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 Original Introduction
 Yahoo AYP Forum Introduction
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Posted - Jul 06 2005 :  3:05:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit yogani's Homepage  Get a Link to this Message

From: "aypforum" <aypforum@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Feb 27, 2005 2:11 pm
Subject: Introduction

Welcome to the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) forum. This is an open
gathering where anyone can post messages. It is a place where you can
share your thoughts and experiences on the AYP writings with others
with similar interests. You will find practitioners at every level
here that you can consult and network with.

It is hoped that this group will help facilitate the "horizontal"
transmission of advanced yoga practices from person to person
throughout the world. Anyone who has been around the yoga scene knows
that it has become a melting pot of philosophies and practices coming
from many sources and traditions. It seems no single approach holds
all the keys to the vast divine kingdom that can be opened within us.
These days, there are so many options for spiritual practice. How do
we choose? How do we tie it all together?

The writings of AYP have aimed to collect and distill the most
effective practices, from beginning to the most advanced, into a
pragmatic, open system that can be flexibly applied by anyone in
their daily life. With deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama
and other practices woven comfortably into our busy schedule, we
find the rise of inner silence, creativity and an innate happiness
gradually permeating us as we go about our daily business. This is a
very practical ability we can cultivate every day within ourselves in
this fast-paced world  a center that does not move with the ups and
downs of life. Unwavering inner peace in the midst of the constant
activity of the world!

What we find is that undertaking yoga practices does not necessarily
require our retreating into the forest or to the top of the mountain
to achieve spiritual progress. We can be advancing steadily in our
transformation to enlightenment right here where we are. If you doubt
this, check out the writings of AYP, which provide effective
practices, a strategy for using them and extensive feedback from real
practitioners. Explore the idea of cultivating enlightenment "right
where you are" with others here in the AYP forum. It can be done!

AYP started when lessons began appearing in the "main group" on Yahoo
in 2003. Since then, hundreds of lessons have been posted under the
Yogani name. Soon after the first group started, a second Yahoo group
was opened for discussing tantric sexual practices. Then a web site
was launched where all of the Yahoo lessons have been reproduced with
some editorial improvements. The web site also includes additional
resources: a topic index, site search, an expanded links section, a
list of over 400 spiritual books, hundreds of testimonials, and so on.

In early 2005 the first AYP book came out, covering the main
practices in detail, plus quite a lot of additional material beyond
the online lessons. And it is continuing...

Here are links to the AYP resources just mentioned:

AYP Books (information and direct links to booksellers):

AYP Web Site:

Yahoo Group - AYP Main Lessons:

Yahoo Group - AYP Tantra Lessons:

AYP is not the last word on yoga. Actually it is more like some of
the first words in this new era of yoga science. This is a time when
the ancient methods of human spiritual transformation will be tested
in the laboratories of millions of nervous systems around the planet.
The methods of yoga will be blended, tested and refined. It is the
technology of enlightenment that is being optimized. This is the
mission of AYP  to make a contribution to what will become an
increasingly important branch of mainstream science in the coming
decades. There is no doubt that the investigation will continue, and
yoga practices will continue to be refined according to what means
prove to be most effective. As the human nervous system evolves in the
coming decades (and centuries), the practices will evolve to
accommodate the changes. Just as we are able to achieve levels of
spiritual experience with advanced yoga practices today that we could
only dream of a few decades ago, so too will advances in human
spiritual sensitivity be dramatic in the decades to come. Applications
of yoga will evolve, just as we are evolving. But the principles will
remain the same. It will be a matter of applying the most effective
utilization of them.

This forum can play a role in the evolution of yoga science. We
should always be asking, always testing, and always moving forward.
With the essential principles of human spiritual transformation well
in hand, we find that the methods of yoga can be adapted in many ways
to improve the effective and safe application of the principles.
Through a good knowledge of the methods of self-pacing, we are able
to speed up or slow down according to the level of purification and
opening occurring in our nervous system right now. This is flexible
yoga based on sound principles. Let's keep up our daily practices,
pace ourselves according to our experiences, and move ahead surely
and safely. And, let's have fun while doing it!

The guru is in you.

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