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Lesson 66 - We are Arriving, Not Leaving  (Audio)

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66.1 - How to Get to Heaven

From: Yogani
Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 8:05am

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: I am a bit afraid that the pranayama practice may feel soooo good that I may lose complete interest in sexual contact with my spouse. Does this happen; and if it does can it be prevented?

A: The rise of divine ecstasy is an expansion, not a leaving. Sex is always a matter of choice. While it is true that the attention will naturally be attracted to inner ecstasy, it is also true that outer sex is turned radiant by this, becoming a blossom of the divine rather than an end in itself. This is what pure bliss consciousness and inner ecstasy do to all of life -- illuminate it from the inside. Then pure joy is found everywhere. That is an improvement, yes? 

The lessons will get into more on yoga and sex down the road -- the enlightenment process as it relates to relationships, marriage and sex -- not necessarily incompatible things at all. Key tantra practices will be covered also, so that outer sex can become a part of the process of divine expansion rather than a drain on it. Of course, all advanced yoga practices are at your option. That goes for everything in here. It is up to you to decide what makes sense for you, and what doesn't.

If you really want to make the journey, you will find the way through. If you decide to make the trip, you will find that you are arriving, not leaving. 

Your desire will lead the way, which brings us to further consideration of a very important topic: Bhakti. 

The guru is in you.

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