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Lesson T71 - Mulabandha - Tantra On The Go  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: November 24, 2009

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: I notice that whenever I am engaged in sex, an automatic rhythmic flexing of the anal sphincter and perineum area occurs. What is the relationship of this and mulabandha/asvini discussed in the lessons? Are they the same thing?

A: Yes, there is a relationship between the root reflex during sex and mulabandha/asvini. Both are for the purpose of stimulating ecstatic energy.

In the case of reproductive sex, the purpose is to promote the sex act itself through the pleasurable effects of stimulation and automatic contractions leading to orgasm, release of the sperm and fertilization of the ovum. If our sexual union is tantric, we will be delaying orgasm with the holdback method, and the automatic flexing will take on a broader purpose the upward cultivation of ecstatic energy in the neurobiology, which is moving into the realm of the yogic practice of mulabandha/asvini. We could say that tantric sex is for that, at least in part. The mulabandha/asvini effect is not the only product of tantric sex. A variety of changes occur in the pelvic region and far beyond as a result of tantric sex, and this is also dependent on other yoga practices we are engaged in outside our lovemaking. Of particular importance among these are deep meditation and spinal breathing pranayama. With multiple angles being addressed in the neurobiology with spiritual practices, tantric sex will provide support in the permanent awakening of the spinal nerve, the ecstatic illumination of the entire body, and beyond.

One of the yoga practices we have learned for use outside tantric sex is mulabandha/asvini, beginning during our twice-daily spinal breathing pranayama. See Lesson 55. This utilizes the same principle of stimulation at the root to cultivate the rise of ecstatic conductivity. Soon after we learned mulabandha, we added sambhavi, which aids in awakening the spinal nerve from the upper end, at the brow. See Lesson 56. Then we added, one by one, additional mudras, bandhas and siddhasana, all for cultivating an awakening of the spinal nerve in a progressive and safe way. The result over time is a whole body ecstatic awakening which can be stimulated at any time of the day or night, no matter where we are, by a slight flexing of the anal sphincter, or a slight upward intention with the eyes. Such stimulation may still be regarded to be tantric by some, as there is still the sexual element, though, by now, overshadowed by whole body ecstasy, which is beyond sexual.

In the beginning, this will be experienced as an ecstatic illumination or "feeling" of the tiny thread of the spinal nerve (often first seen as silver in color), extending from the root to the head. From the center of the spinal nerve, it expands outward through all the nerves in the body, and radiates beyond the body to the external environment, where it can be felt as a palpable radiation of divine love.

If we regard such ecstatic conductivity and radiance to be tantric, then we can say that mulabandha and the other mudras and bandhas are "tantra on the go," because, once awakened and stabilized, this condition is always with us, riding on the infinite field of pure bliss consciousness we have been cultivating in daily deep meditation. We are That.

Along the way, our sexual activities may continue much as they did before, though our point of view will be much expanded and illuminated by the divine radiating from within. It may take little more than a glance from our beloved to set the whole body and being off into a reverie of ecstatic bliss. It is like that tantra on the go, and never stopping.

The guru is in you.

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