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Advanced Yoga Practices
Support Forum Posts of Yogani, 2005-2010
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AYP Publishing (Jan 2011) -- All AYP Support Forum posts by Yogani over a six year period. About 2,000 posts, providing extensive commentary on spiritual practices and experiences in Q&A mode.  
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Introduction and Table of Contents

When the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) online lessons began in 2003, there was an immediate flow of email coming to Yogani with questions on practices and experiences. From the beginning, readers of the lessons were asking for a support forum community so practitioners could communicate with each other. It was undertaken in 2005. Since then, the AYP community has steadily grown in size and scope, covering every aspect of spiritual practice in a well-moderated environment. Forum membership is in the several thousands, which is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of overall AYP readership and practitioners. The AYP support forums and free website lessons are seeing several hundred thousand unique visitors each year, coming from nearly every country and cultural background in the world.

Since 2005, email support has shifted largely to the public forums, with many experienced practitioners participating in the support function besides Yogani. In this way, support for spiritual practices and experiences has become much more efficient, and beneficial for many with the ongoing public discussions. The forums are also serving as a launching platform for many "real world" activities, like local meditation groups, training, retreats, and research on practices. All of these activities are on the rise worldwide.

This book contains about 2,000 posts, organized by 23 public forum categories. The ebook edition contains live links to the corresponding discussion topics in the actual AYP forum. Therefore, the full benefits of this book will be most accessible through the ebook edition, accessed on a computer or reading device with browser and internet capability. In this case, links in the post text in the ebook can provide the full context of the discussion in the actual forum topics and AYP online lessons. For this reason, a free download of the ebook edition is available on request to anyone who obtains the paperback edition.

It should be emphasized that Yogani's posts represent a small fraction of the vast online resource the AYP support forums have become for assisting many to navigate the path of self-directed spiritual practice. Deepest thanks go to all who have contributed to the support forums, whether it be with their experiences with spiritual practices, administration or technical skills. Without the help of many, the AYP forums and this book would not have been possible.

It is hoped you will find this book helpful as you continue on your chosen path. Practice wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.

Table of Contents


Forum 1 Overview and Announcements

Forum 2 Satsang Cafe General Questions on AYP

Forum 3 Support for AYP Deep Meditation and Samyama.

Forum 4 Support for AYP Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas

Forum 5 Asanas Postures and Physical Culture

Forum 6 Tantra Sex and Spiritual Development

Forum 7 Yamas & Niyamas Restraints & Observances

Forum 8 Jnana Yoga/Self-Inquiry Advaita (Non-Duality)

Forum 9 Bhakti and Karma Yoga

Forum 10 Building a Daily Practice with Self-Pacing

Forum 11 Kundalini Inner Energy Ecstasy

Forum 12 Healthcare Holistic and Modern

Forum 13 Yoga, Science and Philosophy

Forum 14 Gurus, Sages and Higher Beings

Forum 15 Books, Web Sites, Audio, Video, etc.

Forum 16 Enlightenment Milestones

Forum 17 Yoga and Relationships

Forum 18 Yoga, Career and Money

Forum 19 Other Systems and Alternate Approaches

Forum 20 Illuminated Poetry, Quotations and Stories

Forum 21 Member Announcements Events, Classes & Retreats

Forum 22 AYP Helpers

Forum 23 Yahoo AYP Forum Archive


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