The Secrets of Wilder - A Story of Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment, by Yogani
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AYP Publishing (2005) -- An exciting spiritual adventure-romance novel, and predecessor of the popular Advanced Yoga Practices writings, that has entertained and inspired thousands, available in ebook and paperback editions.
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Description and Table of Contents

What happens when a young Florida champion athlete and his high school sweetheart begin to make intimate discoveries about themselves and resolve to do whatever it takes to unravel the mysteries of romantic love, divine ecstasy and human spiritual transformation? Join John Wilder and Devi Duran as they go on a revolutionary journey of change through heart, mind, body and sexuality. Join them as they uncover "The Secrets of Wilder" - sacred techniques for cultivating deep Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment. Their discoveries are destined to change the world, but at what cost?

Yogani is the American author of the popular Advanced Yoga Practices and AYP Enlightenment Series books. The Secrets of Wilder was the first book by the author (written in 2002-03), presenting a rediscovery of practical applications of the perennial wisdom in easy-to-follow story form. The story occurs in a contemporary Western cultural setting, without unfamiliar terminology or religious dogma.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Question
Chapter 2 – Plans and Secrets
Chapter 3 – Those Eyes
Chapter 4 – Initiation
Chapter 5 – The Big Angel
Chapter 6 – God Quest
Chapter 7 – The Mountain
Chapter 8 – Ecstatic Radiance
Chapter 9 – Fastest Man Alive
Chapter 10 – Rising Tide
Chapter 11 – Two Brothers
Chapter 12 – The Secret Chamber
Chapter 13 – Consumed by Fire
Chapter 14 – The Sacred Tunnel
Chapter 15 – Sharing the Good
Chapter 16 – Flood of Knowledge
Chapter 17 – Miracle Worker
Chapter 18 – Heavenly Healing
Chapter 19 – Wheeler Dealer
Chapter 20 – God in the Hollow
Chapter 21 – Union            
Chapter 22 – Dancing in Silence
Chapter 23 – Love Waves
Chapter 24 – The Return   
Chapter 25 – A Mother's Giving
Chapter 26 – The Teacher
Chapter 27 – Pearls and Swine
Chapter 28 – Openings
Chapter 29 – Northern Clouds
Chapter 30 – A Day in Court
Chapter 31 – Road Map
Chapter 32 – Transition
Chapter 33 – For the World
Chapter 34 – Ascending 

Appendix Also by the Author 


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