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Lesson 271 - A Kechari Story - From Tongue-Tied to the Yoga Super-Highway  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Sat Jul 16, 2005  7:05 am

New Visitors: It is recommended you read from the beginning of the archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this one. The first lesson is, "Why This Discussion?"

Q: To start off, I have never practiced any form of yoga. I did, however, recently have a lingual frenectomy due to speech issues. The procedure (according to the oral surgeon) has given me a "normal" tongue (not a super long one or anything) with what should be a normal reach. Since the surgery, though, I have been able to reach the junction of my hard and soft palates. I did not think anything of it (I just assumed that everyone could, and now I was like other people) until I stumbled across your site (lesson #108). I am pretty sure I just reached Stage 2, as I was able to relax my tongue, move it farther back (with the help of my finger), and feel something that did not feel like the soft palate. I'm not sure if this was with the tip of my tongue or not. After a few minutes of holding it there and relaxing, I could feel a "breeze" on my tongue from me breathing through my nose. I had very intense sensations, my eyes wanted to cross (and did), and I became sexually aroused. After doing this several times, and it becoming easier each time, I stopped and thought I would email you. What do you think I should do from here? Do you have any advice?

A: Thank you for writing and sharing.

That bodes very well for your future on the spiritual path. However, since you are new to yoga, it is suggested you go back to the beginning of the AYP lessons and build gradually from there. Kechari is a fabulous practice, but it relies on a foundation being established in inner silence through deep meditation and a balanced global purification of the nervous system through spinal breathing.

I am not saying that you should avoid kechari. Only that you build in the appropriate prerequisites step-by-step, and take it one day at a time. In doing that, you will know how and when to proceed. There is a connectedness that arises within us when we do sound yoga practices, and it becomes inwardly obvious to us what to do next. You have already experienced a touch of this when your tongue found its way near the "secret spot" -- eye reflex, sexual energy rising, and so on. So, you have tasted the possibilities already. It is very exciting.

It makes sense to go back now and start at the beginning, yes?

Besides the free Internet lessons, you may find the AYP books to be of interest. The new novel, "The Secrets of Wilder," goes through an exciting discovery of kechari, much like what you have described. Except it isn't called kechari in the novel. It is an all-American story with no Sanskrit terminology in it. John Wilder calls it "the secret chamber."

I wish you all success on your chosen spiritual path. Practice wisely, and enjoy!

The guru is in you.

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