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Lesson 399 - Mind Faster than the Speed of Light  (Audio)

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399.1 - Is the Physical Universe Infinite?

From: Yogani
Date: May 6, 2010

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Q: Physics tells us that the speed of light is a constant, and nothing can travel faster than that. Yet, from my practice, I now know that everything is contained within me. Are the laws of physics going to have be rewritten as our instant access to the cosmic regions via inner awakening becomes widely known? Like a hologram, I am both the part and the whole at the same time. This oneness that we are has been called "cosmic mind." Because everything is this oneness, then there is nothing that could ever be a movement beyond it. If there is a movement of mind then it is a movement in omnipresence. So there can be nothing faster than mind, because mind is always being the absolute oneness, which is everywhere.

A: Agreed, assuming thought, our experience of mind, is "relational" (occurring in stillness). This takes us from theory to practice, from philosophy to direct experience. Physics will expand itself to accommodate this as it becomes the common experience of many. There will not be a choice. The truth that is experienced directly must be taken into account.

From the perspective of the individual, thoughts are only omnipresent when consciously released in omnipresent abiding inner silence, which is cultivated through deep meditation. Before that, thoughts are only objects of perception with which we are identified locally. It is the samyama effect (release in stillness) that enables thought to become omnipresent, and therefore infinite in speed.

Before the samyama effect, a thought is like a picture. After the samyama effect, a thought is the thing itself, and far more influential via the infinite creative energy of divine outpouring that occurs when the mind is surrendered in stillness.

The AYP practice of Cosmic Samyama cultivates this omnipresent condition and the awakening of cosmic thought in the individual. Is a thought of the cosmos the cosmos? Released in abiding inner silence it is, instantly. The speed of light is a "slow boat to China" by comparison.

One hundred thousand years to cross our galaxy at the speed of light? We can meet on the other side right now, and be back again in an instant. The universe is our playground when we are reborn in the divine flow resulting from the marriage of abiding inner silence and our ecstatic awakening. We are here, everywhere, and nowhere. Free!

The guru is in you.

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