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Lesson T74 - Breast Stimulation and Ecstatic Conductivity  (Audio)

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T74.1 - Breast Stimulation for Reducing PMS, Cramps and Menstrual Flow

From: Yogani
Date: April 20, 2010

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: As a woman, I find a large part of the ecstatic experience coming through my breasts. Can you comment on how this relates to tantra, the development of lasting spiritual ecstasy, and enlightenment?

A: The natural ecstatic connection between a womans breasts and the sexual neurobiology in the pelvic region is related to both reproductive sex and the nursing function for the nourishment of infant children. The ecstatic connection is generally most acute through the nipples. Some women may reach orgasm by gentle breast and nipple stimulation alone, either through self-stimulation, or by a caring partner.

Men may also have this kind of sensitivity, depending on whether it has been developed through direct breast and nipple stimulation, or with the natural presence of ecstatic conductivity, either natively resident, or cultivated though a range of spiritual practices. Spiritual practices can increase the ecstatic connection through the breasts and nipples of both women and men, by the gradual removal of obstructions in the neurobiology. There is more going on in the breasts than the well-known functions of reproductive sex and the nursing of children.

As we know from these lessons on the sexual aspects of tantra, there is a profound connection between our sexuality and our spiritual development. If it has not been noticed so far, it is only a matter of undertaking the necessary practices for a sufficient period of time to find out first hand that this is true.

As we have discussed in previous lessons, there are two components that fulfill the enlightenment equation abiding inner silence, and the rise of ecstatic conductivity throughout the body, and beyond. The marriage of these two within leads to a spiritual rebirth and an endless flood of divine love pouring out from within us. This may manifest itself in many ways, with the most prominent characteristic being a natural tendency toward engaging in luminous loving service for the benefit of others.

The techniques of tantra related to sexuality operate mainly for the cultivation of ecstatic conductivity in extended lovemaking sessions. This is accomplished via the holdback method (see Lesson T4) and related means. With this approach, the entire body becomes permeated with ecstatic bliss, which stays with us long after lovemaking has ended, and over time gradually becomes a full time experience in our daily life. Tantric lovemaking will be most effective if we are also engaged in daily yoga practices sittings with deep meditation, spinal breathing pranayama and other supporting practices on both the inner silence and energetic/ecstatic sides, as discussed throughout the lessons. With a full scope of practices in use, tantric sexual methods become much more effective in cultivating lasting spiritual ecstasy.

It is not only for lasting spiritual ecstasy we are doing this. The marriage of inner silence with ecstatic conductivity is a complex neurobiological process that may take many years to reach its fruition, even as we may notice steadily improving quality of life every step along the way.

The role of the breasts in this is multifold. Obviously, in sexual acts, whether alone or with a partner, a gentle stimulation of our breasts and nipples will accentuate our arousal, and also expand it beyond the genitals. The expansion of ecstasy is a natural part of tantric sex, and the reason why we utilize the holdback technique and other methods that expand the ecstatic influence of sexual arousal body-wide in a pre-orgasmic mode. This takes sex beyond the genitals. So too can skillful breast stimulation in pre-orgasmic mode, either by itself, or in concert with sexual union. It is a matter of personal inclination, as are all things in sexual relations. We don't tell you how to make love here. That is a matter of lifestyle and choice. What we do is point out the principles of human spiritual transformation that exist within all of us, and methods that may be found useful for activating those principles, leading to a permanent enhancement of our experience in everyday living.

Breast stimulation may not be regarded by many as important in this process, and that is fine. The truth is that breast stimulation is not a primary yoga practice, nor even a primary tantric sexual practice. If it were we would have been discussing it long before now in the overall scheme of yoga and tantric practices. However, whether we are working with the breasts in tantric mode or not as an aspect of our sexual lifestyle, there will be purification and opening in that area as a result of our overall routine of yoga practices. So anything we are inclined to do in the enjoyment of our sexual energies in tantric mode, including breast stimulation, can be a help in the overall process of human spiritual transformation.

That said, it will be good to mention that the energetic developments in the breasts have a direct relationship to the ecstatic awakening in the heart space, which is a vast realm within us that defies all physical boundaries, and is at the center of the marriage abiding inner silence and ecstatic conductivity. It is from the heart space that our spiritual rebirth occurs, and the resulting divine outpouring that carries us forward in the world in radiant evolutionary ways.

But not to overdo it on calling attention to the heart, or the ecstatic role of the breasts for that matter. These are working parts of a much larger divine whole, and it will not be beneficial for us to be focusing excessively on the heart, or on the stimulation of our breasts!

The vast majority of what happens in the chest and heart space is automatic, and dependent on a full scope routine of practices. There is no magic bullet that will do it all. The closest thing to a magic bullet is daily deep meditation, which, in time, will lead to all the other things we have been discussing in the AYP lessons, including the purification and opening of the heart space, of which the breasts and their ecstatic connections are an integrated part.

As we find ecstatic conductivity coming up within us, we will notice many instant energetic connections simultaneously, and these will enable connections between the practices we are doing. In time, all of our practices act as one. From an ecstatic point of view, we can recognize the instant connection between a subtle favoring of mudras and bandhas we have been using in structured sitting practices. A simple lifting of the eyes toward the brow can bring an ecstatic current from the root, and we may gently flex the anal sphincter and perineum in response. An imperceptible lifting of the diaphragm and abdomen may also occur, for no reason other than the ecstatic conductivity filling us. We have called this reflexive connection of ecstatic conductivity "whole body mudra" (see Lesson 212). The breasts may also participate in whole body mudra, with a heightened sensitivity of the nipples occurring. During whole body mudra, we may be inclined to gently rest a finger on each nipple, with or without clothes. This can expand whole body mudra further within the heart space, mingling deliciously with our abiding inner silence. This is what we are unending ecstatic bliss. Everything flows out from that.

As with all yoga practices, it is possible to overdo breast stimulation, either during sexual activities or at other time, and experience excess purification. The symptoms can be some irritability, a blocked feeling somewhere in the body, and general uneasiness. This is the time to self-pace our practice, and engage in some grounding activities. The uneasiness will pass, and we can proceed on our path with renewed stability and joy.

So take comfort in knowing that the pleasurable sensations connecting the breasts with the whole of our ecstatic experience are part of a vast spiritual dynamic operating within us, in addition to their role in reproductive sex and breast feeding. If we are finding pleasure there, it can be part of our tantric sexual practice, and we can be ecstatically joyful about it.

It should be mentioned that the breasts are not primarily physical, and the ecstatic function they perform will continue even if a physical breast has been taken through surgery. Our physical components are only an outer expression of our inner reality. If the outer is removed, the inner will remain. Many who have experienced surgery where a seemingly vital part was removed have found the inner life intact, and often expanding dramatically through the journey of loss and discovery of what is true. The heart knows no limits and neither do inner silence and ecstatic conductivity in the human being. Radiance is not primarily about the physical body. Any illuminated sage will tell you that.

Finally, the path of human spiritual transformation does not have to be one of repression of the natural pleasures of the body or the heart. Repression of these things leads only to misery. Not to enlightenment. What women naturally know to be ecstatic in their bosom is also available to every man. The ecstatic currents we find flowing through us are pathways in our heart space, and become the eternal radiant light of the divine.

Here it is, right within us. In the purification and opening of the heart, we can find everlasting joy in this life. It is a quiet joy, one that is smiling from within all the time. And it is a dynamic joy, always on the move. Inner silence riding on fully awakened ecstatic conductivity is the radiance of ecstatic bliss it is the divine flowing through us, uplifting all the world. It is stillness in action!

The guru is in you.

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