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Lesson T31 - Constant Coming...  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Sun Jun 6, 2004 0:23am

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: What you say makes sense and in true essence, it is the ojas that we take up derived from the muladhara fire.

But it does happen especially when we are fully perched above at the third eye and as our body is played as a divine instrument... the 'orgasmic' waves are brought upward and centered into the third eye... the muladhara climbs up... and then when we come...the whole body resonates and, surprisingly, sperm does not come out. The process also requires us to roll our tongue as a straw and suck up the pleasure with every inhale and closing our eyes, guide it to the third eye.

A: Thank you for you clear perspective on vajroli, and root to third eye orgasm.

I agree, true vajroli (upward absorption of sexual fluids), beyond the managed mechanical technique of it, is an automatic part of a much bigger process that involves the third eye to root connection. I call it ecstatic conductivity. You call it the muladhara (root) climbing up to the third eye. That is an interesting description you give, because one of the observations we have in spinal bastrika, where attention and breath are rapidly oscillating between the third eye and root, is that the third eye and root "merge" into one. This merging of root and third eye is what is occurring in slow spinal breathing as well, though it may be less noticed in the early stages. This is the ecstatic connection being cultivated between the root and third eye, just as you have described.

There is another element we can observe, and that is the phenomenon of the change that occurs in "coming." In sex, "coming" is orgasm, both before and after the vajroli effect naturally joins into the spiritual-sexual equation. With rising ecstatic conductivity between the root and third eye, the event of "coming" into the third eye you describe creeps into our life as an ongoing experience. In other words, "coming" or "orgasm" becomes an ongoing whole-body event that never stops, and requires no external stimulation. A mere raising of the eyes, an entering into kechari, or a small flex at the root will keep waves of ecstasy coursing through the nervous system like a rolling sea. And that isn't all. Over time, the whole process migrates upward from the third eye to the crown as well. That process of opening the crown with stability is covered in recent discussions in the main lessons.

Can "coming" be sustained like this? Can we continue to function under the influence of constant whole-body orgasm? Is it exhausting?

In fact, this ongoing experience of "coming" is the fruition of yoga, the rise of an unending state of ecstatic bliss and divine love in the nervous system. We can continue to function in this situation, because our nervous system acclimates to it, just as it does to all other enhancements in our spiritual neuro-biology that occur with long term practice of yoga.

It is not exhausting. Just the opposite. As divine energy surges through us, it continuously regenerates every cell in our body. In this situation sex has become the source of unbounded energy, creativity and happiness in the body. There is so much divine love surging up inside that it flows out to everyone around us in the form of uplifting energy and loving service.

This is why we pay close attention to the management of sexual energy as we move along our chosen path in yoga.

Does this eliminate the need for sexual relations? It certainly makes us less obsessive about reproductive sex. That is a good thing. At the same time, this transformation turns all sex into spiritual practice. Pre-orgasmic tantric sex can offer support to the process of spiritual transformation. So, the advances that occur in our nervous system as a result of yoga make sexual activity all the more precious whenever we are inclined to engage in physical lovemaking. Sexual activity then becomes a stepping-stone to permanent ecstatic bliss.

Tantric sex is not mandatory for enlightenment, but under the right circumstances it can be a significant help.

The guru is in you.

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