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Lesson 429 - We Can Do This  (Audio)

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429.1 - The Trials and Tribulations of Spiritual R&D

From: Yogani
Date: August 24, 2010

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: How did you know what you had to do with AYP when you had to do it? I have so much that wants to express itself. So much hidden stuff (art, music, teaching, etc.) coming out. But I don't feel like I have found my calling. I am enjoying it all, but you are so driven and are so clear
on what you want to share with the world, or rather, it seems so clear on how the divine wants to express itself through you. I am not sure what I want to do, not sure how the divine wants to express itself through me, or if it wants to at all. I love how I am experiencing life now, as an observer in stillness, laughing at the whole body/mind drama as it plays out, be it my own or the rest of the world. Where does it go from here?

A: It is in all of us, you know the divine impulse that longs to express itself. When we are surging with bhakti for union, it is that very divine impulse expressing itself. We have our divine desire, but we cannot know exactly where it will lead us.

When we act as stillness in action, it is a partnership between our individual expression on this earth and the divine flow. From our side, it is about keeping up daily practices, having an intention, letting it go, and allowing our abilities to become a channel for the divine. It is doing without doing. In stillness we are able to get out of the way even in the midst of a lot of practical activity. Who is doing it all? It is a mystery.

In terms of how AYP happened, well, you know, one thing leads to the next, but not necessarily how and when we think. I did not know how it would happen. There has been a desire all along. When doors appeared, I did my best to walk through.

I can remember when in my mid-30s, with about 10 years of meditation under the belt, thinking, someday I will write a book about "the journey." I was supporting a growing family and deep into my own practices (R&D) during those years, and writing a book was not in the cards. I was not ready. It wasn't until my mid-50s that it became feasible, with accumulated spiritual experience, plus practical skills from the career, and the ability to pay the bills for a few years while writing. That is when the "Secrets of Wilder" novel was written. But no one was interested in publishing it. Meanwhile, the novel inspired me to continue writing and start putting practical instructional lessons on practices on the internet the beginning of AYP. Then internet-based publishing came into being, and the AYP books started appearing. One thing kept leading to another, and it has been like that the whole way through. The intention has been there in stillness all the while, but what came next has always been largely unknown.

In that sense, the whole AYP phenomenon is one big happy accident. Or is it?

In the beginning, and in the end, it boils down to our seed desires, and our willingness to take next steps when they appear. AYP was always in me (since early childhood, like with John Wilder in the novel), but it took time and circumstances (not to mention elbow grease) for it to manifest. Honestly, it turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated. It was never in the plan to do what has been done. One step kept leading to the next (divine flow).

It is the same with you and everyone. If you remain open to next steps in line with your seed desires, they will reveal themselves sooner or later. If you don't know what your seed desires are, just keep it gently in samyama (releasing intentions in stillness), as I know you are. In time, doors will open. Then it is up to you to walk through. It is like that for all of us.

As Rumi said, "Keep walking, though there is no place to get to..."

Whatever is to happen will happen. We all have much to give. With effective daily practices, it happens much more than it would otherwise. There is no doubt about that.

It should be added that seed desires are best coupled with our natural gifts/talents (we all have them), plus practical skills developed in this life, and a lot of stick-to-it-ness. Seed desires alone are not enough. Gifts alone are not enough. Developed skills alone are not enough. And stick-to-it-ness alone is not enough. By itself, no one of these qualities is enough. Put them all together, with good doses of common sense and patience, and miracles can happen. But it starts with our seed desires. We are born with those. Inner silence and samyama will support the rest.

We live in a time when many around the world are in a position to impact global consciousness in ways that were not possible even a few decades ago. When millions are empowered with effective self-directed spiritual practices, and have free access to worldwide communications (seen and unseen), anything can happen.

On the practical level, we are seeing more and more people coming together in spiritual networks, meditation groups, teaching of practices, powerful stillness-radiating retreats, and expanding research on the process of human spiritual transformation. These are direct manifestations of individual daily practice and the resulting stillness in action. It is no longer primarily up to the gurus, though their blessings are still much needed. But now it is ordinary people who are picking up the torch in every country and region of the world. A worldwide web of awakening has formed, and it is becoming stronger every year (see Lesson 332).

Yes, we can do this, for ourselves, and for everyone.

The guru is in you.

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