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Lesson 374 - Samyama and Solar Centering  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: December 11, 2009

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Q: Can the solar centering enhancement covered in Lesson 368 be carried over into our samyama practice? It seems a natural step to me.

A: Yes, as we develop the habit of our enhanced meditation procedure, solar centering may naturally find its way into core samyama practice (Lesson 150), which comes right after our deep meditation session. In samyama, solar centering can have expansive, stabilizing effects also. But jumping with solar centering into samyama does not have to happen right away. It should come naturally, if at all. So this is not an encouragement to rush into it.

When we do find ourselves centering our sutra repetitions in the solar plexus, it is a faint feeling and letting go. Samyama is 99.99% in the letting go. So whether we are centering the sutras or not is a very small thing. Even so, it will make a difference it is an enhancement in practice.

Obviously, solar centering will not apply to cosmic samyama (Lesson 299), which has its own set of locations. If we have been doing cosmic samyama in our daily routine, solar centering in core samyama should be less of an adjustment, since we will already be well familiar with releasing sutras in particular locations.

Solar centering in samyama should be regarded as a new practice, and only undertaken when our practice routine is stable and comfortable. Otherwise, we could be piling more clunkiness on top of adjustments we are already going through with the solar centering enhancement for deep meditation. The same is true for all practices we undertake. We'd always like to be building on a stable foundation of practice when we add on. And we self-pace as necessary whenever the building shakes a bit too much, even if we haven't added anything new lately. Keep in mind that practices can produce delayed effects in purification and opening, so stability is not only about what we are adding on, but also about all that has gone before.

The further we go with practices that cultivate inner purification and opening, the more sensitive we will become in many respects. This is a good thing. It is the birth of stillness in action, where less is always becoming more, and we are the eternal witness to it all.

It is life in freedom.

The guru is in you.

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