one epitomized by Eckhart Tolle is of an "awakening" into the present which seems to line up with Yogani's 24/7 ecstatic bliss perspective. The other type is captured in Jack Kornfield book title "after the ecstasy the laundry". If one lives in the former spiritual paradigm time is irrelevant so the first 41 years of life's struggles loose relevance as the entering of the present leads to non dualistic bliss. I certainly haven't achieved that state and wonder if anyone really does. Coming to peace with mortality is a tough thing in my experience. It does seem being able to live in the present eliminates suffering but few people seem to be able to achieve this in a consistent manner.

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kumar ul islam

United Kingdom
767 Posts

Posted - Feb 24 2020 :  3:38:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
We make duality ,division is an inbuilt ability to differentiate between things, assign names and put in catorgaries nothing wrong with duality god no god ,good bad ,window door ,they serve our reality really well we function like this ,putting our guilt shame philosophy in this mix makes it a real contender for a the roller coaster of existence ,we live in every moment it's just that we so enjoy the ups an down its give meaning to the ride ,life and death ,your either alive or your not ,where were you before you were born ?
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2473 Posts

Posted - Feb 25 2020 :  05:21:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
It is not a nothing.
It is nothing and everything
Empty and full
Also it is not boring.Usually the mind gets bored. It is very exciting (not as per mind habits) and full and empty.It is a paradox but not really.

Edited by - maheswari on Feb 25 2020 05:22:40 AM
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United Kingdom
3854 Posts

Posted - Feb 25 2020 :  12:12:35 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

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