Advanced Yoga Practices
AYP Book Additions
The following list provides a summary of new lesson materials and illustrations that have been included in the AYP Volume 2 book and eBook, in addition to editing of the online main lessons from #236 to #430 and the online tantra lessons from #36 to #80. The additions are included within the lessons indicated below.

Lesson 239 Clarifications and Enhancements for Spinal Breathing Pranayama practice.

Lesson 253 Edited to cover the influence of Indian Advaita/non-duality teachers in the West.

Lesson 302 On conducting research with the Samyama Sutras of Patanjali.

Lesson 304 On utilizing Ayurveda dietary measures to aid in balancing kundalini energy.

Lesson 355 Pointers on recognizing inner silence and the witness in daily activity.

Lesson 365 More on sensitivity to deep meditation, and the role of open systems of practice.

Lesson 367 Considering Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing) for over-sensitivity issues.

Lesson 368 Additional comments on Solar Centering, and a diagram to aid in practice.

Lesson 383 Instructions for an optional Enhanced Asana Routine, with diagrams for 22 postures.

Lesson 385 More discussion on building a practice routine, utilizing the AYP Practice Chart.

Lesson 421 Discussion on spirit masters and guides.

Lesson 426 Mapping the stages of enlightenment, utilizing an Enlightenment Bar Chart.

Lesson 430 Discussion on "ripeness" and the realization of non-duality in ordinary daily life.

Lesson T75 Edited to include consideration of the effect of hysterectomy on spiritual progress.

Lesson T76 The effect of vasectomy and tubal ligation on spiritual progress.

Additional Resources Section

  1. An updated Glossary of Sanskrit Terms, including additional terms added in AYP Volume 2.
  2. A discussion on doing research with Patanjalis Samyama Sutras from the Yoga Sutras, including simplified English versions for 30 sutras.
  3. Instructions on using Ayurveda diet measures and charts for balancing excessive kundalini energy. Can also be helpful for relieving chronic health conditions.


Lesson 239 Lateral view of the path for tracing the spinal nerve in Spinal Breathing Pranayama

Lesson 313 Neti pot usage for Jala Neti (nasal wash)

Lesson 314 Enema bag for Basti (colon cleansing)

Lesson 365 Meditation practitioner sensitivity distribution "Bell Curves" (three perspectives)

Lesson 368 Solar Centering technique diagram

Lesson 383 Enhanced Asana Routine diagrams (22 postures)

Lesson 385 AYP Practice Chart

Lesson 426 Enlightenment Bar Chart

Additional Resources Section Ayurveda Diet Charts for balancing Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

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