Advanced Yoga Practices
AYP Book Additions
The following list provides a summary of new lesson materials and illustration that have been included in the AYP book and eBook, in addition to editing of the online main lessons to #235 and the online tantra lessons to #35. The additions are included within the lessons indicated below.

Lesson 13 – Clarifications on mantra, language and meaning.

Lesson 29 – Discussion on alcoholism, addiction and yoga.

Lesson 41 – Discussion on nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) and spinal breathing.

Lesson 44 – Additional discussion on visualization of spinal nerve during spinal breathing.

Lesson 47 – Descriptions for the seven major chakras.

Lesson 71 – An “Asana Starter Kit,” including instructions and illustrations for postures.

Lesson 80 – Instructions for a routine of aerobic and muscle toning exercises in support of yoga.

Lesson 91 – Discussion on risks of external kumbhaka (retaining the breath outside).

Lesson 108 – Introduction to kechari stage 5, and illustrations of kechari stages 1-5.

Lesson 114 – Additional discussion on kechari stages 1 and 2.

Lesson 135 – Discussion on hand mudra (jnana or chin mudra).

Lesson 140 – Discussion on chin pump and automatic movements.

Lesson 173 – Discussion on spinal bastrika and the sequencing of pranayamas.

Lesson 182 – Explaining spinal breathing and meditation to a skeptic.

Lesson 188 – The third enhancement to the mantra.

Lesson 200 – Additional follow-up with a sensitive meditator.

Lesson 204 – Summary of sequence and times for a complete yoga routine.

Lesson 229 – Instructions for brahmari (“bee sound”) pranayama with spinal breathing.

Lesson 230 – On allowing crown experiences to evolve safely and naturally with practices.

Lesson T13 – On higher frequency of urination during kundalini awakening.

Lesson T25 – Existing lesson on Sri Vidya is expanded, and a Sri Yantra diagram is included.

Lesson T28 – Additional discussion on advanced siddhasana.

Lesson T30 – Additional discussion on vajroli mudra.

Lesson T32 – Instructions for amaroli practice.

Lesson T34 – Discussion on the kechari “secret spot” from female and male points of view.

A Glossary of Sanskrit Terms is included in the Additional Resources at the back of the book.


Lesson 33 Cross-legged Sitting with Back Support

Lesson 71 Asanas (postures) for the "Asana Starter Kit"

Lesson 108 Kechari Mudra Stages 1-5

Lesson T25 Sri Yantra

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