Advanced Yoga Practices
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As the AYP lessons, forums and other features have expanded over the past several years, finding (or refinding) information pertaining to our practices and experiences has become a priority. The Topic Index is a good place to look if you are wanting to zero in on specific practices and/or experiences discussed in the lessons, indexed in an organized way beginning with a chronological list of all the practices covered in the lessons. Also, short descriptions of many practices and experiences can be found in the Glossary of Sanskrit Terms.

The addition of Google Site Search has enhanced our search capabilities to be site-wide for any given inquiry. For example, if you are doing a search here on "Deep Meditation," the results will include all the lessons, forum topics, web links and all other pages that contain "Deep Meditation." The same goes for "Bhakti," "Spinal Breathing," "Mulabandha," "Sambhavi," "Asanas," "Siddhasana," "Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka," "Nauli," "Kechari," "Chin Pump," "Samyama," "Bastrika," "Kundalini," "Tantra," "Shatkarma," "Jnana," "Advaita," "Enlightenment Milestones," or any other search terms you may select.

Seek and you will find!

The guru is in you.