Advanced Yoga Practices

Self Inquiry - Dawn of the Witnesss
and the End of Suffering
By Yogani

AYP Publishing (Dec 2007) - ISBN 9780980052220
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Description and Table of Contents ()

"Self-Inquiry - Dawn of the Witness and the End of Suffering" provides practical methods for making use of abiding inner silence (the Witness) cultivated in Deep Meditation, resulting in increased inner stability and happiness amidst the ups and downs of life.

The practice of Self-Inquiry also aids us in realizing the ultimate truth of existence - the Oneness that we are and the Unity of all that exists. With the dawn of the Witness, we develop an increasing ability to observe our thoughts as objects. As our sense of self shifts from our thoughts to the silent Witness within, the grip of suffering is ended.

Yogani is the author of two landmark books on the world's most effective spiritual practices: "Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living," a comprehensive user-friendly textbook, and "The Secrets of Wilder," a powerful spiritual novel.

The "AYP Enlightenment Series" makes these profound practices available for the first time in a series of concise instruction books. "Self-Inquiry" is the seventh book in the series, preceded by "Diet, Shatkarmas and Amaroli," "Samyama," "Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas," "Tantra," "Spinal Breathing Pranayama," and "Deep Meditation."

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - On the Trail of Truth
     Self-Inquiry - The Yoga of Knowledge
     Roles of Philosophy and Experience
     The Importance of Practice

Chapter 2 - An Approach to Self-Inquiry
     Deep Meditation and the Inner Witness
     Self-Inquiry - From Inspiration to Realization
     Relational and Non-Relational Self-Inquiry
     Five Stages of Mind
     Honoring Our Nature and Where We Are

Chapter 3 - Self-Inquiry in Daily Life
     Teachers - Pros and Cons
     Practical Applications of Self-Inquiry
     Pitfalls of the Mind
     Self-Inquiry and the Limbs of Yoga

Chapter 4 - The End of Suffering
     Who Suffers?
     Transcending Duality Through Divine Love
     A Confirmation of Unity

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