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 All Forums Forum
 Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System
 Chin and Temple Chakras
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3 Posts

Posted - Sep 17 2019 :  11:29:21 AM  Show Profile  Get a Link to this Message
Dear experts,

this is my first posting. Thanks to Yogani for granting access

If you would like to cut to the chase and skip the history of what brought me here, you can jump to the larger space further below.

I know next to nothing about yoga theory but circumstance forcefully introduced me to what would later be interpreted as a 10,000 volt kundalini awakening. I had no knowledge to use as a basis for interpretation when it came and kept popping up at inopportune times as well as keeping me from getting much sleep for a number of months.

In the end I was begging for it to stop because I felt the increasing intensity would be just too much to bear. At the same time, there was much happening creatively and this all came about when I was intensely wanting to comfort a far-away parent who I could not get into contact with. My parent was fine as I later found out.

The intensity eventually dissipated after a few weeks to my great relief but I was left with the memory of one of the most intense, long-lasting experiences of my life that I could not explain. 7 or 8 years later I happened to stumble upon an experience of another individual while surfing the web that sounded very similar to my own.

Since then, I have become very much aware of movements of energy in my body as they come and go. There is constantly something going on but it never has the over-the-top intensity that it did when it first appeared.

So that was my long intro.

What I would like to know is if any of you have experience with chakras in the temples (left and right sides of the forehead) and a chakra in the chin. Also, there is something happening energetically just under the left and right shoulder blades. Not only is the localization not heart, it feels different than heart.

I am also very much aware of activity in a chakra in the upper back of my head but there is enough info. online for me to come to some understanding on my own. But the others do not seem to be well covered.

If you happen to have knowledge about these chakras (especially the chin and temples), it would be helpful to me and I am sure many others if you would make it accessible in this forum.

Many thanks for your kind assistance and all the best.

Edited by - adventure1 on Sep 17 2019 11:40:52 AM


1683 Posts

Posted - Sep 17 2019 :  5:07:57 PM  Show Profile  Get a Link to this Reply

Tell us, Adventure 1, do you have a meditation practice, if so, describe it. If you do not have a meditation practice, you are missing a huge piece of the kundalini puzzle.

This forum is mainly (though not exclusively) to discuss AYP related yoga practice ( and issues. Within AYP there is little attention paid to managing individual chakras as the base practices of Spinal Breathing Pranayama and Deep Meditation are designed to purify your overall neurobiology; openings happen on their own timeline. I have no knowledge of these particular chakras you mentioned, and while you may get discussion on chakras in general, most practitioners here do not manipulate chakras individually.
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3 Posts

Posted - Sep 17 2019 :  5:48:01 PM  Show Profile  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you for your welcome and for your response Dogboy

I chose this area of the forum carefully as it is titled:

“Kundalini Issues Not Related to the AYP System”

I suppose you could call it a meditation practice in the meantime. I had not meditated regularly for a number of years but about three months ago, I had a realization about the three most important women in my (past) life and that they shared a common unhealthy thread of self and how they relate to others. It was something I could easily have seen in others but was somehow blind to it in myself until that epiphany.

This led to swift action inside and out, informing myself about narcissists and those who unwittingly search them out or enter into relationships with them. This all led to one step leading to another, finding the right article leading to the right book to the right practitioner to the inner child to the shadow and back to my chakras. I spent about two days with each starting at the root (which had always been a weak point) and moving up. This time, my root opened easily and I still feel the droning vibrations every day. In succession, they all opened easily and there is a nice unencumbered flow from root to crown and back.

I am most happy about the lower chakras as I had the least awareness of them in the past.

I again began meditating about three weeks ago. I breathe and go into silence and that which arises, arises. I follow. It is very different each time. There is always quite a bit of energetic movement often with what often feels like large amounts of energy entering and sometimes leaving through the upper back of my head. But that is just one of the sensations. It shifts sometimes to where my attention is and sometimes my attention is drawn to an area by an intensity of energy in a certain region or more specific part of the body.

I feel really no need to discuss too much about the 7 conventional chakras as all seems to be doing what it does and I’m quite happy with the way things are going.

The reason I wrote is because there are definitely chakras in the chin and temples that I am experiencing. I have no desire to manipulate them but I would like to learn about them as they have quite clearly drawn my attention to them.

The energy just below each shoulder blade is akin in quality to the 10,000 volt experience of many years ago but nowhere near that intensity and again, quite localized.

So I’m back and it is as though the whole system of chakras has just been patiently waiting for me to focus my attention in it’s direction.

I seem to be learning that perhaps everything that manifests itself (energetically as well) is somehow a signpost and I would like to begin to be able to recognize what these have to say or at least where they are pointing.

Edited by - adventure1 on Sep 17 2019 6:27:13 PM
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United Kingdom
3642 Posts

Posted - Sep 17 2019 :  6:39:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit Christi's Homepage  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi adventure1,

Welcome to the forums.

There are hundreds of minor chakras around the body. Most of them do not get much of a mention in yoga, mainly because they do not play an important part in the practice of yoga. We can observe them activating, but that is really about it.

I experienced the chakras below the shoulder blades opening some years ago and wrote about it here in the forum:

Wings in the etheric body?

There are many minor chakras in the head and face and they will activate from time-to-time. As you probably know already, the chakra in the upper part of the back of the head is bindu chakra.

My experience over the years has been that not everything is a sign-post. Some things are simply a part of the scenery and we can observe it and move forwards. Or we can get distracted by it. The minor chakras that you mention are really more a part of the scenery than anything else.

The most important thing is to get a handle on the main controls. That way you can guide your awakening process. Everything else will fall into place from that. Getting a handle on the main controls means learning yoga and the theory that goes with it. You will find everything explained in the Main Lessons on this website.

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3 Posts

Posted - Sep 18 2019 :  7:15:51 PM  Show Profile  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Christi,

many thanks for your response.

Though minor chakras may not play an important role in the practice of yoga, it would seem that (nearly) every bone and tissue would somehow play an important role in the physical body. If any of these were to be damaged, become dysfunctional or go missing, it would somehow bring the complete organism into an unbalanced state due to the need for compensation for a reduction of abilities, in the grand scheme, related to survival.

Of course some concentrations of tissue, such as the heart or brain, may be considered to be of greater importance. But loosing a leg or a finger can have a major impact as well.

Generally, if an organ or appendage in the physical body draws attention to itself, there is a reason. We may or may not know immediately why it hurts or throbs but we are compelled to investigate. Often, in the physical world, we know the source of an enjoyable, physical experience such as being touched by another in a loving or pleasurable way. But these are experience we have learned to interpret as normal as they can be verified through our other senses and we can easily be reinforced in out interpretation through the confirmation granted by the other person involved. It may still be subjective but “subjective x 2” usually feels like a stronger, more stable argument than “subjective alone”.

When it comes to energy, you are usually the sole witness.

I am going through a period of awareness, discovery and healing through the lived discovery that any and every trigger, no matter how slight, is a direct reminder that a feeling has not been allowed to be and has been relegated to the shadows, out of sight. Every trigger, in my very recent practical experience is indeed a signpost. It’s an opportunity to accept, integrate and heal. It sounds nice, even sounds easy but as we know, it’s usually quite the opposite. It is however, without exception, deeply rewarding.

When I repeatedly experience strong, palpable sensation at a specific point in my body, though it may not be the directly visible and examinable body, intuition and life experience both say “investigate”.

Though minor chakras “do not play an important part in the practice of yoga”, I am not convinced that those asking for my attention do not have some important role to play. I would like to do my best to extend them that opportunity, should I somehow be able.

Therefore, I would like to extend this opportunity/invitation, even if it should be years later, for anyone who has knowledge or experience of the temple and chin chakras to share it here.

If I learn anything more, I will post it here as well.

Your point is well taken Christi that fireworks can be distracting, leading us to miss what is truly significant. But this does not seem fireworks-like. Yes, it is taking some time to write this all down but it somehow seems gratifying and clarifying to formulate it all in words.

Thank you for the “Wings in the etheric body?” link. It was all quite interesting but after having read it, the feeling was that it is not relevant to me right now. Perhaps the potential for lovely fireworks but not relevant.

As a related addendum, the quality of energy below my shoulder blades is quite coarse, not fine as I would expect for such an appendage. But what do I know about etheric wings? They feel like unstable electrical fields pulsating unevenly and almost chaotically perhaps in some pre-ordered state (a state which precedes order). This is quite the exception to the other chakras I am aware of.

Thank you for the link to the Main Lessons. That is a mountain of content. I will take a closer look in the coming days. I do not feel drawn to a yogic path though. I have also completely lost the powerful desire I once had to awaken. There is simply too much wonder to experience here and the seeker has deferred to the ‘appreciater’ of this adventure as it unfolds.

After many years of deeply desiring to escape this world, perhaps by transcending it, I now find myself embracing and being embraced by this world, more and more and now most of the time. Yes, this too shall pass, and then the passing too shall pass and so on and so forth.

On this path, things pop up and ask to be recognized, experienced and healed.

So to return to an earlier point, if you (even if you should not happen to be Christi) should read this at any time and are able to share knowledge or experience relating to chin and/or temple chakras, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks and all the best

Edited by - adventure1 on Sep 18 2019 7:21:58 PM
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