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Lesson 336 - A Confirmation of Unity  (Audio)

AYP Plus Additions:
336.1 - The True Nature of Existence, Life and Death  (Audio)
336.2 - The Grasping Mind and the Bumpy Road into Unity  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: May 30, 2009

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Believing in the true nature of existence has value. It can inspire us to undertake the means for realizing that truth. This is why it is beneficial to study, at least until we see the truth manifesting directly within ourselves. Then we will know its attributes by our own experience, as seen from the perspective of
 our witness which is both within and beyond all external experience. In the world, but not of the world.

On the other hand, if we have never studied a high philosophical ideal representing the true nature of existence, if we begin a simple and effective practice like deep meditation for any reason at all for health, for happiness, for more success in life the result will be the same. Ultimately, our spiritual realization is not about what we believe. It is about what we become, and that is about the gradual purification and opening of our inner neurobiology. This is human spiritual transformation. 

Having said that, we also know that the mind will come along. As the grip of the habit of identification with our thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the world is loosened, so too will the external expression of these aspects of our nature become more peaceful and radiant. Then we are able to inquire about the true nature of our life and all of existence without a lot of mental struggles. This condition of peaceful radiance has sometimes been referred to as having a shining quality. 

Paradoxically, it is this shining radiance, the movement of inner silence outward from within us, that brings us surely into a direct realization of the non-dual nature of existence. This is rarely discussed in considering a pure path of self-inquiry. Why? Because, pure vedantic self-inquiry may mechanically discard the existence of anything outside the void of awareness. Even awareness itself is released, because we cannot know it without a sense of "I," and there can be no sense of "I" if there is nothing that exists to comprehend it. 

Nevertheless, here we are.

If we honor the appearance of our present perceptions, and the fact that we are behind and within these as the silent witness, then, in time, we will come to know that the realization of non-duality is the merging of these two. Enlightenment is the merging of energy with awareness. 

This little-discussed later stage, where stillness becomes radiant and active, results in all of our activities and experiences being penetrated/illuminated by moving stillness shining, as it were. And we become very attracted to residing in That, for we know instinctively that it is our Self. This is the true realization of non-duality, which is a unification, rather than a separation of undifferentiated consciousness from the rest of life. Even as we reside in stillness, we will be active, and the qualities of the divine will be expressing in that way.

This is a confirmation of unity, and it will be seen by us and by everyone who is around us. Unity is the outpouring of divine love in every day activity. It is not the appearance of it (behaving in a particular way), but the internal fact of it, which cannot be mimicked for long. No matter what anyone has ever said about enlightenment, what it is or what it is not, we can only know it in experience as an expression of our own inner silence, which to us will not seem like an expression at all. It is an abiding, because we are forever at one with absolute stillness. And in this abiding, we are far more dynamic than we ever were before we came to rest in our own Self.

It has been said that the unity (non-dual) stage of enlightenment requires conscious participation and confirmation on the level of the mind. Perhaps it is so. This is why we have self-inquiry, so the mind may release and allow what already is. Allow us to be what we have always been eternal unbounded divine love. After the rise of the witness, our ecstatic awakening, and the emergence of outpouring divine love, it will be the intellect which finally reaches the point of saying, Ahhh, and release. Then we know all of our thoughts and feelings are part of the scenery of life, like everything else. If it does not come to us, then we will certainly come to it by our innate and ongoing desire for freedom. Once the wave knows by direct perception that it is the ocean, there can be no turning back. When we know we are the light source behind the endless shadows that are being cast, we realize our immortality, finding the comings and goings of life to be expressions of our Self. It has always been so, and we awaken to that truth.

Then we are beyond relying on external philosophies or teachings. We will describe unity in our own words. 

By applying all available means in a balanced way, and by inquiring, we come to know the truth of the witness within, and the confirmation of unity will not be far behind. We will find mind and the world dancing with joy on the surface of our infinite ocean of Being. 

We are That.

The guru is in you.

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Note: For detailed discussion on the practical utilization of self-inquiry, and its relationship to the rise of the abiding non-dual unity condition, see the Self-Inquiry book and the Liberation book, and AYP Plus.

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