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Lesson 191 - How to Cultivate Ecstatic Conductivity  (Audio)

From: Yogani
Date: Mon May 17, 2004 0:37pm

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Q: What must I do to experience ecstatic conductivity?

A: The experience of ecstatic conductivity can begin with any practice, depending on the amount and location of obstructions lodged deep in our nervous system. The more practices we have worked up to in a stable daily routine, the more is ecstatic conductivity being cultivated. 

Whenever we do practices, the awakening is always happening by degrees. When we sit to meditate the very first time, feeling some peace and bliss, this is a step toward ecstatic conductivity. When we take up spinal breathing, and feel some pleasant tingling all over, this is movement toward ecstatic conductivity. It is the gentle stimulation of kundalini in our pelvic region that happens with all practices, beginning with the global techniques of meditation and spinal breathing. If our nervous system is already "wired" for ecstatic conductivity due to yoga in our recent or distant past, then the energy will begin to move noticeably right away. If it does not seem to be moving much as we meditate and do spinal breathing, never fear. It still is moving quietly underneath. The ground is being prepared as obstructions are being dissolved within.

As the ground is being prepared with meditation and spinal breathing, more targeted practices are added along the way. With each new practice the pressure for awakening ecstatic conductivity (kundalini) is increasing. It can move through us at any time as waves of pleasure, and be felt as a connectedness between our head and our root. Siddhasana and the mudras and bandhas in combination are for promoting this. So is the powerful practice of samyama. 

There is one practice that stands out in its power for stimulating the awakening of ecstatic conductivity. This is kumbhaka (breath retention), which we use with our practice of yoni mudra. It is also used with dynamic jalandhara (chin pump). Finally, though it is not called kumbhaka there, the restraint of breath that occurs in spinal bastrika produces a persistent kumbhaka-like effect, combined with the rapid pulses of pressure up and down the spinal nerve. Even the most stubborn obstructions can be loosened and dissolved with the aid of spinal bastrika, and luminous ecstatic energies come flooding up to fill our liberated nerves. 

Once we have developed a stable twice-daily routine involving all of these practices, if we have not noticed the rise of ecstatic conductivity, then it will only be a matter of time. With a routine of such powerful advanced yoga practices, the obstructions are dissolving by the truckload and must yield to the inner light.

Continue with daily practices. Ecstatic conductivity will grow steadily in the nervous system to accommodate the infinite divine love surging up from within. 

Every flower bud is destined to open and bloom gloriously. 

The guru is in you.

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Note: For a detailed discussion on cultivating ecstatic conductivity (kundalini), see the AYP Asanas, Mudras and Bandhas book, and AYP Plus.

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