Advanced Yoga Practices

Advanced Yoga Practices
Support Forum Posts of Yogani

AYP Publishing (Jan 2011) - ISBN 9780981925509
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Introduction and Table of Contents

When the Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) online lessons began on Yahoo Groups in 2003, there was an immediate flow of email coming here with questions on practices and experiences. The resulting email correspondences with hundreds of people became a mainstay in the development of the lessons, and in the evolution of the way the implementation of the integrated system of practices was adapted to accommodate a worldwide community of practitioners. The email interactions and online lessons led to publication of the first AYP Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living book, and all the books that followed.

From the beginning, readers of the lessons were asking for a forum community so practitioners could communicate with each other. It was not undertaken immediately because the amount of administration that would be required to set up and operate such an online community was daunting. Later on, as people stepped forward to assist with moderation and other aspects of setting up and running a forum, an AYP forum was launched on Yahoo Groups in February of 2005. It soon had over 1,000 members, communicating on many aspects of spiritual practice and experience. As you will see in the last chapter of this ebook, my participation in that first AYP forum on Yahoo was limited, because extensive email communications were continuing here, and new lessons and books were being written. It was only later that practitioners began relying less on my email and more on the support forum community as the primary place for communicating on their practices and experiences.

While the first AYP forum was a good start, it soon became apparent that a more fully-featured forum environment would be necessary, with capabilities for managing multiple public forum categories for the growing online community, plus backrooms for administration and projects. So in July of 2005, the forum was moved to its current location at www.aypsite.org/forum. Since then, the AYP community has steadily grown in size and scope, covering every aspect of spiritual practice in a well-moderated environment. As of this writing, forum membership is approaching 4,000, which is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of overall readership. The AYP support forums and free website lessons saw over 130,000 unique visitors in 2010, coming from nearly every country in the world.

Since the forum moved to www.aypsite.org/forum, my participation has been much more, with the majority of email support shifting to the public forums, and with many other experienced practitioners participating in the support function as well. In this way, support for spiritual practices and experiences has become much more efficient, and beneficial for many with the ongoing public discussions. The forums are also serving as a launching platform for many "real world" activities, like local meditation groups, training, retreats, and research on practices. All of these activites are on the rise worldwide.

To date, the public AYP forums have received over 65,000 posts, with about 2,000 of those coming from me. This ebook contains the 2,000 posts. They are organized by the 23 public forum categories, with posts in ascending order by date in each forum category (oldest first). At the beginning of each forum "chapter" (see table of contents), a link to the category in the actual forum is provided, and a link is provided to the actual post for every post in this ebook. All links in the text of the posts are "live," whether they go to other posts in the forums, to AYP online lessons, or anywhere else on the internet. For this reason, the full benefits of this ebook will be most accessible on e-readers that have browser and internet capability. In many cases, a post here can stand on its own, providing useful information on the AYP practices. In other cases, links in the post text here will provide the full context of the discussion in the actual forum topics, AYP lessons, or elsewhere on the internet.

This ebook has been published to create a permanent archive for all posts from me in the 2005-2010 period. It is also to provide better access to the writings. It will be easier to search 2,000 posts here than to search 65,000 posts in the live forums. The latter is actually a topic search and does not zero in on specific posts the way it can be done in this ebook. Much more targeted searches can be accomplished here.

The posts in this ebook have not been edited for content. Nearly everything is just as it appears in the actual forum. So what you see is what you get. Hence, in some posts there may not be much information on practices, where a simple "thank you" is being expressed, input on a forum operations discussion, AYP promotion discussion, or whatever. In many other posts, there is a lot of information on practices, supplementing the AYP lessons and books. That is the real value of the forums and this ebook to supplement the baseline AYP writings. As we have often said, the forums should not be used as a primary instructional tool for practices. For that, they are not complete. Better to go to the AYP lessons and books first, and then use the forums to supplement that, as needed.

Because the same questions keep coming up from many practitioners, you will find redundancy in many of the forum posts here. That is just how human interactions on spiritual matters occur. It is like touching an elephant from many different angles. It is the same elephant, whether we are feeling the tail, the leg, the tusk, or the trunk. It can seem redundant when we keep touching the same parts, but we will notice differences also. In time, the redundancies and the differences add up to the whole. It is not a bad thing. The forums are especially that way, where everyone is touching the elephant again and again. We keep answering the same questions coming from many angles. If we are engaged in daily practices, our level of consciousness will be continually expanding, so reading the same things every few weeks or months will bring new perspectives. This ebook can be handy for that, as can reading any of the AYP lessons or books more than once.

You may also find a few posts from me here challenging certain members who are pressing an agenda, proselytizing, attacking a teaching or a guru, etc. While the AYP community is very tolerant of all spiritual paths, there is a limited tolerance for attempts to force an agenda on others. If such attempts are borderline and make it past moderation into the forum discussions, they will likely be challenged, and there is some of that in here. All of my posts are here. As they say, it is "the good, the bad, and the ugly." Hopefully not too much bad and ugly. :-)

On translating the 2,000 forum posts to the ebook environment, some technical compromises were necessary to make it work. Images in large quantities are difficult to translate to the several ebook formats, so the various kinds of "smilies" in the live forum have either been converted to a text equivalent, like the one immediately above, or eliminated.

Finally, it should be emphasized that my posts represent a small fraction of the vast online resource the AYP support forums have become for assisting many to navigate the path of self-directed spiritual practice. My deepest thanks go to all who have contributed to the support forums, whether it be with their experience in spiritual practices, administration or technical skills. Without the help of many, the AYP forums and this ebook would not have been possible.

It is hoped you will find this ebook helpful as you continue on your chosen path. Practice wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.

January 2011

Table of Contents


Forum 1 Overview and Announcements

Forum 2 Satsang Cafe General Questions on AYP

Forum 3 Support for AYP Deep Meditation and Samyama.

Forum 4 Support for AYP Pranayama, Mudras and Bandhas

Forum 5 Asanas Postures and Physical Culture

Forum 6 Tantra Sex and Spiritual Development

Forum 7 Yamas & Niyamas Restraints & Observances

Forum 8 Jnana Yoga/Self-Inquiry Advaita (Non-Duality)

Forum 9 Bhakti and Karma Yoga

Forum 10 Building a Daily Practice with Self-Pacing

Forum 11 Kundalini Inner Energy Ecstasy

Forum 12 Healthcare Holistic and Modern

Forum 13 Yoga, Science and Philosophy

Forum 14 Gurus, Sages and Higher Beings

Forum 15 Books, Web Sites, Audio, Video, etc.

Forum 16 Enlightenment Milestones

Forum 17 Yoga and Relationships

Forum 18 Yoga, Career and Money

Forum 19 Other Systems and Alternate Approaches

Forum 20 Illuminated Poetry, Quotations and Stories

Forum 21 Member Announcements Events, Classes & Retreats

Forum 22 AYP Helpers

Forum 23 Yahoo AYP Forum Archive

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