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 The Way of the TAO and The Yoga of the Siddhas
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Posted - Oct 03 2011 :  06:54:18 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kim's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Message
The Way of the TAO


The Yoga of the Siddhas

I learned
a special meditative breathing method many years ago, when I was still practicing Zen. My Zen Masters in Japan emphasized this kind of breathing a lot, the whole tradition of Taoism and Zen Buddhism as well as the Zen arts, rely heavily on this method.

Since 2006
, when I was initiated into Kriya Yoga and further into Siva Yoga a bit later, I pretty much left the practices I had learned in my Zen years. The biggest reason for this was that I had faced a very difficult nervous or spiritual breakdown after training so hard without learning to relax. When I learned kriyas, a whole new world opened up for me and I was swept by it, enjoying and merging in high energy-consciousness states (Paravastha) that are beyond description. So I felt I didn't need the Zen stuff anymore. For several years, I couldn't understand it.

So 5 years passed...
until September 2011 when with the initiative of my beloved Satgurus, Thirumular and Babaji, I came across again the same principles I had practiced years ago in Zen which has its roots in Taoist and Buddhist Yoga from China and further back from India. These same practices and their principles started popping up to me in my meditations, while holding hands with Baba and Mular at Mt. Kailash, an also from DVD:s, videos and books in various forms, some of them watered down and some of them all right. Further, Babaji gave me a set of pranayama Babaji's Pranayama Set for Health and Spiritual Evolution to be shared as online yoga teachings through my website,, which includes these same principles. The course, among with few other courses Mularji has given, will be available soon in English and Finnish.

At first, I was a bit puzzled of all this...

Full text here:


United Arab Emirates
413 Posts

Posted - Dec 17 2011 :  05:09:34 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Hi Kim,

I tried to access the website but I am seeing the finnish version getting error with english as I am getting error in translation.

Love n Light
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56 Posts

Posted - Dec 17 2011 :  07:57:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kim's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Works fine for me. The text is completely in English. Could it be some automatic translator function or setting? Do any others have this problem?
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Posted - Dec 29 2011 :  11:13:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit Kim's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Get a Link to this Reply
Kundalini and Shaktipat

According to the tradition of yoga, kundalini means energy or force which affects in the created world and enables evolution. Kundalini Shakti is the driving force of evolution. Kundalini Shakti literally means coiled power, in other words, spiral of spiritual force. Commonly kundalini is associated with a spiritual energy which is said to rest in a form of a snake, coiled, near the root chakra, that is, the muladhara chakra and once it becomes activated, it ascends up the spine and uplifts the persons level of consciousness. This is one way to look and experience kundalini. Another way, is to understand, that kundalini is the force of pure consciousness which through shaktipat-transmissions, practice of yogic techniques and constant meditation, affects freely in the inner microcosm of the individual, in the physical body and its nervous system as well as in the mind, emotions and energy bodies and its channels (nadis) and organs (chakras).

Prana and Kundalini

Often prana shakti, life force, and kundalini shakti are mixed up. Prana shakti is the energy of the breath and mind, whereas kundalini shakti is the nergy of consciousness. When I mean kundalini, I usually use the term consciousness energy. Prana shakti is possible to manipulate but kundalini shakti doesn't react to an intention created by the mind. Kundalini is the Divine Mother, the Shakti-principle, and it is moved only by sincere love and surrender. Many times, when there is discussion of various problems created by the kundalini, the matter is, in fact, of pranic problems.

Process of growth

When kundalini shakti awakens in a person, he or she begins a process which transforms him/her, his way of life and his views, thoroughly. This process ...

Read the full text here:
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