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 Discussions on AYP Deep Meditation and Samyama
 So DM is same as TM (but is it safe?)
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2 Posts

Posted - Mar 12 2019 :  05:00:00 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
Hello please forgive my ignorance but...

I used to read a bit into Tm because i was interested in doing it as a beginning meditation practice, and i ended up deciding against doing it due to a few concerns about it. well a year later and i still haven't started any meditation lol so now i'm doing the "interned research rounds" again trying to find where to start...

My concerns were the following:

-On Quora (sorta like yahoo answers, I'm sure most of you know of it), it seems that lots of the long time TMers seem to be VERY sensitive when anyone criticizes the practice or the guru etc. Surely if they have been meditating for so long, they would not have such fragile 'egos'(?)

-I think it was pretty well known now that all of the 'vast research evidence' for the system was bunk (either heavily flawed, or strait up paid for by the organization or both)

-there seems to be some reports of studies that actually found it produced negative effects in the subjects. one example was college students who claimed they were 'more stressed' if they didn't do their meditation practice that day, or they were less productive because they 'needed to do their meditation instead'

-TM studies trying to say they have reduced the rates of prisoners reoffending, some people are saying that it is BS and there were literally no difference. who to believe? An alleged biased study or some random guy on the interned disputing such study?

-Some reports of people who 'went insane' due to this practice, or ended up with serious psychological problems, they say its all 'de stressing' but is that just a cop out? But at the same time, i wonder if the de-stressing is also a part of it clearing away samskaras or karma (they say after shaktipat diksha you will get spontaneous kryias that are a part of the karma clearing effects of kundalini)

-Lots of famous people promote it. I'm a bit of a conspiriacy theorist, so i tend to run from anything that famous people push. I'm not an illuminati nut, but i also know that these famous people aren't 'all there' if that makes sense. Kinda weird that they are promoting something that is supposed to make you more meditative yet they are still sniffing out dollar bills like truffle pigs. (so similar to first point)

-I even read somewhere that the origional guru was involved in lots of 'indeiscretions'. again, if the origional master of this technique can be so flawed, then how is that supposed to prove this technique can make your life better? is it a case of 'do as i say and not as i do'?

-I even read some messed up things like when your doing this practice that your inviting some interdimentional life forms (hindu dieties or whatever) to enter your gut and feed on your soma found in your gut and in return give you some blissy feel good states. I know thats super far out, but apparently that came directly from one of the largest financial contributors to the organisation who is super jaded for whatever reason. He also said that kids were afraid of the guru, and that certain psychics said they saw very dark aura around him (basically saying he is evil).

- theres also lots of anti-TM blogs out there. I'm not entirely sure if they are agains the organisation or the actual technique itself. But even if its just agains the organisation, again, how can people who are supposed to be involved in such an amazing meditation technique resort to performing unscrupulous actions?

-from what i recall, the technique is basically 'recalling' the mantra as the thirst thing that comes into your mind. Now that sounds basically what 'true' mantra/japa is supposed to be, so i don't understand how the technique could be bad. Or perhaps it is in the mantras they give you, perhaps they are secretly infused with some dark magic type sh*t or something. I have read that one of the alternative programs (Natural stress relief) uses a different mantra and they 'claim' that they have reduced the reports of negative effects to virtually nill.

Any opinions or advice to my concerns?


48 Posts

Posted - Mar 12 2019 :  09:41:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hello Grantly,

welcome to the forum!

I don't have any direct experience with the transcendental meditation technique or community. But from my understanding the TM community evolved into something you might want to call a sect or a cult. At least here in Germany they charge big amounts of money to teach you a simple mantra based meditation technique. I didn't bother looking into them further for it is against my ethical point of view to charge anyone anything for a simple method of looking inside themselves.

It wonders me not that their members are very insistent on their specific practises/that they work etc. for any organization trying to sell a product to people wants them to believe that only their product works/is superior/has some extraordinary feature. The product to be sold may be of spiritual matter or it may not, the underlying principle is the same. Looking at religious movements claming their way is the only one to realise the divine truth, magic systems claiming their rites are the best ones etc.
I can only adivce you to stay clear of anyone claming that their way/system is superior/the only working format, compared to other systems. Especially if they require you to pay a lot of money to obtain their knowledge.

If people get enraged/offended if you criticize their system of practice, be aware that they are just being human. If you identify with stuff too much, this is what happens. We all will always be human, even if we are enlightend.

Regarding your problems chosing a suitable meditation technique: I think this is but another pitfall of the mind. To overcome this is to just start and see for yourself what works. Rememeber that meditation is nothing else than directing your awareness to look inside, instead of outside. Nothing esoteric or fancy about it. Nothing to be afraid of, except what already lurks in your own head

I can only recommend you start reading the AYP Main Lessons and check out DM for yourself. You can do that here: Give it a fair try, say 6 weeks of twice daily practise and see. If it doesn't suit you, feel free to move on. Direct experience will guide you. As Yogani says, the guru is inside you. No other guru is needed.

Best wishes,

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1 Posts

Posted - Mar 12 2019 :  11:35:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply

I began DM in February last year and later TM in June and have been practicing twice daily since then. In my opinion, they are essentially the same technique. Honestly, there are several other organizations that teach a TM-like meditation technique. I think you should avoid reading about it on the internet because in my experience, what you read is generally put out there by angry, dissafected people that are throwing out the wheat with the chaff.

My experience this past year has been life changing. I'm a more calm and thoughtful person. I attribute that to my daily practice. I encourage you to try DM. It's an awesome practice and part of a larger system that essentially only costs you your time and commitment to see the effects. This website has everything you need to start but you can also buy books if you prefer that format.

Happy trails!

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594 Posts

Posted - Mar 12 2019 :  10:26:33 PM  Show Profile  Visit Blanche's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I do not know about the TM organization, but I have a number of friends who practice TM, and they are great people, who clearly benefit from their spiritual practice.

As Michael mentions, you could learn DM by reading the AYP lessons - this certainly works. Whatever you decide, the only way to get anywhere is to start the journey.

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2 Posts

Posted - Mar 13 2019 :  5:16:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thanks for the help everyone. I think i'll start the DM program and see where it takes me
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5 Posts

Posted - Mar 14 2019 :  03:50:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I have practiced Transcendental Meditation (basic technique) since 2011, but when I discovered AYP lessons, I decided to go on Deep Meditation and gradually other AYP techniques. I'm glad I did it. I have been practicing AYP techniques since last year. As for the Transcendental Meditation and Organization that teaches it: the TM techniques themselves are certainly wonderful, but in my opinion it is simply unfair that only people with large amounts of money can afford to learn them. It is important to remember that the entire TM - program will get the basic technique, 4 advanced techniques and TM - Sidhi, and you have to pay a lot of money for the whole.
Grantly, I think that you are making the right decision by starting to practice the techniques offered by Yogani. I wish you all the best.
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