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 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 Please help
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South Africa
2 Posts

Posted - Oct 05 2019 :  10:16:52 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hi there everyone, firstly i want to apoligize if my english isnt well, its not my first language. I made an account specifically to ask for advice on a problem ive been dealing with for a year, ive seen countless doctors, and they say im 100 percent healthy and im dealing with anxiety.

Im a 16 year old male and last year i had a very odd experience while smoking marijuana that i cant explain and im still experiencing unpleasant symptoms because of it. This has completely turned my life around for the worst, i dont socialise anymore i dont do much physically this is very unlike me and it makes me depressed.

Last year i smoked a joint with my friend up to this point i probably only smoked 12 time maybe more maybe less, i enjpyed it and it seemed so harmless i would never have imagined weed could wreak such havoc in the system. We were smoking passing it back and forth then the high hit and i started feeling this intense pressure in my forehead right between the eyebrows it started spreading across my forehead until it felt like i was wearing a helmet at this point it was across my eintire head i started feeling a static sensation move from my 3rd eye to my head it was a very odd sensation that felt like things were spiralling in my head and forehead like little electric insects, my entire body started vibrating like every cell of my body started vibrating it was so intense i could feel it in my bones i had no idea what was happening to me this caused me to panic even more this vibrating tingling became warm and paindul like little needles stabbing all up my back to my head up and down in waves i started hearing birds chirping really loudly i thought i was losing my mind words cannot describe how terrifiemd i was.

All this raged on for 3 hours until i eventually fell asleep. when i awoke my body felt burnt like i had a sunburn everywhere but kt i wmsymptoms as not red except on my forehead and nose, i really didnt know what to ake of all this i really thoight my friend mightve laced the joint with meth or crack but googling my symptoms didnt fit those drugs at all. My friend also saud he would never do that and i believed him, i told him about my symptoms and he said its not related to the weed now i was really confused

The crawling sensation that moves over my body isnt so bothersome as ive felt it since i could remember i could move it around i thought it was normal and weed made it much stronger but this experience was so intense and traumatic and its left me with lingering symptoms like the head sensation that feels like staticity whirlling around my crown theres this feeling of a ball rolling around there the staticity moves over my ears into my forehead right into my forehead ive heard popping and crackling when i meditate.

This symptom in paticular made me seek a doctor as i thought there was somethinh wrong but my scans came back clear, my dad was very annoyed because he said its psychological and tne brain cant feel anything and as a person who has been smoking weed and has done an array of other drugs before he said drugs cant have such an effect and that its all in my head.

Ive been to the doctors probably 4 times and they keep saying theres nothing wrong and that its just anxiety. I still get the intense heat flashes that i had initially that rise in waves up and down.

I would say the most traumatic thing that ever happened to me was seeing my mom die in front of me, she was in a coma because of her diabetes and i was 6 years old and didnt know what to do, i couldnt find the key to unlock the door, my mom had locked the door from the inside and misplaced the key. I yelled out of the windows but noone came. I had to sit there sobbing until my dad came home from work that day. When the paramedics came she was already dead because of this i blamed myself until recently that i let it go. I was really attached to her as a child...

I should probably mention i get sleep paralysis and i have left my body before but not for long.

I have this weird vortex spiralling thing in my vision wherever i look, ive always had this and i could nevet get an answer what it was but i assumed it was normal. It beams out right from the 3rd eye are, does anyone know what it is?

I had had what could be considered spiritual phenomena as a child where i felt blowing on my face and there was no windows open i asked my dad about it and he said its probably my mom, this was right after my mom died when i started feeling it, i would even say thats when i started feeling sensations throughout my body. I also kept seeing sparkles that flicker out of no where in my vision, in the corner of my eyes. Once i saw a huge blinding light that could be compared to when someone camera flashes you in the face.

Sorry about the randomness near the end just thought it was worth mentioning. Id really appreciate anyones replies, im still young and this hinders me alot, i cant concentrate on anything.



59 Posts

Posted - Oct 05 2019 :  2:14:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Duimpiez,

welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear of your misery and hope you will get better soon! Your description sounds like smoking marijuana awakend something inside of you. It would be best if you could give us more detailed information about your symptoms, meditation practise, lifestyle etc. For that please answer this questionnaire: and post it here.

Much love
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South Africa
2 Posts

Posted - Oct 05 2019 :  9:18:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
1. What are your symptoms and how long have you had them? Are your symptoms primarily physical, psychological, or both?

I would say both, i have constant sensation in my crown area that feels like something spiralling around and like some cone is protruding upwards when i meditate, i have the feelings of bugs crawling over my body, it can be shifted with awareness easily. Hmmm, head pressure, forehead pressure, sudden ringing in my ears at night. The psychological change i experience was like i realised i wasnt a very nice person before, i was full of myself and overly confident and it disgusted me, i thunk ive changed for the best. Ive also since had this hunger for learning new things.

Are your symptoms ongoing, or intermittent? If intermittent, when are they most likely to occur -- during what kind of activity and/or time of the day? Is your sleep affected?

Theyre ongoing, they occur at any time but at night they seem to be intensified, i also have insomnia since then so im not sleeping much because i feel quite energized.

3. Do you consider your situation with kundalini to be the resu
lt of spiritual practices, or do you regard it to be spontaneous?

Not at all, definitely spontaneous, ive never done meditation or any spiritual practices prior i was told they were demonic and doing such things would invite evil entities but i know thats not true. Ive done meditation a bit since to try and move the energy out of my head but with no luck i can just "play" with it

4. What sort of spiritual practices have you been engaged in, if any? How long? How often? Are you aware that excessive spiritual practice can aggravate kundalini, often with a delayed reaction?

None, yes ive noticed meditation increases the energy also marijuana but i havnt smoked in months.

5. Do you consider yourself to be “sensitive” to spiritual practices? If so, with what practices, and what sort of measures have you taken to accommodate your sensitivity?

I havnt really done any spiritual practices because i dont want to aggrivate my symptoms any further so i tend to shy away from it. i want it gone but it seems peemanent, i know its supposed to be a blessing but i see no good coming from it tbh.

6. Do you think drugs have contributed to your kundalini situation?

Yes, marijuana.

7. Have you experienced traumatic events in your life that may have a bearing on your current symptoms?

My mom died infront of my eyes, i blamed myself and it bothered me through my childhood i had to see a psychiatrist often who eventually put me into foster care thousands of miles away from my dad because he was working a job that required him to work very long hours and some nights he wouldnt even cone home i slacked off and i did poorly in school which eventually led to me being put into foster care and it broke me just being taken away from my dad who was the only person i had left i cried myself to sleep many nights missing him but my foster parents were very good people who became like family

8. Is your sexual lifestyle affecting your symptoms? Are you aware that obsessively limiting sexual release can increase kundalini energy and symptoms?

I masturbate quite frequently, i think too much its just become such a bad habit that ive done for years it always made me sleep better, is it bad?

9. What is your general diet? Are you aware that a lighter diet can stimulate kundalini?

Im not sure i eat whatever my dad makes me, he often makes curries, but he makes steak pork chops, were not vegetarians thats for sure, i have a balanced diet, another thing ive noriced ive lost quute alot of weight since then and i cant seem to pick up weight, my metabolism is n n overdrive.

10. Do you engage in moderate exercise regularly, like walking, yard work, etc? Are you aware that regular exercise can help stabilize ("ground") kundalini symptoms?

Honestly, no i dont do any physical activity and i know its bad but during the day i feel so sluggish and derealised and foggy i dont feel like doing anything the head pressure sensation is a factor in this. I really feel like i need to become active because what im doing is bad for me

11. Are you a highly devotional person? Are you aware that excessive devotional activity, satsang or spiritual study can aggravate an active kundalini?

I used to be a christian but i strayed away from God but lately ive realised that theres a divine order to things and everything happens for a reasonafter many synchronicitys that i experienced.

12. Are you engaged in ordinary daily activities like a job, school, family, parenting, social activity, service to others? Are you aware that such activities, undertaken without spiritual intention or expectations, can help ground excessive kundalini energies?

I would say no, ive cut all ties from my friends and i havnt made any new ones ive become a complete recluse and introvert the complete opposite to what i used to be, an extrovert. i am doiNg online studying at the moment but im losing interest because of my symptoms but i have to push through and complete this but its very aggrivating.

13. Have you been examined and treated by a medical doctor or mental health professional for your symptoms in the past? If so, what was the result?

Yes ive had countless doctors examine me brain scans blood tests ekgs any kind of test ive had it done which saddened me because i was hoping theyd find something atleast so i could know what was happening to me i know it sounds morbid. i chalked my head sensation to some kind brain damage or nerve damage, but ive since learnt the brain cannot feel?

14. Are there other factors and/or measures you are taking in relation to your situation that are not covered above?

I feel like going to the doctor again and asking for another scan i just want to know whats wrong with me.

15. Optional: What is your approximate age (teen, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.)? What is your gender? We ask because the manifestation of kundalini symptoms can be affected by these factors.

Im a 16 year old male.
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59 Posts

Posted - Oct 06 2019 :  11:53:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for the update.

I suggest that you read those lesson on Kundalini remedies first:, Further eating a heavy diet (meat, fish, eggs) is known to reduce symtomps, as well as (heavy) physical activity. Walking outdoors is a good grounding practise. If you are close to nature consider walking barefoot. Engaging with life (and social life) also helps a great deal. Maybe you can find some friends in a group of shared interest, pick back up a connection to someome etc. Try to become more active in life. That way you do not think about your symptoms all the time. Besides that stay away from any drugs because you can't fathom how it will affect your system. If you don't drink caffeine already be careful with that also.

I havnt really done any spiritual practices because i dont want to aggrivate my symptoms any further so i tend to shy away from it. i want it gone but it seems peemanent, i know its supposed to be a blessing but i see no good coming from it tbh.

Kundalini, once awakend, will not simply disappear. Ignoring it not a solution therefore, it can even make it worse. Instead try to work with what you've got. You do not have to be afraid but be reasonable careful with everything you try.

You can try a very little dose of the AYP deep meditation and see how it affects you. Try 2-5 minutes and then see what happens. If it makes your symtopms worse then drop it again. Maybe try 1 minute or simply being aware with your symptoms. If deep meditation seems to do you good, then try adding spinal breathing pranayama beforehand. Again only a short amount of time. It would be best if you try these measures and report back to us what it does for you. And please refrain from putting your attention on your crown chakra if you can.

Good luck!

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22 Posts

Posted - Oct 06 2019 :  12:38:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hey Duimpiez...

I don't have any thorough advice for you, but as someone who had a premature kundalini awakening, it gets better. I know it's hard right now but once you start going through the motions, you'll see how much of a blessing it is. Remember to be present, accept your feelings and allow yourself to feel them, be calm, and don't succumb to negativity or external pressure. You're going to be okay.

It's also important to remember to keep yourself grounded. Take a walk in nature, play an instrument, draw or paint, spend time with someone you love, exercise. These things will help you stay grounded.

The night is always darkest before the dawn... remember that...


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486 Posts

Posted - Oct 06 2019 :  9:01:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Welcome to the forum. Agree with what has been said above. Engage in more activity, and try to live a normal life as much as possible.
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