Advanced Yoga Practices

Eight Limbs of Yoga
The Structure and Pacing of
Self-Directed Spiritual Practice
By Yogani

AYP Publishing (Sept 2008) - ISBN 9780980052299
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Description and Table of Contents ()

"Eight Limbs of Yoga - The Structure and Pacing of Self-Directed Spiritual Practice" provides an efficient integration of a wide range of yoga practices for use in a daily routine that is compatible with an active lifestyle, while staying in tune with the centuries-old "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali." Here, these ancient innovations are brought up-to-date and optimized for modern self-directed practitioners.

The center of all spiritual progress is found within each human nervous system. When these time-tested methods for stimulating human spiritual transformation are applied in an integrated way, spiritual unfoldment can occur within any cultural or religious setting. Detailed instructions on the many individual practices discussed here are provided throughout the AYP writings. This volume ties them all together in a systematic way to facilitate long term self-paced cultivation of abiding inner silence, ecstatic bliss, outpouring divine love, and the rise of unity in Self-realization.

Yogani is the author of two landmark books on the world's most effective spiritual practices: "Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living," a comprehensive user-friendly textbook, and "The Secrets of Wilder," a powerful spiritual novel.

The "AYP Enlightenment Series" makes these profound practices available for the first time in a series of concise instruction books. "Eight Limbs of Yoga" is the ninth book in the series, preceded by "Bhakti and Karma Yoga," "Self-Inquiry," "Diet, Shatkarmas and Amaroli," "Samyama," "Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas," "Tantra," "Spinal Breathing Pranayama," and "Deep Meditation."

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Eight Limbs of Yoga
    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    Yoga and the Human Nervous System

Chapter 2 - The Structure of Practices
    Our Inherent Spiritual Capabilities
    An Inventory of Practices
    The Journey of Purification and Opening

Chapter 3 - Self-Directed Practice
    Building a Daily Routine (Practice Chart)
    Keeping up Practices with a Busy Schedule
    Group Practice and Retreats
    Our Role as Teachers and Researchers

Chapter 4 - The Rise of Enlightenment
    Enlightenment Milestones
    The Divine Marriage

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