Advanced Yoga Practices

Fast Track to Freedom
A Guide for Leaders and Practitioners

By Yogani

AYP Publishing (June 2012) - ISBN 9780981925561
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Description and Table of Contents ()

Since Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) was started in 2003, the number of people utilizing this open source system of full-scope yoga practices has grown steadily around the world. It has evolved from being primarily an internet resource to a shelf-full of books, and now to increasing "real-world" activities including meditation groups, hands-on training, and retreats organized and run by those who choose to share the knowledge and experiences that come with the effective application of the practices.

This small volume called "Retreats" has been written to provide guidelines for assisting those who wish to organize and implement AYP retreats. It is also for those interested in attending retreats for personal benefit and for benefiting the world through the systematic cultivation of Abiding Inner Silence, and its practical applications in daily living. The experience with AYP retreats has been very good, and this book is offered in the hope that many more retreats will be conducted around the world.

"Retreats" is the tenth book in the AYP Enlightenment Series by Yogani, preceded by "Eight Limbs of Yoga," "Bhakti and Karma Yoga," "Self-Inquiry," "Diet, Shatkarmas and Amaroli," "Samyama," "Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas," "Tantra," "Spinal Breathing Pranayama," and "Deep Meditation."

Yogani is also the author of two highly-regarded user-friendly textbooks providing detailed instructions on full-scope yoga practices, "Advanced Yoga Practice - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Volumes 1 & 2," and a spiritual adventure novel, "The Secrets of Wilder - A Story of Inner Silence, Ecstasy and Enlightenment."

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Why Retreats?
    Retreat Basics
    The Magic of Group Practice
    Short Term and Long Term Benefits

Chapter 2 Retreat Implementation
    Types of Retreats
    Retreat Structure and Schedule
    Planning and Running Retreats
    Questions, Cautions and Safety Measures
    A Typical Day on a Retreat
    Transitioning Back to Normal Daily Activity

Chapter 3 The Inner Dynamics
    Reviewing the Core Practices
    What Happens to Us on Retreat?
    Experiences Signs of Purification and Opening
    Uplifting Effects on the Surroundings
    Lasting Cumulative Benefits

Chapter 4 Bringing it Home
    The Rise of Abiding Inner Silence
    A Happier Way of Living

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