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Lesson T68 - Transformation-Expansion of Sexual Function  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: September 8, 2009

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: When my partner and I engage in tantric sex (with holdback technique) for 30 minutes or more, we get that feeling of infinite expansion, a presence of love that permeates our being during and for some time after lovemaking. But then it fades and we find ourselves back where we started. What is the difference between this experience that comes and goes versus a permanent transformation or expansion of sexual function?

A: The difference will be found as the experience of infinite expansion and divine love gradually comes to abide as a normal part of our everyday life. And it will. Then we will take it to work with us, to the marketplace, into our relationships with family and friends, etc. And it will no longer be dependent on the means by which we originally cultivated it. Our neurobiology is wired for life in ecstatic bliss. Tantric sex may continue, or it may refine into something more subtle occurring mainly on the inside. Or we could have both going on at the same time external lovemaking and internal lovemaking. This is the rise of ecstatic conductivity and radiance. The rise of ongoing natural vajroli is behind this expansion of sexual function. See Lesson T60.

Tantric lovemaking is but one aspect of the cultivation of this permanent condition. Our progress along these lines also depends very much on other techniques. As you know, deep meditation and spinal breathing pranayama form the core of the AYP practices, with significant additions beyond these for cultivating and stabilizing abiding inner silence and ecstatic conductivity in our lives.

If we engage in an integrated approach like this, then our sexual function eventually rises to become indistinguishably blended with our overall spiritual progress. Then we don't call it "sex" anymore. It is divine ecstasy! We also call it human spiritual transformation. Clearly, the preservation and cultivation of sexual energy is an integral part of the process. It can be done as you are doing in a relationship, or it can be undertaken by solo means.

Wonderful things are happening. Carry on!

The guru is in you.

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