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Lesson T76 - Tantric Sex and Birth Control  (Audio)

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From: Yogani
Date: May 14, 2010

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: Can tantric sexual practice (the holdback method with blocking) be used as a reliable form of natural birth control?

A: It will only be as reliable as the mans ability to retain his seed. It is a similar strategy to removing the lingam from the yoni before ejaculation, except in this case he can stay in for much longer. With longer lovemaking, a significant amount of pre-ejaculate fluid may be released inside the yoni, so there will be the question of whether there are sperm cells in there. It only takes one to fertilize an egg, though usually it takes millions (full ejaculation) to deliver that one successful sperm cell. Science has indicated that there is negligible sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid, but this will be little consolation for the few women who may have become pregnant in this way.

From this we might conclude that, while a man skilled in tantric sexual methods may be able to delay ejaculation indefinitely, he will not be able to limit the amount of pre-ejaculate fluid that is being released in the yoni. While the risk of conception from the few sperm cells in pre-ejaculate fluid is quite low, the probability is not zero. When this is combined with the chance of mishaps that may occur in using the holdback and blocking methods, the overall chance of conception will be significantly higher, at least as high as using the ancient method of pulling out before ejaculation.

Natural birth control methods have been found to be 75-95% effective. The wide range in the percentage of effectiveness for natural birth control is due to varying levels of consistency in application. Perfect application will yield an effectiveness near the top of the range. But there is always the chance for a slip. Using tantric sexual methods would also fall in this wide effectiveness range, depending on the consistency of application. And, as mentioned, the larger amount of pre-ejaculate fluid being released during long lovemaking is an unknown in the equation. Science will have to answer that one.

Everything we have said so far is about the man's control (or lack of it) during sexual relations. Using tantric sexual methods does not increase a woman's ability to reduce the chance of conception. This may be a deciding factor for many women. Which is not to say tantric sex is not a good thing. It can bring great spiritual benefits to both partners, assuming daily sitting practices (deep meditation, spinal breathing, etc.) are in use also. But women should not feel more comfortable about tantric sex for birth control than they would about, say, having the man pull out before ejaculation during non-tantric sex. Indeed, tantric sex is a more involved procedure than merely pulling out, and may be subject to more mishaps for that reason.

When tantric sex is combined with a calendar-based menstrual cycle method for minimizing the chance of ovulation (fertility) in the woman around the time of sexual activity, then the overall effectiveness will be much better. When it comes to natural birth control, two methods used simultaneously will be better than one. With prudence, the effectiveness can be brought over 95% this way, which is still not 100%.

Depending on our beliefs, social customs and religious standards, we may have fewer or greater choices for birth control. If we are not limited in our choices, then tantric sexual practices would not necessarily be a good substitute for modern methods of birth control, which are much more reliable, over 99%.

The guru is in you.

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