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Lesson 421 - Spirits and Spirit Guides  (Audio)

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From: Yogani
Date: July 14, 2010

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the web archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: From time to time, I have experienced the awareness of "something" which I take as some being very close to me, watching. The other day, as I went to nap, there was a sense of something hovering over me, closer than usual, and like directing energy to my face, which gave me the jitters! Then it passed. Regarding guardian angels, spirit guides and the like, they say everyone has one. Is it true?

A: The influence we may notice from a spirit or entity is always a function of our own receptivity, including the attention and energy we give to it. The more attention we give to such phenomena, the more we will notice them. So, if we notice such things, it is good to regard them without much intention and let them go in stillness. That way, whatever they are will have a positive (samyama) effect.

As we continue with practices, we may notice more positive spirits and less negative ones. As our consciousness becomes more based in stillness, we go beyond the negative ones, and finally beyond the positive ones too. It is fine to notice these things as part of the scenery going by. Then let them go. As we say, favor the practice, and your life, over the scenery. Entering into a relationship with a spirit or entity, positive or negative, is a side track, and not recommended.

When we began meditating and doing spinal breathing pranayama, we also began opening up our inner realms. There is certainly life in inner space, so it stands to reason we would notice some of it. But this does not mean we will come unduly under its influence. With the expansion of our inner purification and opening, the vastness of mingling inner silence and ecstatic conductivity will dwarf any other phenomena we might encounter. Lower vibrations become quite transparent, to the point where we may not notice them at all other than their divine essence, much the way our perception of the physical world becomes illuminated. We zoom right by lower vibrations, wherever they may be. Likewise, they will not notice us, except as a non-specific/distributed radiance in their environment. It is a good thing we are doing for all beings, earthly and beyond.

Abiding inner silence (witness), the essential quality of spiritual growth, is beyond the realm of spirits. Higher energies (angels, etc.) will be transcended also, and only their purest essence will be noticed in our life in the form of outpouring divine love. It is what they are, and what we are.

In that sense, the more inner silence we have coming up, the more guardians we have everywhere on every level, as we are releasing it all in stillness. Our life becomes an evolutionary flow in stillness, no matter what else may be going on inside or outside us. Everything is transformed to its highest expression. We get used to having that kind of natural support. It all becomes one thing - outpouring divine love - stillness in action. We are That.

The guru is in you.

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