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 Satsang Cafe - General Discussions on AYP
 Finally Conductivity
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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 25 2017 :  10:57:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
After 4 yers of AYP finally I experience conductivity. It started last year in lower back. Now it is stabilising all the way up. It is not ecstatic yet. Some glimpses maybe. Not sure. It feels like anaesthetic in spinal cord. Kind of numbing. Comfortable.

Can anyone relate to this and guess further developments?

I do full AYP set, 2x a day, over hour each, definitely under-sensitive and observing brahmachary in hope for ecstatic development.

Thank you :-)


1203 Posts

Posted - Jan 26 2017 :  01:48:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Dear Nirguna,

I think the easiest way to confirm ecstatic conductivity is to check if when you squeeze a little in mulabandha, it automatically pulls your eyes into sambhavi - like an elastic string.

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1590 Posts

Posted - Jan 26 2017 :  03:14:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Nirguna,

Could you tell more about your practice? What do you do ? what time schedule ? If we know some more it becomes easier to advice you to the ecstatic side.
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35 Posts

Posted - Jan 26 2017 :  8:31:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I think it varies a lot from person to person. With me, it started with sensations of heat and coolness. I now also get the experience of "shivers up my spine" that you get when you see, for example, a moving scene in a film or when you listen to certain music. This sensation I would describe as ecstatic.

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1699 Posts

Posted - Jan 26 2017 :  9:41:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
For me I remember first feeling "rushes" as I closed my eyes to sleep, which soon became a constant whenever I closed my eyes in practice. Brahmacharya will definately get you there from here.
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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 27 2017 :  05:50:43 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
SeySorciere: It is kind of automatic, mulabandha and sambhavi. I do not experience this elastic pull...

Charliedog: I am kind of under-sensitive. My two times daily practice consists of:

15m Asana
1h sitting practice all in full siddhasana, kechari stage 2 i think, resting comfortably behind soft palette and sambhavi.

20m Spinal breathing pranayama
5m Chin pump
5m Spinal bastrika
(all with mulabandha)

20m Deep meditation
10m Samyama
Little bit of Self Enquiry

3 rounds of Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka

Always keen to add more if will bring some results.

SwamiX: I don't get shivers but conductivity feels like sensation of a contracted muscle although I am relaxed. Not sure about heat and coolness interchanging. It feels like tiger balm in my spine but more cool and minty rather than hot.

Dogboy: No rushes, but to make it ecstatic I also believe that brahmachary will get me there soon...

I hope this clarifies my sensation and I am happy to answer any of your questions.

Thank you.
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1699 Posts

Posted - Jan 27 2017 :  11:19:44 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
You've got a solid practice there, Nirguna. It looks just like what I did before conductivity. Once things get going, you'll find you'll have to scale it back. Chin pump, Bastrika, and yoni mudra are now special snacks.
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1590 Posts

Posted - Jan 27 2017 :  11:45:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
I would go with this for some time Nirguna. See how it goes. I would not increase practice time, it's enough! You can see if you can eventually add asvinimudra.

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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 27 2017 :  11:34:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you for replies.

I'm dont think adding more time will bring more results. It is plenty and solid practice as it is. I am keen on small adjustments.

Dogboy: I am looking forward to scaling down practice once things start going on.

Charliedog: I will try asvinimudra and see....

Thank you. I will be glad to hear enyone elses recomendation....
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86 Posts

Posted - Jan 28 2017 :  01:59:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
wow you got the full plate there nirguna!!!

because these practices only fine tune your spiritual car:

let me tell you what i learned is the absolute key to moving the spiritual car. it is not spending the sexual energy, basically not orgasm-ing, and in some cases not exciting yourself sexually too much. i believe myself to be in the sensitive side of the bell, and even pre-orgasmic sex for me alters my daily experience in a less-than-ideal way. so iam celibate for now. (this also has a good purifying effect on my partner -the lack of sex that is)

but this is assuming you are sexually active.

ive been at this 6+ years. and what what you describe i can relate to a time i felt like how you describe with the word "anasthetic", and I was at that time forcing the practices. the thing i experienced was that every practice after meditation (meditation first then sb, mul, ect...) is affected by meditation, but then those practices will affect your next sit down meditation which then goes into a circle, where they then affect the additional practices after meditation and then again they affect the next meditation.

so since you got lots of practices that are affecting your meditation, and remember: meditation is the core practice because in my opinion it helps you let go. all these practices are making the job of meditation much more worked. so you got much more to let go of: and this might be causing you to feel the numbing effect: too much purification.

this is why they are an advanced practice: because for someone who has let go of alot, needs more to let go of, and they can handle the extra push.

on the other hand, you may be at the proper purification, but just have no gas to move the car and are stressing the gas pedal with ur practices hence making you numb, here the gas being the sexual energy.

keep going !!
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86 Posts

Posted - Jan 28 2017 :  02:06:59 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Originally posted by SeySorciere

Dear Nirguna,

I think the easiest way to confirm ecstatic conductivity is to check if when you squeeze a little in mulabandha, it automatically pulls your eyes into sambhavi - like an elastic string.


......i look forward to this!
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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 28 2017 :  04:05:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Jayleno214: Thank you for your comments. I am sexually not active at the moment. Practice is natural and not forced. Numbing effect is comfortable and purification goes at comfortable level. It can be mildly increased. My fuse is thick. I'm looking for small adjustments to spike things up. I still did not have a situation where I need to scale practice down. Since I do strong practice already, I want to move forward in a safe and carefull manner. That is why I am asking who has been in this situation before and what is good move from here.
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1414 Posts

Posted - Jan 28 2017 :  07:53:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Nirguna,

Here is a lesson that may help.

Lesson T9

Now we are going to touch on a really taboo subject, and tie it in with the tantra discussion. These days, it is a more taboo subject than sex. It is called, "celibacy."

Don't run screaming for the door yet. Celibacy is not going to be a suggested practice here. It will not be pooh poohed either. We only want to understand how it fits in, because some people are naturally drawn to it. Others may be forced into it either by self-will or the will of others.

But before we get into celibacy, we should talk about "brahmacharya," because it is the key to understanding the spiritual implications of both tantric sex and celibacy, and what they have in common. They have more in common than is generally believed.

Brahmacharya means to walk or abide in the creative force of God, which is the sexual energy in each of us. What do we mean by walking or abiding in sexual energy? Two things: First, to preserve it. And, second, to cultivate it. This is the essence of brahmacharya - to preserve and cultivate sexual energy.

So far in these lessons on tantra we have introduced the primary methods necessary to undertake a process of transformation in sexual relations to do just that - preserve and cultivate sexual energy. We talked about the prerequisite bhakti (desire for something more) necessary to pursue it, the various challenges involved, and the divine consequences of making the journey of tantric sexual relations. Pretty far reaching stuff.

We mentioned the tie-in between tantric sexual relations and the advanced yoga practices we have been discussing in depth in the main group, how both kinds of practices have the same aims, and how tantric sex can compliment meditation, pranayama, and our other daily yoga practices.

Where does celibacy fit in? It is a matter of choice, a matter of inclination, a matter of lifestyle. It happens. Maybe we surrender to a guru or organization and they choose it for us. Maybe we do it on our own. Maybe we are never attracted to it at all. Any of these are okay. It is up to each of us to follow our own feelings about it.

What is celibacy? Technically, it is abstention from marriage and sexual relations, including masturbation. It is defacto preservation of sexual energy, though "preservation" may not be what the celibate has in mind. There are other reasons for celibacy that are more oriented toward going away from something negative about sex (obsession, excess, injury) than going toward something positive about it (inner expansion, divine ecstasy, enlightenment).

Celibacy is the first half of brahmacharya, but not necessarily all of it, because without prerequisite purification of the nervous system and then encouraging sexual energy to move to a higher manifestation, there is no cultivation, which is the second half of brahmacharya. This concept of celibacy being one half of brahmacharya is an important point. Without the second half of brahmacharya, celibacy can lead to stagnation and to the emergence of unbalanced obsessive behaviors, particularly if it is an "enforced" celibacy.

So, while celibacy (preservation) is in the direction of brahmacharya, it is incomplete as a spiritual practice without activating (cultivating) sexual energy for a higher purpose. That, of course, is the purpose of tantric sex. Ironically, those who are diligent in their tantric sexual practices can have better spiritual prospects than celibates who are not diligent in their sitting yoga practices and ongoing loving service to others to cultivate sexual energy to a higher manifestation in their nervous system.

Is celibacy a better path to enlightenment than tantric sexual relations? Who can say? It depends on how motivated a practitioner is in one or the other lifestyle. It is the level of bhakti in the practitioner that determines the outcome more than any particular approach. If bhakti is abundant, the nervous system will continue to open, one way or the other.

For either the tantric lover or the celibate, the core practices of meditation and pranayama will have the greatest influence on the degree of bhakti rising in the nervous system. It is the global purification going on daily in the nervous system that determines how much inner silence will be available. This is pure bliss consciousness, our source, our deepest divine quality rising in us. If we have that, then whether we are inclined to be a tantric lover or a celibate, we will hunger constantly for the same destination, divine union. Whatever our chosen lifestyle may be, we will naturally incorporate the elements of brahmacharya -- preserving and cultivating our sexual energy as we travel our inner highway to heaven.

The guru is in you
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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 28 2017 :  10:46:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Thank you Sunyata. I have been through this lesson few times couple years back and just recently reviewed it
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86 Posts

Posted - Jan 29 2017 :  3:49:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
What I've found too is that this path is a trial and error path, which is the best path there is, because it is the least taken path. Having said that no one can tell you with the precision you seek the answer you seek. Nonetheless, following these practices, you can rest assured you are on the fastest best route to figure this out yourself.

You're seeking ecstatic-ness, yes?

I can tell you how i go about bringing it about. And how it ceases to be present, and what I'm doing to prolong its presence to be permanent.

First about how i bring it about now: spinal breathing and especially mulabhanda. And when doing mulabhanda it must be with the gentlest surgery-precision ease of inner silence that is all about letting go and relaxation, any minute forcing will be a two steps forward three back kind of deal because of the attachment to ecstasy and forcing that are the opposite of inner silence.

Every practice after also expands the ecstaticness. But spinal breathing paves the path where the ecstasy will be released through. If it isnt paved/ purified, then these practises might only make you more attatched (since it cant be released through its natural path), or not attached, but make your purification be really slow due to the big amount of ecstasy trying to make its way through unpaved roads.

I also enliven minute ecstatic conductivity instantly with amaroli.

On how ecstatic conductivity ceases to be: when i force practice knowingly or unknowingly. This is so because nerves can only digest certain amount of energy, and passing that limit sets you out of the game till recovery. Too much coffee also does me over. (This is where i believe you might be)

On how i am working to prolong its presence. Ive experienced crazy good ecstatic conductivity through ayp. At the time i didnt know i was forcing it, and by the way forcing is a relative term, because what's forcing for me might be not enough for some one else and perfect for another. I knew i was forcing because of 1. Ecstatic Experiences where short lived. 2. Daily outside of practice experience would flip flop. So what i am doing now is working on meditation only, since ive realised steady consistent sustainable experience is greater than short lived ecstasy. This i recommend you do even if for a couple weeks or one month, then come back to your current practice and see what letting go does to your first practises and how it either dies down or continues. If it dies, you need more purification, if it continues your practice is sustainable and at a proper intensity.

I place my advice on the premise that experience in and out of practice ought to be pleasent and consistent.

Do realise you might not know whether you meet this criteria without first comparing it to the sole absolute purity experience of the grand daddy of all practises that is meditation, by itself.
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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 30 2017 :  12:13:58 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Jayleno214: It makes perfect sense what you said. The conductvity, I assume extatic part of it is reinforced by meditation. Actually, I started experiencing conductivity in samyama. Then sensation started in meditation. Especially when it is nicely and clearly focused on mantra. I knew it to be result of spinal breathing pranayama, so I increased it to 20 minutes. Now, it is present the sitting practice from start. Everything is nice and comfortable so I feel I am on the right track. Yes, I would love to add a bit of ecstatic sensation to it because it is called Ecstatic Conductivity, right, and I am starting to experience conductivity, which is amazing progress. I agree with you totally on not pushing it and not doing anything on the expense on silence getting in meditation. I feel they are suporting each other and esctatic part would reinforce meditation too. But, slowly, slowly.... I will get there soon, I feel..... Thank you for your comments and your advice
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1203 Posts

Posted - Jan 30 2017 :  04:41:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Dear Nirguna,

If mulabandha and sambhavi are happening automatically, then it means you already have some degree of ecstatic conductivity! It is a subtle feeling, not necessarily a wildly ecstatic feeling - believe me you don't want the latter, it is very uncomfortable and hard to function in daily life when that happens. Imagine trying to get through a business meeting and having whole body orgasm every few minutes!! It has happen to me twice only but that is enough. Only last week I got caught out and spent a sleepless night, writhing in ecstasy. Not good.
Another sure indication is the half smile that automatically appears on your face as soon as you start SBP and meditation - ecstatic bliss - subtle but present.

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39 Posts

Posted - Jan 31 2017 :  03:03:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
SeySorciere: I am up for nice comfortable progress and thank you for words of caution. Yesterday I had some rushes and shivers that SwamiX and Dogboy mentioned. I feel how too much of this can be uncomfortable maybe even debilitating. For now I am happy for some progress and fruits of steady 4 year practice. It is starting to pay off slowly and my intention is to move forward slowly and comfortably. Your guidance is so precious at this moment. Thank you everyone for support...

Moderator note: The discussion on slow progress, ED and nocturnal emissions has been split off to here
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