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Lesson T35 - Ecstatic Reflex during Sex  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Wed Jul 28, 2004 10:46pm

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: Thank you very much for your remarkably lucid writings on kechari. It is of tremendous value to me. I have been in stage 1 Kechari for many years. Truth is I never actually knew how to get to stage 2, since I did not know about the 'side approach'. My tongue seems nearly long enough to get to stage 2 soon and I feel ready. If I had not read your message (main lesson #108), it would have been delayed for some years, since I was going through the middle.

I have a question for you if I may. As I approach sexual orgasm, (during ordinary sexual activity not in any way approached as yogic) I find the instinct to roll my eyes upwards and push the tongue back and up as in Kechari. I have followed this instinct on many occasions. I do not know how to describe the affect well, but it seems to integrate the Ajna and the sexual impulse. It seems as if the sexual urges become more powerful under Ajna control as the result of the practice. It is fulfilling, intense and pleasurable.

Have you any comments on the practice?

A: I am very happy to hear that the kechari discussions have been helpful to you. This practice has been shrouded in mystery for so long, and barely heard of by so many yogis and yoginis, even though it is a key factor in the development of ecstatic conductivity in the body. It is time to bring kechari out of the closet, so we can intelligently follow the natural impulses that are coming up in so many of us these days.

Even stage 1 kechari carries great power, because the sensitive nerves in the septum come down to the roof of the mouth right where the hard and soft palates meet. That is where the bottom of the edge of the nasal septum is. Putting the tip of the tongue there is like closing an energy switch. As soon as some ecstatic conductivity is rising in our nervous system, the pleasure of putting the tongue there is quite obvious. Of course, when kechari evolves to stage 2, going behind the soft palate and up, our tongue is directly touching the "secret spot" on the septum (see tantra lesson #34), and the long term results of that are beyond description, though we try our best to explain it. Yoga will make ecstatic poets out of all of us yet!

The tendency to raise the eyes and roll the tongue back during sexual activity and orgasm is a natural reflex that occurs when ecstatic energy is coursing through the body. It is an automatic yoga. The energy moving in sex is the same energy we are cultivating in advanced yoga practices. The fact that many (even those not doing yoga) experience this reflex during sex is a testament to the latent ecstatic conductivity that exists in everyone. Promoting it systematically through yoga practices is not only an important part of how we move toward enlightenment, it also unravels the mystery of how sexual energy functions in us on every level.

Yes, the most effective control and inner stimulation of sexual energy in the nervous system is exercised through the ajna (third eye), as you are finding. Kechari (rolled back tongue) is part of this, and a close bedfellow of sambhavi (eyes rolled up toward a slightly furrowed center brow). Spinal breathing and many of the other techniques are for developing the third eye to root connection. You are experiencing indications of this important connection in the ecstatic reflex during your sexual activity.

I suggest you take this reflex of the eyes and tongue as an indicator of the possibility for cultivating the experience of ongoing ecstatic conductivity in your nervous system. Such an experience does not end with orgasm. It just keeps going around the clock. The methods of yoga aim to promote this, as discussed throughout the main and tantra lessons.

The overall process is pretty simple, really. Cultivate inner silence in daily deep meditation. Then overlay the stimulation of ecstatic conductivity with spinal breathing, mudras (including sambhavi and kechari), bandhas, siddhasana, samyama, chin pump, spinal bastrika, tantric sexual methods, and so on. When blissful inner silence and ecstatic conductivity rise and meet in us, the result is an endless lovemaking on the cellular level. Then we bubble over into the ecstatic bliss and outpouring divine love that is the natural fruition of human evolution. No more struggle. Just pure joy through all circumstances in life. That is what we are, and it unfolds as we go through the process of purification and opening of our nervous system.

Once we get to that stage, a simple lifting of the eyes at any time will send us into a reverie of ecstatic bliss. All of life is divine to one who is constantly in love and in lovemaking.

Regarding your question on practice during sex, it is suggested you see how long you can stay in front of orgasm in a lovemaking or masturbation mode. In other words, let that state of ecstatic conductivity that draws your eyes up and tongue back continue for some time without taking it to orgasm. There are techniques to help with this. Consider reviewing the tantra lessons on holdback, blocking, and the count method. As we develop familiarity and skill at staying in front of orgasm, we find that the ecstatic conductivity in our nervous system will stay with us much longer during the day. If we add daily meditation, spinal breathing, and other practices, then we will be setting the stage for ecstatic bliss to take up permanent residence. It's well worth the effort.

No doubt you are doing many of these things already, so please regard all of this as a reminder. I wish you all success on your chosen spiritual path.

The guru is in you.

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